Loving the gonk-alicious trend that has taken the UK by storm?  We’ve gathered together 9 must-have Gonk Christmas Decorations you’ll need this year. 

Gonk Christmas Decorations

The country’s gone gonk bonkers!  (Try and say that after a glass or two of mulled wine…!)  These adorable Scandinavian gnomes exploded onto the UK festive décor scene in a big way last year and look like they’re here to stay. 

So for all the gonk fans, we’ve rounded up nine of our gnomy favourite gonk Christmas decorations just crying out to be added to your collection.

Happy browsing!

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1. Gonk Window Stickers

Snow Windows Gonk Window Stickers

Literally parachuting in first are these fabulous reusable gonk stickers from one of our favourite festive brands, Snow Windows.  PVC- and adhesive-free, the stickers simply peel off and attach. Bound to bring a smile to any Christmas visitors, they are double sided so just as cheery from inside as out!

£12.99 (pack of four).  Available from Snow Windows –> here.

Add Wow Factor To Your Windows!

Snow Windows creations have caught the eye of celebrities and big brands around the world.  Bring their beauty to your windows.

2. Gonk Skiing Tree Ornament

John Lewis & Partners Snow Mountain Skiing Gonk Tree Decoration

How cute is this little fella?!  It’d make a fabulous addition to any flocked tree (as pictured) or a fabulous gift for any gonk- or ski-loving friends!  Thank you John Lewis!!

£15.  Available from John Lewis –> here.

3. White Gonk Tealights

The Little Christmas Shop of Ironbridge White Ceramic Santa Gonk Tealights

Coming from another small independent business, these white ceramic gonk tealights are sure to add twinkle to your side board this Christmas.  They’d be great dotted down the middle of the Christmas table, twinkling by the edge of the bath or on your guest bedroom bedside table too!

£12.50.  Available from The Little Christmas Shop of Ironbridge –> here.

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4. Gonk-alicious Mugs

Sparkle & Flame Sleigh Ride Gnomes
Sparkle & Flame Blue Trio Gnome Mug

Fancy adding a little gnome to your cuppa?  This is the place to come!  We know that they’re not strictly speaking decorations but these mugs will brighten up any hot chocolate station!

Sparkle & Flame have so many wonderful gonk mugs on offer, we struggled to choose our favourites.  For us, it’s the pair of gonks hanging out in Santa’s sleigh and the gorgeous blue snowy trio.  Which ones do you like best?  Personalisable mugs available too!

£7.99.  Available from Sparkle & Flame –> here.

5. Gonk Throw

Next Christmas Gonk With Poms

What a great addition to any bed this Christmas!  This gorgeous cuddly throw, complete with its pom-pom details, is just a delight!  Grab a cuppa and your favourite book and snuggle up inside. 

£25.  Available from Next –> here.

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6. Wine Bottle Covers

Amazon 3 Pack Christmas Gnome Wine Bottle Covers

Aren’t these brilliant?!  Add them to a bottle gift to elevate it to the next Christmassy level!  Or simply pop them on top of the bottles on your own table at Christmas lunch. 

£7.49 (pack of three).  Available from Amazon –> here.

7. Personalised Cushions

Not On The High Street Koko Blossom Christmas Couple Gonks Cushion

Looking for something a little bit special?  Well, this Christmas gonk cushion could be just the ticket.  Designed and printed by Koko Blossom at their studio in Cheshire, there’s a family version as well!  It’d make a great gift for any gonk-loving pair and a lovely festive addition to the sofa each winter.

£25.  Available from Not On The High Street –> here.

8. Gonk Microwaveable Hottie

Next Gonk Microwave Hottie

How could anyone resist a snuggle with this gnomy bundle?!  Perfect for Sunday afternoon JOMO-time, with hot chocolate, mince pie and a Christmas movie.  Oh beam us there now Scotty…!

£12.  Available from Next –> here.

9. Fuzzy Hat Gonk Doorstop

John Lewis Fuzzy Hat Gonk Doorstop

Cute and useful, a fabulous combination!  This cheerful gonk doorstop with its irresistibly soft hat is filled with pebbles and weighs 1kg.  It’ll look great holding the door open for your guests this festive season!

£15.  Available from John Lewis –> here.

What Is A Gonk And Where Did They Come From?

Festive Gnomes Outside

Before we wrap up, we feel compelled to point out that gonks have been around for far more than a year! 

Although for most Brits the love-affair only began very recently, these mischievous gnomes have been a mainstay of Nordic folklore for centuries.

Called Tomte in Swedish, Nisse in Norway and Denmark and Tonttu in Finnish, they are easily identified by their long beards, short bottoms, cherry-round noses and tall hats.  Not to mention their lack of any other facial features! 

A little marmite in their appeal, there is little doubt that they are growing a place in our communal hearts as the gonk invasion returns to British shores for another year.

What other gonk Christmas decorations will you be adding to your collection?  Let us know in the comments below.


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