Unbelievably simple, very addictive, and surprisingly competitive, the Candle Blowing Game is sure to become your new favourite game!

  • Family Friendly
  • Time & Effort
  • Supplies Needed
Woman (Jo) about to blow out a line of tealights along kitchen countertop with prizes visible alongside each tealight - $5 note, box of Ferraro Rocher, tube of Rolos, tub of chewing gum and some other smaller prizes out of focus in background.

We played a new game last Christmas – the Candle Blowing Game.  Have you tried it?  It was hands down the best game we played all season.  Loved universally by all the generations and sure to become a regular on our annual Christmas games line up from now on!  You’ve got to give it a go..!

The concept is stupidly simple.  Line up a bunch of tealights along a surface, each with a prize alongside.  Take turns to see how far along the line you can blow and win the prize waiting at that position. 

See?  Virtually no explanation required.  But somehow everyone gets very invested.  Whether it’s the kid with a particular prize in mind, the parent with a biggest-lung-capacity point to prove, or the gran that everyone’s rooting for. 

It hits the sweet spot of Christmas family games:

◊ Easily captures the imagination.

◊ Doesn’t drag on for hours.

◊ Quick and easy to understand.

◊ Everyone can join in.

Boy blowing out a line of tealights along kitchen countertop with prizes visible alongside each tealight - Christmas tissues, chewing gum, chocolates, etc.

We had so much fun playing The Candle Blowing Game.

How To Play The Candle Blowing Challenge

There are no hard and fast rules to the Candle Blowing Game.  You just need some candles (tealights ideally), matches or lighter, and a bunch of prizes.

As a guide:

  • We used 11 tealights – adjust up or down for group size and surface length.
  • We spaced them around 5-7cm apart – adjust depending on the group but keep them evenly spaced.
  • We used prizes we found around the house – you can really go to town on these if you wish (ideas below).
  • Prizes were positioned roughly in order of value, from cheapest nearest to most valuable furthest away.
  • We didn’t replace prizes won. Anyone reaching that tealight thereafter just received nothing.

No tealights?  No issue. Use old birthday candles / dinner candles stuck in position with blue tac, a drop of melted wax, or even on cupcakes if you’d like!

Tip: With a lot of relighting candles required, a lighter of some sort is helpful (to avoid using a whole box of matches).

Who Goes First?

Entirely up to you!  You could try age order, or lowest estimated lung capacity first.  Or set up some kind of pre-game challenge to establish the order (Who can keep a feather in the air longest by blowing?  Who can most accurately guess the number of mince pies eaten each year?).  We lent into our Britishness and just let a queue develop naturally. wink

Man lighting row of tealights placed along countertop with small prizes by each tealight - chocolate ball, Christmas tissues, teabag, chewing gum, $1 bill and some larger boxes of chocolates out of focus in background.

Lighting the tealights ready to play!

Candle Game Prizes

We used an assortment of little treats we found around the house.  Individual sweets, a teabag (you know we love our tea!!), box of chocolates, and a couple of different value dollar bills.  That was plenty to provide lots of entertainment for our group.

However, you could easily up the ante with some extra thought on the prizes.  For example:

  • Use coins and notes of increasing value.
  • Make it a surprise with gifts (or money) inside homemade crackers.
  • Buy gift cards for different stores, to challenge folk to get their favourite.
  • Turn it into Russian Roulette with a forfeit prize hidden amongst the real ones.
  • Play a variation of Secret Santa (see below).

Secret Santa Idea

We think the Candle Blowing Game would make a brilliant addition to a White Elephant / Secret Santa exchange.  Have everyone contribute a gift to the line-up.  People then win the gift next to the candle they reach.

This would be great for an office party or Christmas party with friends.  Leave the gifts unwrapped to encourage a little competition for the best gifts!

So, will you be trying the Candle Blowing Game with your family and friends?  If you’ve played before, what prizes did you use?  Any fun variations you’d recommend? Share your suggestions in the comments below.