The Christmas Garland is one of the key elements of many of our festive home décor displays. In many ways, they are the perfect Christmas decoration as they are so versatile. Below we’ll share the inside track on creating your very own garland direct from floristry expert Raji Gill.

Blooming Boutique Fireplace Christmas Garland - green, gold and purple above brick fireplace

The hugely talented Raji Gill at Blooming Boutique gives us a beginner’s course in creating your own garland.

Over to Raji …!

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Christmas Garland of Pinks and Greens at Top of Staircase

Ways To Display Your Christmas Garland


1. Around a Doorway

Perhaps an alternative or an addition to a wreath.

2. Up a Staircase

This is a beautiful way to add a decorative touch to your entrance hall.  The garland can be placed in many different styles.

For example, swags up the length of your staircase, attached to the banister itself or placed on the edges of the steps.

3. On a Mantlepiece

Spread your Christmas garland across the top of your mantlepiece.

Or arrange it along the front of the mantlepiece in a swag style with beautiful festive ornaments or candles placed along the top.

Fireplace Christmas Garland - green, gold and silver arranged along the top of the mantlepiece

4. Centre of a Table

Christmas Garlands look stunning running along the centre of your festive table with candle votives dotted either side.

5. Along the Window Ledge

Provide a beautiful pop of Christmas to be enjoyed from both inside and out with a garland on your window sill.  Finish with hurricane lamps and candles for extra festive flourish.

Christmas Garland along Window Ledge

Garlands are versatile enough to use in so many other ways as well.

Why not lay one along a console table or shelf?

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4 Things To Buy

Festive Garland DIY Shopping List

If you’re feeling creative and would like to make your own Christmas garland, you will need the following items:

Ball of twine with vintage tools and some fir
  1. Some rope / twine, such as this natural garden twine.
  2. Florist wire. This 28 gauge wire is ideal.
  3. A glue gun such as this one. Whilst not essential this will make things considerably easier.
  4. Foliage (greenery / leaves) – see below.

Foliage (Greenery /  Leaves)

You can purchase foliage at your local florist. Nobilis and blue pine are the most common bases for garlands. However, you may also decide to go foraging* for your own.

Greenery - leaves with red flowers
Greenery - fir
Greenery - leaves with black berries

You need not go far, as quite often you can find suitable foliage in your own garden.

There are many wonderful options commonly found across the UK such as berried hedera, firethorn bush, conifers, thuja, leylandii, pine tree.

It is really effective to mix different foliage to create a beautiful textured look.

*Whilst a few cuttings of fir, a small sprig of holly and a few pine cones from your local park should be absolutely fine to take home, please do remember to always ensure you follow the guidelines of the land owner when foraging. No plant or other living thing should be uprooted and you may need the explicit permission of the land owner before taking anything.

Let’s Get Creative

How To Create Your Christmas Garland

Now it’s time to get creative! The method below is a simple guide for beginners wanting to try their hand at a bit of festive garland making.

Garland of green foliage with pink and purple accent pieces on top corner of wooden staircase

1. Cut the branches

Cut the branches according to how thick or compact you would like to make your garland. If you want to go looser and flowing, keep the branches longer.

Staircase Garland of Greenery & Gold coming down banister
Staircase Garland

2. Prepare the rope

Cut the rope longer than the length of garland you’d like to make so you have some rope left to secure the garland in position.

If you’re planning on making a fairly thick garland for a staircase, they can become quite heavy in which case it is better to use a thicker rope or double it up for more support.

Greenery & Gold Garland along Shelf at back of bar

3. Attach the foliage

  • Hold the branches against the rope.  If you’re wanting to create a very dense garland, then take a good amount of foliage accordingly.
  • Wrap the florist wire tightly around the branches to secure them to the rope.
  • Continue wrapping the wire half way up the length of each branch for additional support.
  • Don’t worry; the wire is thin and won’t be visible. That said, you don’t need to use too much wire; just enough so the foliage feels secure and the garland isn’t too flimsy.
  • Don’t cut your wire between placing the foliage bunches on the rope but just move along to the next bunch.
  • Keep repeating this until you finish the length of your rope.
Asymmetrical Fireplace Garland

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Taking your garland to the next level

Decorating & Embellishing Your Garland

Close-up of fireplace Christmas garland with gold and purple sprayed leaves and decorative extras

Not an essential step but often the best part of the whole thing!

If you have a theme for Christmas or a colour scheme, it would be lovely to introduce this in your garland.

You can use baubles, pinecones, dried fruit such as oranges & apples, cinnamon sticks, battery-operated fairy lights, snow spray, ribbon or even pearls or diamante.

These can be attached with wire to your garland or a glue gun.

Christmas garland in green, pinecones, gold and silver with a gold and silver wreath

Another tip we would recommend is adding some colour to your branches.

Spray painting a few of your pieces of foliage in metallic shades can give a really sparkly festive touch.

Purchase flower & foliage spray paints such as these and use on items such as dry winter hydrangea, berries or foliage.


That is all there is to it!

You now have your very own beautiful homemade Christmas garland.

To attach your garland to a staircase I would suggest using cable ties.

If you are placing it around a doorway, a nail in both corners is most secure.

For a fireplace or shelf, you can simply lay it along.

Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful festive creation!

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Blooming Boutique is a London-based luxury florist providing Christmas garlands, wreaths, table arrangements, gifts, tree dressing as well as a home Christmas styling service.

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