Warning: Do not read if you are hungry!  This post could be lethal to your wallet if you continue any further with an empty stomach.  Images may cause significant tummy rumbling and saliva glands to go into overdrive! Yes, it’s our 2020 Supermarket Christmas Food Round-Up. 


We’ve got the low-down on the festive offerings from the ten most popular supermarket brands across the UK so you can decide where to get your Christmas menu this year.


Pigs In Blankets 2020 Supermarket Christmas Selection
Pigs-in-Blankets Galore! Clockwise from top left: Aldi’s Pigs-In-Blankets selection, M&S King Prawns-in-Blankets, ASDA’s giant pig-in-blanket sausage roll and 12-piece Pigs-In-Blanket centrepiece, Morrisons No Pigs-In-Blankets. Centre Sainsbury’s Pork, sage & Onion Stuffing Wreath.


Spoiler alert: We’ll tell you right now that this is the year of the Pig-In-Blanket!  Every supermarket has its own imaginative take on this firm festive favourite. From ASDA’s Pigs-on-Fire to Aldi’s Giant 2m Pig-in-Blanket, you never knew how much could be done with a sausage and rasher of bacon!


For those who prefer a plant-based diet, there is a wonderfully inventive array of delicious treats on offer (including, of course, plenty of no-pigs-in-blankets). We think Morrison’s Vegan Christmas Star Tarte looks fabulously festive whilst Sainsbury’s elegant Plant Pioneer’s Chocolate & Salted Caramel Star would make a striking centrepiece for any Christmas table.


2020 Supermarket Christmas Desserts
Seriously Indulgent Desserts! Left: Tesco Finest Chocolate Orange and Maple Bauble Cake. Right: Iceland Sticky Toffee Winter Forest Log


Desserts feature very highly as always on the Christmas food agenda and we’re really struggling to pick our favourite.  The Tesco Finest Chocolate Orange and Maple Bauble Cake is a GBBO-worthy showstopper but we also love the look of Iceland’s family-friendly Sticky Toffee Winter Forest Log.


And the season of the liqueur is upon us.  We absolutely love the theatrical flair of the M&S Snow Globe Gin Liqueur, complete with 23-carat gold leaf and its own illumination.  But we’re intrigued to do a taste-off between Tesco’s Gingerbread Latte Irish Crème liqueur and that all-time festive staple: Baileys. We may have to triple-check the results!


So grab yourself a cuppa, perhaps even a cheeky mince pie, and happy drooling!




Aldi Pigs In Blankets platter
Pigs In Blankets Range, Image Credit: Aldi


There isn’t a pigs-in-blanket concept left untouched at Aldi this year:  Three Giant Pigs-in-Blankets, Loaded Pigs-in-Blankets, Truffle Pigs-in-Blankets, a Giant 2m Pig-In-Blanket spiral not to mention the Halloumi-In-Blankets and Vegan Pigs-in-Blankets as well.


A Multi Bird Roast is available to accompany your sausage-and-bacon feast, as well as loaded Yorkshire puddings topped with … yes, you guessed it, pig-in-blankets!


Aldi Plum & Pink Gin Pudding
Plum & Pink Gin Pudding, Image Credit: Aldi


And with a shimmering gold plum & pink gin Christmas Pudding, giant Ferrero Rocher-inspired chocolate dome and Chocolate Orange Melt in The Middle Vegan Pudding among the dessert options, we’ll be as stuffed as the turkey (was!) by the time we’re finished.     


Aldi Chocolate Snowmen
Chocolate Snowmen, Image Credit Aldi


But our favourite new item on Aldi’s shelves this year has to be the Chocolate Snowmen – watch them melt as you lower them into a mug of hot milk and you’ll see the hidden marshmallow-and-chocolate-drop surprise appear as the milk turns richly chocolately.  Yum!


Ordering: Full details have yet to be announced.


More details: Aldi




ASDA have taken their pigs-in-blanket obsession so far that they are using them as a table centrepiece!  Forget the turkey, the store’s 12-portion pig-travaganza will be offered alongside a Giant Pig-in-Blanket sausage roll.  And, as if that wasn’t enough of a homage to the festive favourite, they have also introduced Pigs-in-Fire, with Carolina Reaper hot chillis providing the heat.


ASDA Giant Pigs In Blankets & Mince Pie Gin Liqueur
Giant Pig-In-Blanket sausage roll, pigs-in-blankets centrepiece & Mince Pie Gin Liqueur, Image Credits: ASDA


If you can persuade yourself away from the sausages, the Cauliflower Cheese, Sweet Potato & Cranberry Wellington sounds like it will provide some perfect Christmas indulgence or try unwrapping the Christmas Dinner Parcel, where turkey breast, stuffing, sprouts and smoked bacon are finished with a port glaze.


