Introducing our 2023 Christmas Biscuit Box. Returning for a third year, it’s our best yet! Prepare to drool as you create this beautiful homemade gift.

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Jolly Festive 2023 Christmas Biscuit Box Filled With Cookies & Red Candle Burning In Corner

Now in its third year, our Jolly Festive Christmas Biscuit Box returns for 2023!  And, cliché as it may be, this one really is our best combo yet! 

Filled with cinnamon, orange, chocolate and candy cane flavours, we’re not sure it could be more Christmassy!

As usual there’s something for everyone inside – from sweet-salty combos to chocolate and gluten free, everyone is catered for.  Making this the ideal gift for family, friends, teachers, colleagues, keyworkers, Secret Santas, Santa himself(!) … need we go on?!

So if you’re comtemplating what to give your loved ones this year, look no further!  Just grab your apron and get baking.  It’s a surefire winner and a gift full of thought, care and love.

And, as always, we’ve made the label ready for you to download and use too (see below)!

Jolly Festive 2023 Christmas Biscuit Box In Process Of Being Filled With Two Cookies Lined Up Inside And Two On Dishes Waiting To Be Added & Candle Burning In Corner Of Shot, Box Lid & White Lacy Ribbon Also In View.

We just love gifting cookies – it’s a tradition I discovered upon moving out to the US and have wholeheartedly embraced.  And for the past three years, it’s a tradition I’ve delighted in sharing with you. 

Each year we gather together four of our favourite festive cookie recipes and propose a Christmas Biscuit Box combination for you to create.  Feel free to explore our previous years’ creations.

It may sound trivial but there’s actually a bit of work involved –balancing flavours and dietary requirements to ensure everyone is catered for.  

Of course part of the pleasure of homemade gifts is the ability to tailor entirely to your recipient’s preferences.  So feel free to explore our complete cookie library and simply create the collection that works best for your lucky loved one.  But if you’re looking for a pre-designed collection that should tick all the boxes, we’re here to help!

Dishes Of Orange Amaretti Biscuits, Christmas Pretzel Bites, Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies & Cinnamon Roll Cookies With Red Lit Candle And Cookie Box Tucked In Corners Of Photo.

Jolly Festive 2023 Christmas Biscuit Box: The Selection!

With those classic festive flavours included, plus the more recent love for all things salty-and-sweet, we’ve got something for every palette.  Which is your favourite?  Which one do you think will be gobbled up first?!

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Cinnamon Roll Cookies Stacked Up on Wooden Table With Flocked Foliage Around.

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

With (more than) a nod to the classic US Christmas breakfast favourite, these delicious cinnamon roll cookies are the perfect Christmas treat with their their buttery cinnamon swirl and iconic icing drizzle.

Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

Chocolate Candy Cookies piled in front of garland

Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

These Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies make an irresistible Christmas treat, with their rich fudgy centres & red & white pinstripe finish!

Orange Amaretti Biscuits

Star Shaped Dish Filled With Orange Amaretti Biscuits With Pine Cones and Fairy Lights Around It

Orange Amaretti Biscuits

They don’t come much more Christmas classic than these gluten free Orange Amaretti Biscuits – easy to make and oh so elegant, these Italian-inspired biscuits smell divine, are perfectly chewy, & full of fabulous flavour.

Christmas Pretzel Bites

Christmas Pretzel Bites In Red Star Bowl On Top Of Red and White Christmas Tablecloth With Scattered m&ms And Pretzels

Christmas Pretzel Bites

A Christmas Biscuit Box quick win and instant festive hit, these salty-sweet Christmas Pretzel Bites look just like little festive gonks and are sure to be popular with any younger recipients.

The 2023 Christmas Biscuit Box Label

As with all of our edible gift creations, we’ve created the label for you too. All you need to do is print it out, add it to your biscuit box and let the compliments and praise come pouring in!

We do hope you enjoy creating your 2023 Christmas Biscuit Box.  Do be sure to share and tag us – we’d love to celebrate all your hard work!

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