Bauble Trees are the perfect Christmas Wall Art!  Great for showcasing your most precious baubles or using up extras(!), they add an amazing pop of festive feels to any area of your home.

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Bauble Tree Christmas Wall Art

We loved this idea from the moment we saw it.  A simple fun DIY Christmas décor project that makes a seriously eye-catching piece of original Christmas wall art!  It’s sure to be the talking point of the celebrations!

We got to chatting with the lovely Jennifer from Ohio and she kindly shared the lowdown on one of her latest Christmas creations!

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Selection of Baubles in the Ch
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There are so many reasons to create a bauble tree canvas.  Here’s our favourite seven ideas!

    1. Alternative To A Traditional Christmas Tree – great space saver, just as eye-catching and more eco-friendly too if you use your existing bauble collection! And alternative Christmas trees are bang on trend!
    2. Perfect For Pet Owners – want to show off your delicate baubles but have some furry friends who can’t help but investigate? Christmas wall art is a safe(r) way to put them on display!
    3. Showcase Your Special Baubles – whilst they look great on the tree, this is a fantastic way to make your special baubles really stand out! Create a showstopping design with a collection of baubles from your travels, ones you’ve inherited or the ones your kids have handmade.  The possibilities are endless!
    4. Create A Theme – if you’re eager to create a theme for your Christmas colour palette this year, then a bauble Christmas wall tree is the way to go! Minimise expense by pulling appropriately coloured statement baubles from your usual tree collection and simply supplementing these with a box of inexpensive basic baubles in the right colour.
    5. Use Up Leftover Baubles – if you’ve gone for a smaller tree than usual or are keeping to particular ornaments for your main tree, put other decorations to work in a bauble wall tree. A beautiful display for your little one’s bedroom or the kitchen / dining room.   Or make one out of foraged shells (with small holes added) for the bathroom!
    6. Christmas Family Activity – make this together with your little ones using shatterproof or homemade baubles and it’ll be a fantastic weekend activity for the family! Plus you’ll finish up with a fabulous piece of original wall art of which you can all be proud!
    7. As A Gift – this would make a fantastic low cost homemade gift for a friend or family member. Keep your costs even lower by using up old ornaments or sourcing them second hand and rummaging for an appropriate canvas in the cupboards at home.
    Side View of Baubles on Christmas Wall Art Canvas

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    Bauble Tree Equipment

    These are the main things you’ll need to create your Christmas Wall Art.  These really are just ideas though as every part of this creation can be personalised to suit you, your vision and what’s in your cupboard! 

    A Canvas

    The one photographed is a 30inch x 40inch linen wrapped notice board like this one.  

    However you could use any canvas you want as long as it’s strong enough to support the baubles and straightforward to attach them as well).  A few alternative ideas: 

    • A simple cork board (painted or natural)
    • A notice board with background colour chosen to best showcase your decorations 
    • A piece of plywood or layers of heavy duty cardboard glued together, with a piece of material stapled or glued in place over the top (although this could be harder to pin into)

    Do be sure the canvas is wide enough that you can form a good triangle shape for your tree.  And of course make sure the canvas is the right size for your wall … or your baubles … whichever is the priority for you!

    Baubles Added To Tree With Pearl Topped Pins


    We love the use of pearl head pins.  They are really affordable and make the whole design so elegant.  And by pinning the ornaments in place it makes for a fabulously versatile creation. 

    You could use colourful pearl head pins, diamond head pins, metallic pins or any other style you like!

    Obviously it’ll depend on what canvas you’ve used whether you can use pins or need a hot glue gun and a more permanent finish.  But if you can use pins, we highly recommend it! 

    Merry Christmas Sign As a Tree Trunk

    A Trunk

    The Merry Christmas sign here makes a brilliant Christmas tree trunk! 

    Alternatively a small wooden sign could look great here too and mimic the collar or trunk of a traditional tree.  

    You could even use a personalised sign like this for an extra special touch! 

    Star On Top Of The Tree

    A Topper

    A star works well as the topper for Christmas Wall Art as it doesn’t protrude too much and can quite simply be attached in place at the top of the frame. 

    Fun Snowman Bauble Decoration


    This is where the fun REALLY starts.  The tree in the photos here contains around 75 baubles but of course it will depend on the shape and size of your canvas and ornaments.   

    Tips For Selecting Your Baubles

    Of course the sky really is the limit so just enjoy deciding which ornaments you want to display. Here’s a few thoughts to bear in mind.

    • Longer ornaments work better than wider ones to form the Christmas tree shape.
    • Have a few smaller ornaments available to fill any gaps you spot.
    • Consider having a few statement ornaments dotted around for interest.

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    Tips for Storing Your Bauble Tree Christmas Wall Art

    The beauty of this design is that it’s very easy to take apart and repurpose or redesign in future years. 

    However should you wish to keep it as is, here’s a couple of ways to store your bauble tree:

    • Wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap and store carefully standing up somewhere out of harm’s reach.
    • Alternatively take several photographs of the layout. Dismantle the display and store all the baubles together with the pins in a clearly-labelled box.  Then simply set aside 30mins next year to pull up the photos and recreate your design!
    Angled View Of Bauble Tree Canvas

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    How To Make A Bauble Tree Wall Canvas

    Bauble Tree Christmas Wall Art
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    Bauble Tree Christmas Wall Art

    Bauble Trees are the perfect Christmas Wall Art!  Great for showcasing your most precious baubles or using up extras(!), they add an amazing pop of festive feels to any area of your home.


    • 1 canvas
    • 1 ornament / sign to use as a trunk
    • 1 star or equivalent topper
    • pearl head pins
    • baubles!


    • Position your trunk piece at the base of the canvas.
    • Optional – attach string on a diagonal on either side of the canvas to form a tree outline to work within.
    • Working on a flat surface, roughly lay out the baubles in the pattern that you want and look to see if colours, shapes, patterns are evenly spread. 
      Suggested approach - start by positioning your statement baubles and then work from the bottom up adding other baubles to fill. 
    • Once happy, start pinning the ornaments into place.  Attach the baubles directly through the hoop at the top of the ornament (don’t use ribbon) to ensure they are exactly in the position you want.
    • Stand back, take a look and tweak as required. 
      Remove the diagonal strings if added earlier.
    • Add the star topper to your design, either pinning to the canvas or attaching to the canvas frame so it stands out (and adds a little extra height for the tree).
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    With grateful thanks to Jennifer for so generously sharing her images and creation. 

    Are you tempted to make a piece of Christmas wall art this year?  Do share your creation with us – we love celebrating your work and festive designs!

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