Not sure where to start choosing your tree? This easy 2-min quiz will tell you exactly which is the best real Christmas tree for your home!

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Lights And A Garland Of Simple Red Shiny Bell Baubles On a Real Christmas Tree

Not much beats that real Christmas tree scene and fragrance at this time of year.  But with so many tree varieties available, it can feel overwhelming to choose your perfect tree.

So, with the help of a very special expert, we’ve created a quick and easy quiz which will direct you straight to the best real Christmas tree option for your home in under two minutes.

Plus, we share more about the factors you’ll want to consider when choosing your tree, and the types of Christmas Tree commonly available in the UK.

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Jo’s husband Jeff has sold Christmas trees from Thanksgiving to Christmas for almost twenty years now.  What started as an evening/weekend job in his teens has become an annual ritual!  And now Jeff returns to the stall every year without fail to help customers, new and old, find their dream tree.

In that time he’s learnt a thing or two about what makes for the best real Christmas tree!

So we grabbed a cuppa and quizzed Jeff on his tree-mendous knowledge to create a quick and easy quiz guide to help you find your perfect Christmas tree.

Find Your Perfect Tree With Our Quick Quiz

The quiz below will navigate you quickly and easily to the right kind of tree for you.

Whether it’s price, scent, shape or needle retention that matters most, this quiz will help you find your perfect real Christmas tree option.  So when you head to the farm or stall, you’ll know exactly what to ask to see.

Click below to get started.


How To Choose Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree choice will be as personal as the way you choose to decorate your home.  There’s a range of factors that will influence your Christmas Tree choice.  We’ll run through these below.

1. Cost

As with everything in life, the question of cost will prevail!  Unsurprisingly, the larger the tree, the more expensive it tends to be.  Typically you can expect to pay a premium for qualities such as non-drop needles too.

2. Fragrance

Is it that real Christmas tree scent you’re dreaming about?  Not all trees are created equal in the fragrance stakes so do consider how important that fresh cut pine smell is when selecting your tree.  Some of the more waxy non-drop needle trees don’t share their scent so readily for example. 

3. Décor Style

Do you prefer to show off the fir with a few lights and ornaments?  Or is your tree the canvas for a decoration extravaganza?  The amount of decorations you’re looking to hang upon its branches will determine how bushy a tree you want.  If you’ve got lots of heavier baubles, opt for a tree with shorter sturdier branches to avoid any Christmas ornament casualties!

4. Size

Do you prefer a taller, slimmer tree?  Or a wider bushy shape?  Of course, the area you have available for your tree needs to be taken into account.  Remember to leave ample space for people to move around the tree, particularly as households are typically busier at Christmas time and trees don’t like being knocked.

5. Pets & Children

Keep children and pets in mind when choosing your tree.  Accidental tree knocks are par for the course with a busy household.  So you may prefer to opt for a more sturdy tree with non-drop needles to minimise harm to tree or ornaments.  Needles on the floor can be tempting for pets to taste too and are not good for furry friend tummies.

Types Of Real Christmas Tree

It’s easy to think all fir trees are the same but in fact there’s a number of festive species that adorn our Christmas home décor.  Each brings something different to the winter wonderland scene.  So how do you choose the right Christmas tree for you?

Norway Spruce Christmas Trees - Close Up of Needles & Tree Plantation

Norway Spruce Christmas Trees

Norway Spruce

The iconic Christmas tree.  This is the one we’re all remembering from our childhood (think Trafalgar Square in London). With its fabulous Christmassy fragrance and beautiful full almond shape, it’s as classic a Christmas tree as you can find.  Plus, it’s typically one of the cheaper species on sale.

But … those aromatic needles are not as robust as some other species so needle retention can be an issue.  And they can feel a bit sharper as you decorate too. This is a tree best enjoyed outdoors, or set up a bit later in the season to give it the best chance to make it through to the 12th night. 

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree - Close Up of Needles & Tree Plantation

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

Nordmann Fir

The most popular Christmas tree species in Europe, and for good reason.  Nordmann Firs are beautiful classic fir-shaped trees with dark glossy needles – the epitome of Christmas tree green.  These full bodied trees suit a larger room with space to show them off to full effect.  Branches are strong (great for holding up ornaments) and the trees are typically symmetric in shape with space between branches to hang decorations.  

Most notable of all though is that Nordmann Fir are the classic non-drop Christmas tree species.  Ideal for homes with pets and small children.  But those waxy sturdy needles don’t share their scent as readily so just be aware that this isn’t a tree guaranteed to fill your home with Christmas tree aroma.  Plus all those fabulous features do come at a cost with Nordmann Firs typically sitting towards the top of the tree price pecking order.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees - Close Up of Needles & Tree Plantation

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir

Slightly skinner and bushier than the Nordmann Fir, Christmas tree experts Pines and Needles have noted that Fraser Firs are especially popular potted Christmas trees. 

With their two-tone needles – dark green on top and bluey tones underneath – they provide a great wintry festive look.  Just like the Nordmann Firs, Fraser Firs are great at holding their needles but they also  have a wonderfully festive citrusy scent to boot.

Just one thought to bear in mind: those bushy tight-packed branches can pose a bit more of a challenge when adding ornaments so they tend to suit a slightly more minimalist / end of branches only décor design.

- Close Up of Needles & Tree Plantation

Noble Fir Christmas Trees

Noble Fir

The original ‘blue’ Christmas tree!  The noble fir needles have a beautiful blue hue to them, giving the tree an almost silvery wintry appearance.  

Full of festive fragrance the needles are non-drop and branches strong for larger ornaments and slightly more spread out than the Fraser Fir so you can add more decorations to your design. 

Just like the Nordmann Fir, this tree should last well over the festive season with the right care.

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