We’ve got the low-down on the best and the tastiest from the UK’s supermarket Christmas food ranges for 2021. Happy drooling!

2021 Supermarket Christmas Food Round-Up

Expect some serious tummy rumbling as you scroll through the highlights of this year’s supermarket Christmas food ranges from the top brands across the UK.

Eager to help us make up for last year’s lost Christmas, there is certainly plenty on offer to tempt our tastebuds this year.  And with more vegetarian and vegan product lines than ever before, everyone will be able to enjoy a seriously decandent occasion!

The standouts for us this year are the sheer variety of baked brie / camembert toppings – from sloe gin at Morrisons to sprout pesto (yep, you read that correctly!) at Aldi.  And the puddings .. oh our poor waistlines!  ASDA’s chocolate orange bauble really IS extra special whilst Tesco’s Speculoos Profiterole Gâteau is bang on trend!

Just us as we work our way through the supermarkets and see what Chrismas food each has to offer.

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Aldi Christmas Food

Well after their huge array of pigs-in-blankets on offer for 2020, it’s hardly surprising that Aldi have pulled another oinker out the bag!  Their 2021 Pigs-in-Bed have already won ‘Best Pigs In Blankets’ at the coveted Quality Food & Drinks Christmas Food Awards.  A twist on the Christmas classic sees these cocktail sausages wrapped up in a bacon blanket on a bed of pork, apple and honey sausage meat.  Err, yum!

Aldi Pigs-in-Bed

And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, their Specially Selected Raspberry & White Chocolate Tree has been crowned best Centrepiece Dessert too!

Aldi Specially Selected Raspberry & White Christmas Tree

With a tear & share garlic doughball tree, partridge in a pear tree wellingtons (made with British partridge) and a honeycomb chocolate cracker cake amongst others in their festive collection, there’s plenty to be happy about at Aldi this year.

Aldi Baking Camembert with Sprout Pesto

We’ll leave you with one parting thought … baked camembert with sprout pesto … yes or no?!

More details: https://www.aldi.co.uk/christmas

Looking For Christmas Food Inspiration?

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

This indulgent Banoffee Pie might not be the traditional Christmas dessert but makes a great addition to any celebration table!

Christmas Fettuccine

Christmas Fettuccine

Bring your Christmas movie visions to life with a bowl of Christmas Fettuccine that would make Iris and Miles proud!!

ASDA Christmas Food

ASDA knows its shoppers are planning ‘to celebrate two Christmases in one’ this year.  And so they have gone full steam ahead on show stopping centrepieces and family fun at the festive table.  Their Candy Cane Pork Sausage Roll is certain to catch the eye at the party buffet and if not that then there will be no missing the stunning Extra Special Chocolate Orange Bauble! 

ASDA Extra Special Chocolate Orange Bauble

The three kings of flavours for ASDA Christmas 2021 are blood orange, salted honey and truffle.  We’re loving the sound of the Extra Special 3 Bone Rib Joint finished with a parmesan and truffle crust.  Or perhaps the Extra Special Salted Honey and Caramel Meringue Stack.

ASDA Extra Special Three Bone Rob Joint with Parmesan & Truffle Crust

Bruce the Brussel Sprout returns with his tempting chocolate cake.  But this year he’s brought the whole family as Betty arrives along with cupcake, cookie and cake pop children!   

ASDA Bruce The Brussel Sprout Collection

And declaring this their ‘most inclusive Christmas yet’, ASDA have a fabulous 200 vegan and free from product lines on their shelves this winter including vegan ‘crab’ croquettes and chocolate orange shimmer brownies.

More details: https://www.asda.com/christmas

Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Parcels

Delicious filled puff pastry parcels, these make the perfect starter or party nibble.  Ideal for making ahead!

Booths Christmas Food

Booths are certainly looking after their customers for Christmas 2021!  And it’s all about the meat this year!  From tomahawk steaks to venison racks and Spiced Marmalade Glazed British Gammon joints, there’s plenty a showstopping centrepiece for your Christmas dinner! 

Booths Spiced Marmalade Glazed British Gammon Joint

And let’s not forget the 1kg two metre Swirly Pig In Blanket on the side!!

Booths 2m Swirly Pig In Blanket

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, well this jolly tiffin Sleigh Team offers a delicious mouthful!  With all eight reindeer and Rudolph leading the way, it’s sure to appeal to the children and young at heart! 

Booths Sleigh Team

And to wash it down, why not a glass of Booth’s own brand Prosecco Rosé?  Winner in the 2021 Tried & Tasted Christmas Awards.

More details: https://www.booths.co.uk/christmas-at-booths-2021/

Christmas Mocktail Round-Up

Looking for the festive cocktail fun without the twist?  Our Christmas Mocktail round-up will keep you salivating right into next year!

Iceland Christmas Food

Joining forces with popular restaurant brands, Iceland has TGI’s Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Ed’s Diner Mini Burgers & Harry Ramsden’s Cod & Chips cones to add to our Christmas parties this year.

Iceland Harry Ramsden's Cod & Chip Cones

For pudding, Iceland is certainly tempting our waistline with their Luxury Millionaires Melting Pudding – date sponge with a melting caramel centre, coated in dark chocolate ganache and edible gold glitter – and their BBC Good Food Christmas Taste award-winning Luxury Giant Chocolate Bar. 

Iceland Luxury Millionaires Melting Pudding with Crumb

Speaking of awards, the chain also came runner up in the Best Vegan Main category with their Luxury Festive Roast, with judges commenting that it almost tasted homemade with each vegetable identifiable on the palette and a touch of sweetness overall. 