ASDA Vegan Christmas Cottage Duo
Vegan Christmas Cottage Duo, Image Credit: ASDA


Cakes this year include the seriously cute Bruce The Brussel Sprout, and a gorgeous Vegan Christmas Cottage duo where cherry compote, chocolate mousse and tiffin are encased inside a dark chocolate shell.  Or, if you’re more of a savoury fan, the British Farmhouse Stack to Cheese Roulette sounds like rather a lot of fun.


The store’s Mince Pie Gin Liqueur will also be making a come-back after its success last year, and is joined for 2020 by a Cranberry & Clementine option as well.


Ordering: Full details have yet to be announced but based on last year slots will likely become available in mid-November.


More details: ASDA




Iceland Luxury duck and orange roses
Luxury Duck & Orange Roses, Iceland


Party treats have always been Iceland’s speciality and they don’t disappoint this year.  The ever popular prawn ring tray returns for 2020 with additions to the range such as Luxury Crispy Duck and Orange Roses where orange pastry encase mouthfuls of delicious duck.


For the main event, why not try the delectable-sounding Luxury Truffle Turkey Crown or another of Iceland’s vast array of roast-from-frozen centrepieces.


Iceland Luxury Zillionaire Salted Caramel Gold Bar Cheesecake
Luxury Millionaire Salted Caramel Gold Bar Cheesecake, Iceland


But it’s the desserts that have really caught our eye.  We can’t decide between the beautiful Millionaire Salted Caramel Gold Bar Cheesecake and gorgeous Sticky Toffee Winter Forest Log.  We may have to get them both!


Ordering: Delivery is typically booked up to six days in advance.  No further details regarding Christmas delivery have as yet been shared.


More details: Iceland




The supermarket has kept a tight lid on its Christmas plans this year and is conspicuous by its absence in the Christmas food round-ups at present.  As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know. 


Marks & Spencer


M&S really know how to do Christmas! With their fabled slogan “This is not just food.  This is M&S Christmas food.”, anticipation is always sky-high for the M&S festive kitchen’s creations. And they certainly haven’t disappointed!


M&S Sausage Roll Stack
Star studded sausage roll stack, image credit: Marks & Spencer


It’s no surprise that this upmarket supermarket has embraced the 2020 trend by opting to nestle luxurious king prawns in their blankets this year. Sticking with party food, the chicken doughnut dippers look set to blow our minds (see Krispie Kreme, taste KFC!), and the molten mountain cheese bake sounds so good we wonder if it should be illegal!


We can’t think of a roast joint that hasn’t been included in the M&S festive menu. The Three-Fish Roast offers a quirky twist on the traditional rolled joint and the Vegan Festive Wreath looks good enough to hang on the front door.


M&S Christmas Colin
Christmas Colin, Image Credit: Marks & Spencer


And when it comes to the puddings, where do we start?! Rodney Reindeer is back with his New York Cheesecake, and profiteroles have been given a golden salted caramel twist. The Santa yumnuts look perfect for afternoon tea with a cuppa, and even Colin the Caterpillar has had a festive makeover.


M&S Snow Globe Gin
Snow Globe Gin Liqueur, Image Credit: Marks & Spencer


Rumour has it their snow globe gin liqueur supplies ran out last year so don’t delay getting yours.  This year it even comes in a light-up bottle, ensuring that Christmas will be both merry and bright!


Ordering: Slots already open to order your Christmas Food for collection instore in December.  Other M&S items available to be delivered via Ocado.


More details: Marks & Spencer




Morrisons Wensleydale with salted caramel
Wensleydale With Salted Caramel, Image Credit: Morrisons


Just when you thought you’d seen every cheese-combo possible, a new taste sensation hits the market.  Morrison’s Wensleydale with Salted Caramel has us seriously intrigued but could be the perfect mix of sweet and salt to add that festive flourish to our cheeseboards this year.  If you are in the market for a more traditional flavour, their Baking Brie with Caramelised Onion looks heavenly! 


Stepping away from cheese, the supermarket’s party bites look exceptional – The Best Pork Belly Bites with BBQ Sauce have us drooling already and they’re not in shops until November!  And we’re heartily impressed with the “No Pig in Blankets”, which see herby vegan cocktail sausages wrapped in “no bacon” bacon. 


Morrisons The Best Vegan Christmas Star Tarte
The Best Vegan Christmas Star Tarte, Image Credit: Morrisons


Speaking of vegan festive goodies, Morrisons Vegan Christmas Star Tarte looks set to deliver on both taste and look, and could be a perfect centrepiece for your Christmas table. The tarte blends sweet potato, parsnip and mushrooms in a creamy coconut oil sauce, topped with apple sauce, festive fruit and seeded crumble. It sounds divine!


