Ever wondered why Christmas wreaths are such a key part of our festive décor?  We caught up Lisa Darban Bespoke Floristry to find out more about the history and benefits of wreath-making.

Christmas Wreath

What are you hanging on your door this year to welcome the season?

A time-honoured tradition, the wreath has become a staple of our seasonal celebrations.

We caught up with expert florist Lisa Darban of Lisa Darban Bespoke Floristry to find out more about Christmas wreaths and the benefits of wreath-making.

Lisa Hosting a Wreath Workshop

The origin of the wreath stems from a symbolism of victory and power in ancient Greece & Rome, and branches woven into crowns have been used throughout history to celebrate winners, or signify social standing.

The circular shape was significant as a representation of divine perfection, representing eternity – a shape with no end.

And, of course, in Christian history, the wreath symbolises the crown of thorns whilst the evergreens represent eternal life, so it seems natural to use this as we celebrate the season around Christ’s birth.

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too many options

How Do You Choose The Christmas Wreath For You?!

Well, to start with, consider your values as well as your personal taste.

There are plenty of mass-produced options, but a quality, handmade and bespoke design is really a treat to be treasured!

And, in a world of panic-buying and junk presents, a beautifully hand-crafted curated design also makes a truly special and thoughtful gift. 

Christmas Wreath

You may also like to think about your personality and overall design aesthetic.

Are you fun and funky? Modern and sleek? Or do you favour traditional décor styles? What colour is your front door? 

Christmas Wreath

As a floral designer specialising in creative and bespoke designs for events, weddings, and funerals, as well as corporate installations and PR shoots, I love to incorporate my clients passions and personal taste into my work.

For Christmas, this includes specific colour combinations, horse-head wreaths (pictured above), and most recently an extra large shark-themed wreath! 

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creating fully compostable Christmas wreaths

How To Incorporate Sustainability

In my business I focus on eco-friendly techniques, avoiding floral foam, and continue this with my wreath making.

Traditional Style Christmas Wreath with pine cones and orange slices hanging on wooden door

Instead of a foam base, opt for wire, straw, willow or any kind of natural branch.

If using moss, ensure it is responsibly sourced!

I offer an option for a completely natural fully compostable wreath too.

the where and how

Hanging Your Christmas Wreath

Where To Hang Your Wreath

Of course Christmas Wreaths are usually on the front door, so winter evergreens are the perfect choice.

Dried materials can deteriorate in places which are open to the elements if the weather is harsh.

And live flowers won’t last long if it is sunny, or when kept inside.

Christmas Wreath

How To Hang Your Wreath

If you don’t have a hook or a nail in your door this can be tricky! But fear not, there are various options for this!

Christmas Wreath

1. Wooden Doors

Hang your wreath on a ribbon, run it over the top of the door and pop a couple of thumb tacks into the top, where they can’t be seen!

2. Glass Doors

Seek out a suction hook. Some of the more secure ones now have a twist or lever lock action. Just be sure to check the weight loading.

3. Composite Doors

Get yourself a command hook, and:

  • either use it on the front of your door,
  • or stick it on the inside of your door, about 12”/30cm from the top, but stick it UPSIDE DOWN! Then, run the ribbon all the way over the top of the door, and tie a knot which will then slip over the upside-down hook to hold it in place. Tie a bow to keep it looking pretty!

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have fun learning new skills

Wreath-Making Workshops

Wreath-making workshop

These are an immensely fun thing to do!

It’s one of the first things I did when I started my business, and I love running the workshops and sharing my passion with people.

It’s always such a lovely friendly relaxing session, with creativity being so good for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Learning a new skill and the feeling of achievement with a beautiful wreath to admire afterwards! 

Evergreens & Sheers
Christmas Greenery

2020 brought lots of change including my first live, online wreath workshops! They worked so well I’m sure I will continue with them in 2021 alongside in-person options! 

Please enquire early for private group wreath-making for 2021. Do keep an eye out for announcements of other workshops and please contact me directly regarding any other projects! 

Social Media Review of Lisa's Workshop
Social Media Review of Lisa's Workshop
Lisa Darban Bespoke Floristry

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