Reverse Advent Calendars

Reverse Advent Calendars are becoming increasingly popular as people look to bring the Joy of Giving to life in the festive season.

A relatively new tradition, Reverse Advent Calendars really embrace the true Spirit of Christmas and are a great way to remind children (well, all of us if we’re honest!) to think of others. And a little extra prompting to take time for our wider community is seldom a bad thing!

The concept is simple – rather than receiving a treat each day, you gift one. So an Advent Calendar in reverse, and hence the name!

What you chose to gift is up to you – it can be daily donations, or gifts of your time and care. We’ll offer some suggestions of how to give back in your community this Christmas. And if you want even more inspiration, check out these heart-warming stories of Acts of Christmas Kindness up and down the UK!

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