Iceland Luxury Vegan Festive Roast

Lidl Christmas Food

The supermarket has kept a tight lid on its Christmas plans this year and is conspicuous by its absence in the Christmas food round-ups at present.  As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know. 

Oreo Truffles

Seriously easy & even more tasty!  Whether for yourself or as a gift, we can’t recommend these oreo truffles enough!

M&S Christmas Food

After the runaway success of their illuminated snow globe gin bottles last year, M&S have gone light-up crazy this year.  And we couldn’t be happier!

The bottle are back: choose between light-up gin (choose between Clementine with edible gold and Spiced Sugar Plum with edible silver snowflakes) and the new Madagascan Vanilla Spiced Rum.  Oh, who are we kidding, they look best as a three!

M&S Light-Up Gins & Rum

Or enjoy the new Magic & Sparkle Light-up Chocolate Box with a winter village of chocolate houses set under a genuinely starlit sky.  And there’s even light-up shortbread houses too!

M&S Magic & Sparkle Light-Up Chocolate Box

The Lobster En-Croûte sounds as indulgent as an M&S Christmas should be, and The Perfect Turkey Crown took its own crown as Best Turkey Centrepiece in the BBC Good Food Christmas Taste awards. 

M&S Lobster En Croute

But we’re most intrigued by the Dirty Burger Dough Ball Tear’n’Share party treat.

More details: https://christmasfood.marksandspencer.com/

Berry Candy Cane Gin

Our vibrant delicious berry candy cane gin homemade gift idea is so tasty you’ll struggle to give it away.

Morrisons Christmas Food

Focus for Morrisons this year is Christmas favourites.  And with their smoked salmon (triple smoked over oak and cask chippings for a whopping 14 hours!) taking Woman & Home’s award for best supermarket smoked salmon, we think they are onto a winning collection!

Looking for veggie options?  Well The Best Sloe Gin Baking Brie looks so festive, we can imagine Santa enjoying some on his sleigh! 

Morrisons The Best Sloe Gin Baking Brie

In the mood for vegan smoked salmon & cream cheese?  Morrisons have a marinated BBQ smoked carrot flavoured with nori atop a base of coconut soft cheese and selected veggies.  It looks so beautiful! 

And sticking with the party food theme, the crispy paneer fries and mini pork taco cups sound fabulous too!

Morrisons The Best Vegan Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Onto the sweeter side of life, and the Santa Belly Cake is certainly full of festive cheer!  And bringing together two British classics, Morrisons have launched a Morello Cherry Bakewell Mince Pie for 2021. Ooh we can’t wait to try the amaretto spiked mincemeat! 

Morrisons Santa Belly Cake

Sainsbury’s Christmas Food

Sainsbury’s are promising to take the stress out of Christmas this year.  Yes please!  With a whole host of turkey options, and plenty of alternatives – both meat and meatless – the stress will be selecting which centrepiece to try! 

Sainsbury's Pig In Blanket Christmas Tree

We love the Pig In Blanket Christmas Tree.  How fabulous would that look on the Christmas table with its cranberry baubles and rosemary sprig tinsel?!

No pork?  No problem!  The vegan No Turkey Parcels look fabulous with their sage & onion stuffed seitan surrounded by a smoky vacon wrap.

Sainsbury's No Turkey Parcels

Moving onto puddings, the Belgian Chocolate and & Salted Caramel Star looks as indulgent as we all love Christmas to be!  Chocolate mousse, salted caramel centre biscuit ball base.  Yum!  And there’s a vegan alternative too!

Sainsbury's Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Star

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Tesco Christmas Food

As usual, Tesco really have gone to town with their festive offerings this year. There’s a whole lamb leg, an easy carve stuffed duck with orange and sweet maple glaze and a Christmas Tree Scottish Salmon Wellington, to name but a few of the showstoppers.

Looking for something completely different, what about a seriously decadent Lobster Mac’n’Cheese?

Tesco Lobster Mac & Cheese

Following on from last year’s need for smaller Christmases, the supermarket has a complete Finest Christmas Dinner For Two on offer for 2021.

With everything you need for your two-course lunch, including crackers and bubbles too, it’ll make life seriously easy come Christmas morning!  Vegan option available too.

Tesco Finest Christmas Dinner For Two

Time for pudding?  Tesco have embraced the latest gingerbready trends with this fabulous Speculoos Profiterole Gâteau!  And we can’t help but smile at Rudolph peering out from behind as well!

Tesco Speculoos Profiterole Gateau

Waitrose Christmas Food

Waitrose does not disappoint this year.  If you’ve made it this far without salivating, we’re seriously impressed but fear that the battle is about to be lost! 

From the baking camembert with garlic doughball wreath to the mini new yorker style pastrami toasties, there’s plenty of tasty morsels for the Christmas party table.

Waitrose Baking Camembert with Garlic Doughball Wreath

The Waitrose multi-award winning Mushroom, Cavolo Nero & Mascarpone Parcels sound like just the ticket for the vegetarian centrepiece on Christmas Day itself. 

And how beautiful does this Vegan Winter Pudding look?

Waitrose Vegan Winter Pudding

Every year it seems one of the supermarkets brings an unusual cheese out for us to try and this year’s weirdest cheese flavour award goes to Waitrose with their Chocca Mocha Wensleydale.  Chocolate-coated coffee nibs and a dash of coffee liqueur have been added to this creamy cheeseboard favourite.

Does it work?  You’ll have to be the judge!

Waitrose Chocca Mocha Wensleydale

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Recipe Inspiration

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

This indulgent Banoffee Pie might not be the traditional Christmas dessert but makes a great addition to any celebration table!

Christmas Fettuccine

Christmas Fettuccine

Bring your Christmas movie visions to life with a bowl of Christmas Fettuccine that would make Iris and Miles proud!!