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Think of us as your very own Christmas Elves!

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Hello Truly Happy Christmas!

Say goodbye to last minute panics, Boxing Day regrets and ideas that cause heartache and tears.

And say hello to endless inspiration for spoiling your family and friends, creations that actually work, and a happier, more relaxed Christmas countdown.

We’re here to help you make this Christmas THE Christmas!

We’re sisters Hannah and Jo.  Ten years apart in age and living on either side of the Atlantic, we are both completely and utterly Christmas OBSESSED!  

The Jolly Festive Motto!

1. Be Inspired By Practical Ideas

2. Spread Out The Preparations

3. Make A Magical Christmas

Hannah & Jo in snow suits on ice chairs at the Ice Hotel
Hannah & Jo wearing Christmas Jumpers
Hannah & Jo with the turkey

We were brought up on homespun Christmases full of fun and cheer. And we’re passionate about sharing that now as adults as well.  We’re full of festive inspiration, practical ideas that really work, affordable gifts, days out and ways to spread Christmas spirit in your community.

We’re not looking for the most opulent Christmas, or even the most perfect: we just want more of that North Pole wonder – more magical memories, more thoughtful touches and more time to actually enjoy the festivities!

And we know you do too. 

So, in 2020 we created Jolly Festive.

Think of us as your personal Christmas Elves – here to encourage, guide, inspire and add a whole heap of festive cheer!

Scroll down to find out more about us.  

We’re Here To Help You …

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Design Your Christmas Vision

Create your own festive celebrations from our huge range of inspiration for activities, recipes, décor and gifts, all created and sourced with you in mind.

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Discover New Brands & Skills

Master new craft skills for Christmas and get introduced to tried & tested new products and styles.

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Join A Community of Festive Friends

Get access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can find kindred spirits to share and celebrate with as you enjoy your Christmas countdown.

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More About Us

Big Sis - Hannah

Big Sis - Hannah

Travel enthusiast, serial PTA committee member and once-upon-a-time corporate & hospitality businesswoman. Living in suburban Surrey with her husband and their two boys. 

Favourite Christmas Memory

Duetting to Disney Christmas Singalongs with Jo.  Oh, and I got married at Christmas time too –that was pretty special (especially when it snowed!)

Favourite Christmas Food

Pigs in blankets – for reasons known only to our Mum, we never had them growing up!  I’m making up for lost time now…

Favourite Christmas Movie Character

Richard Attenborough’s Kris Kringle.  I believe!

Favourite Tree Ornament

With a tree full of memories, it’s hard to know where to start!  That said, the Christmas pickle Jo gave us is definitely the one my boys love the most.

Best Gift You've Received From Jo

The most gorgeous musical Christmas snow globe which takes pride of place every year.

When Do You Decorate Your Home For Christmas?

Late by today’s standards.  Around mid-December, to give the tree a good chance of surviving into January.

The One Christmas Activity You Can't Miss!

Can I have two please?! Wrapping sessions with Jo and Christmas Carolling at Hampton Court Palace.

Best Thing About Jolly Festive

All the amazing people we meet and get to know.

Little Sis - Jo

Little Sis - Jo

Former professional chef, event manager & global nomad. Now a paediatric occupational therapist living in a central Philadelphia apartment with her boyfriend.

Favourite Christmas Memory

Staying up late with Hannah on Christmas Eve, singing songs in our PJs whilst prepping food (and other things *wink wink*) for the Big Day!

Favourite Christmas Food

Living in the US where I have limited access to mince pies means they always taste even better when I have one now!

Favourite Christmas Movie Character

Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation –I feel his passion and desperation for the perfect Christmas!

Favourite Tree Ornament

I don’t play favourites with my Christmas ornaments –I love them all equally!

Best Gift You've Received From Hannah

Tickets to my first ever concert when I was 12 years old (Destiny’s Child) –I don’t think I’ve ever felt cooler or more grown-up!

When Do You Decorate Your Home For Christmas?

Pretty early! We tend to use Thanksgiving weekend (end of November) as our chance to decorate. My boyfriend works selling Christmas trees throughout December so this way we can do it together!

The One Christmas Activity You Can't Miss!

The games!! We are a big game family so I love breaking out the board games over the season.

Best Thing About Jolly Festive

Working with my big sister & best friend! I love all of the recipe developing too!

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