Morrisons The Best Sticky Toffee Bowl Dessert
The Best Sticky Toffee Bowl Dessert, Image Credit: Morrisons


And, lest we forget dessert, Morrisons have combined two of our favourite comfort foods in perfect harmony with their Sticky Toffee Bowl Dessert. It’s the ultimate festive flourish for the end of an indulgent Christmas dinner.


Ordering: Full details have yet to be announced.


More details: Morrisons




Ocado are one of a handful of supermarket suggesting a whole cockerel as an alternative to the traditional Christmas turkey for 2020.  With the likelihood of smaller gatherings this year, we’re thinking this could be the time to try out a new approach to Christmas dinner.


Ocado Pink Gin Truffles
Love Cocoa Pink Gin Truffles, Image Credit: Ocado


We imagine a box of Love Cocoa’s Pin Gin Truffles would make a perfect hostess gift if you’re visiting friends during the festive season.  And we are so excited about Hackney Gelato’s Mince Pie flavoured offering.  But it is acceptable to eat it with a mince pie?!


Ocado Mince Pie Hackney Gelato
Mince Pie Hackney Gelato, Image Credit: Ocado


And don’t forget you can order your M&S Christmas favourites through Ocado now too.  Best of both worlds?  Quite possibly!


Ordering: Priority booking for Smart Pass holders.  Timings for release not yet confirmed.


More details: Not yet live




Sainsburys Taste The Difference Pork, sage & Onion Stuffing Wreath
Taste The Difference Pork, sage & Onion Stuffing Wreath, Image Credit: Sainsbury’s


Sainsbury’s nod to the pigs-in-blanket trend this year is their opulent stuffing wreath adorned with pigs-in-blankets as well as cranberries and rosemary.  And we think that the layered pork, chicken and stuffing pie – packed full of festive flavour – would be a super addition to any Christmas Tea.


Sainsbury's Layered Pork, Chicken & Stuffing Pie
Layered Pork, Chicken & Stuffing Pie, Image Credit: Sainsbury’s


With a whole series of ‘no meat’ meat dishes on offer in the supermarket’s Plant Pioneers range, there is certainly something for everyone. Top of the pile for us has to be the delectable Plant Pioneers Chocolate Salted Caramel Star which looks almost too good to eat.


Sainsbury's Yule Dog
Yule Dog, Image Credit: Sainsbury’s


And Sainsbury’s seem eager to give M&S’s Colin a little competition with the introduction of their very own Yule Dog (what a cutie!).


Ordering:  Food To Order is available to collect instore at Christmas.  Booking for slots already open.  Details for home deliveries not yet confirmed.


More details:  Sainsbury’s




Decadence is certainly the name of the game for Tesco Christmas 2020.  Their giant pigs-in-blankets, for example, beg the question of whether we really need the turkey at all! 


Tesco Finest Chocolate Orange & Maple Bauble Cake
Tesco Finest Chocolate Orange & Maple Bauble Cake, Image Credit: Tesco


And the Tesco Finest chocolate orange and maple bauble cake will make a striking centrepiece for any festive spread.  The cake conceals chocolate malt balls in the centre of its orange sponge and maple icing, and is topped with a white chocolate bauble so realistic we might have tried to hang it on the tree! 


Tesco Finest Gingerbread Latte Irish Cream
Tesco Finest Gingerbread Latte Irish Cream, Image Credit: Tesco


Following Aldi’s lead from last year, Tesco have added a seasonal Gingerbread Latte Irish Crème liqueur to their festive spirits range for 2020 (with a salted caramel alternative available too).


Ordering: Christmas week slots will be available to Delivery Saver customers from 7am on 13 Nov, and non-Delivery Saver customers a week later.


More details: Tesco




Waitrose British Venison Wellington
British Venison Wellington, Image Credit: Waitrose


Waitrose has launched its Festival of Flavour for Christmas 2020.  And with offerings such as Heston from Waitrose Citrus Gin Smoked Salmon and the delightful British Venison Wellington, we think they could be onto a winner. 


When it comes to party food, we’ll be hard pressed to beat the supermarket’s 70-piece party pack, including n’duja croquettes, sticky beef teriyaki meatballs and mac & cheese cups.


Waitrose Sweet Illusions
Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Candles & Santa’s Chocolate Treat Box, Image Credits: Waitrose


Food illusions (see one item, taste another) are on trend right now, and also right up the street of menu collaborator Heston Blumenthal. Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Candles, filled with buck’s fizz milk chocolate ganache, wouldn’t look out of place on your mantlepiece, whilst little ones will be delighted by Santa’s Chocolate Treat Box.


Ordering:  Christmas delivery and collection slots are already live for priority customers this week with everyone welcome to book from 7th October.  


More details:  Waitrose