Not sure where to start choosing your tree? This easy 2-min quiz will tell you exactly which is the best real Christmas tree for your home!

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Not much beats that real Christmas tree scene and fragrance at this time of year.  But with so many tree varieties available, it can feel overwhelming to choose your perfect tree.

So, with the help of a very special expert, we’ve created a quick and easy quiz which will direct you straight to the best real Christmas tree option for your home in under two minutes.

Plus we share five top tips for keeping your Christmas tree is great shape throughout the season too.  Read on for all the details.

the inside track!

Behind The Scenes

 Jo’s boyfriend Jeff has sold Christmas trees from Thanksgiving to Christmas for seventeen years now.  What started as an evening/weekend job in his teens has become an annual ritual!  And now Jeff returns to the stall every year without fail to help customers, new and old, find their dream tree.

In that time he’s learnt a thing or two about what makes for the best real Christmas tree!

So we grabbed a cuppa and quizzed Jeff on his tree-mendous knowledge to create a quick and easy quiz guide to help you find your perfect Christmas tree.

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How To Choose Your Christmas Tree

The quiz below will navigate you quickly and easily to the right kind of tree for you.

Whether it’s price, scent, shape or needle retention that matters most, this quiz will help you find your perfect real Christmas tree option.  So when you head to the farm or stall, you’ll know exactly what to ask to see.

Click below to get started.


Discover The Secrets To Decorating Your Tree Like A Pro!

We’ve gathered top tips from the experts to help you create that magazine-cover Christmas Tree!

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5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Tree Looking Fresh

Now you know which kind of tree you want, we asked Jeff for his top tips to ensure it lasts the season.  Here’s the inside track:

1. Buy A Tree In Good Condition

Before purchasing, check that the needles are not dry or brittle, and that not many fall if you tap the trunk base to the ground.

2. Make Sure The Trunk Base Is Fresh

Cut around 2 inches off the base of the tree before fixing it in its stand. This will help the tree to absorb the liquid you feed it.

3. Keep The Water Topped Up

Make sure your tree has plenty to drink throughout the season.  Plain tap water is best.

4. Keep Your Tree Cool

Try to keep your tree cool and at a reasonably constant temperature. Avoid placing it near radiators, fireplaces or underfloor heating if at all possible.

5. Minimise Chance Of Needle Drop

Keep your tree away from the main walkways through your home to minimise needle drop from people repeatedly brushing up against it.

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