The moment you’ve all been waiting for, Jolly Festive’s 2022 Christmas Biscuit Box has arrived and there’s something delicious for everyone!

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2022 Christmas Biscuit Box

There’s no denying it, as much as we try to slow time down, we are definitely speeding ahead towards Christmas. Heck, we’re almost half way through our advent calendars!!

And with the big day just around the corner, we have most certainly begun to indulge our festive tooth (yes we have one of those!) in some holiday cookies and biscuits.

So, without further ado, please welcome Jolly Festive’s 2022 Christmas Biscuit Box.

Jolly Festive 2022 Christmas Biscuit Box

My New Mission!

Try Every Christmas Cookie Ever Created…DUH!

You’ll all be pleased to know, I’m sure, that my mission to start my own biscuit box has continued this year. The recipe testing started back in March and with some classics included you’ll also find a couple of new gems in this year’s Christmas biscuit box.

Now remember, the really important thing here is making sure that you cater your 2022 Christmas biscuit box to the tastes of the recipients. So while we welcome you to mix and match your favourite recipes (inspired by Jolly Festive of course!!) remember that you don’t want them all to be chocolate-based, or all packed with cinnamon and ginger flavours. Balance is key and our recommendations for your 2022 Christmas biscuit box are as balanced as they can be.

Do you like cinnamon? It’s there! Chocolate? It’s got that too! More of a traditional cookie person? Don’t worry there’s an option for you as well!!

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Even the pickiest of biscuit palates should be satisfied with the selection here and if you want to switch out one of ours for one of yours then absolutely go ahead. After all, that’s how traditions are made and we’re all about easy, Christmas traditions that can be repeated year after year!  

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Let’s sprinkle Christmas cheer far and wide!

Jolly Festive 2022 Christmas Biscuit Box

The selection!

Oatmeal M&M Cookies

  • Golden, chewy and packed pull of red and green M&Ms, these are the perfect Christmas cookie. Beware, it’s hard (maybe even impossible!) to stop at one!

Biscoff Truffles

  • Easy to make and packed full of the flavours of the season, these Biscoff truffles are the essential addition to the 2022 Christmas biscuit box and they can be made vegan too!!

Christmas Chocolate Biscuit Cups

  • The perfect bite-sized morsel of chocolate and buttery biscuit, these Christmas chocolate biscuit cups are a marriage between our favourite Christmas tins!!

Brown Butter Cinnamon Krispie Squares

  • Gooey, moreish and ready in minutes. This Jolly Festive classic has to be added to the 2022 Christmas biscuit box this year –it’s a firm favourite with all ages and a great one to get the kids to help with!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the oven on, call your family or friends to come over, and let the baking begin. This Christmas will be the most delicious Christmas yet with Jolly Festive’s 2022 Christmas Biscuit Box.

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The 2022 Christmas Biscuit Box Label

Plus, as with all of our edible gift creations, we’ve gone ahead and created the label for you too. All you need to do is print it out, add it to your biscuit box and let the compliments and praise come pouring in!

2022 Christmas Biscuit Box Label

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