Make your gifts (almost!) too good to unwrap with our round-up of eleven fabulous brown paper gift wrap ideas.

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Brown Paper Gift Wrapping

Make your gifts (almost!) too good to unwrap with these brown paper gift wrap ideas.

Brown (or kraft) paper wrapping has seen a huge resurgence in the last couple of years. And rightly so!

It’s one of the most eco-friendly of all the wrapping papers, incredibly versatile, and looks absolutely fabulous when finished in the right way.

Fill your tree with gorgeous gift creations, worthy of any glam Christmas Magazine front cover, and give your loved one a present that they will really want to savour and enjoy opening.

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Here’s our round-up of eleven beautiful kraft paper gift wrap ideas.

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Polka Dot Kraft Wrapping Paper Idea - parcel with brown paper, white spots & ribbon and faux flower finish

Use the rubber tip of a pencil and a white ink pad (or some white poster paint) to create this gorgeous snow scene.

Visit The House That Lars Built for more.

back to our childhoods

2. Potato Stamp Designs

Mum in the Madhouse Penguin Paper
Fresh Mommy Blog Potato Stamp Gift Wrap

It’s so easy to create potato stamps at home. Then grab the kids to help you decorate the paper with various festive shapes and colours.

We love the designs above if you need a little nudge to get started.

Visit Mum In The Madhouse and Fresh Mommy Blog for more details.

on a roll

3. Lint Roll Christmas Trees

DIY Roller Printing - christmas tree stamp on lint roller and on brown wrapping paper

A variation on the potato stamp is this fabulous lint roller stamp. Perfect for decorating larger areas of gift wrap.

Visit Handmade Charlotte for more details.

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brighten up your gift wrap

4. Christmas Lights

Holiday Lights Brown Paper Gift Wrap Idea - fingerprint lights

How fabulously cheerful and festive is this wrapping paper design? An ideal project for getting the little ones involved as they add the lights to the cables with their fingerprints!

Visit Burlap & Blue for more details.

geometric heaven

5. Washi Tape Weave

Washi Tape Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping

Create beautiful patterns and colourful designs with washi tape weaves. Use your loved one’s favourite colours for extra brownie points!

We love these monochrome festive washi tapes as well as this skinny gold foil selection.

Visit DIY Inspired for more details.

celebrating the season

6. Keeping It Natural

Brown Paper Gift Wrap with Greenery, festive twine and labels

Embrace the season and keep things authentically green with these beautiful foliage designs. A great way to repurpose any Christmas tree or garland off-cuts.

Visit Hallstrom Home for more details.

little wanderings

7. Reindeer Feet

DIY Rudolph Wrapping Paper

Make creating your gift wrap a full sensory experience with these reindeer feet faces! We think this would be fabulous paper to use for the grandparents’ gifts!

Visit Skip to my Lou for more details.

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monochrome creations

8. Fun With White Paint

Brown Paper Gift Wrap Ideas - 4 packages with white paint patterns

These elegant paper gift wrap designs are all the result of some easy white paint crafting. Add Christmas icons to your creations by painting inside festive cookie cutter shapes.

Visit A Pretty Fix for more details.

washi time again

9. Washi Tape Christmas Trees

Washi Tape Christmas Trees on Brown Paper

Put your washi tape to good use again with these simple yet striking Christmas tree designs.

Visit Food Crafts & Family for more details.

little fingerprints

10. Cheerful Reindeer Faces

Reindeer Printing on Kraft Brown Paper Gift Wrap

How adorable are these little reindeer faces?! Have great fun brightening your loved one’s Christmas Day with this Holly Jolly design.

Visit Splash of Something for more details.

sticker crazy

11. Get Sticky

DIY Christmas Wrapping Sticker Message

Raid your children’s sticker collections and see what designs you can add, or festive messages you can create, for your paper gift wrap.

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