The Wonderful World of Homemade Advent Calendars

Hessian Handmade Advent Calendar

Homemade advent calendars are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason.  They are such a lovely way to pamper a child, friend or family member.  And by creating the calendar yourself, you can add those extra special personal touches to the design.

Calendars are also a great way to share Christmas Cheer with family and friends who are further afield.  Choose a small group, and make and deliver calendars for each other.  Then create a WhatsApp group and take turns to share your excitement as the daily treats are opened and enjoyed. 

Creating The Perfect Homemade Advent Calendar

The beauty of homemade advent calendars is that you can be as extravagant or low-key as you chose, both in presentation and content.  There is no one-size-fits-all.  Every conceivable budget, time-frame and theme can be accommodated. 

10 Step Guide to Homemade Advent Calendars

So if you’d like to go all-out and make a calendar with a real WOW factor, then the sky really is the limit.  But there’s no need to feel put off by images you’ve seen online of elaborately handcrafted designs.  They are gorgeous and we bow down to the fabulous people who have the skills and time to create them. 

But advent calendars come in all styles, shapes and sizes and will make a wonderfully thoughtful gift no matter what the end product. Check out our 10-step Calendar Vision Board which will help you to design the perfect Homemade Advent Calendar for your loved one.

What’s Inside?

Content is just as important as the calendar design itself of course.  In fact we think it’s even more important.  And again the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to focus on a theme, make a nod to particular special interests and occasions, or just provide a bit of festive fun, there are so many different treats to include. 

It can feel daunting trying to decide what to chose and the pressure to select twenty-four different items can feel overwhelming.  But there’s plenty of resources available to help so don’t panic.  For starters, check out our guide: 250+ Inspirational Advent Calendar Fillers.

Once you get those creative juices flowing, you’ll be surprised how easily the calendar come together.

Having Fun with Quirky & Unusual Calendar Concepts

Homemade advent calendars don’t have to be just the traditional “treat behind each door” concept either. 

Santa Hats Advent Calendar

We’ve shared some of our favourite more unusual calendar creations – from photos to treasure hunts to recipes. You’ll be amazed what can be incorporated into a calendar!

So welcome to the wonderful world of Homemade Advent Calendars! And whilst of course they are ultimately a gift for someone else to enjoy, remember to have fun yourself along the way!