The biggest Christmas Colour Trends 2024 you won’t want to miss! Which palette will light up your festive décor this year?

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One of the most popular Christmas colour trends 2024 demostrated with a close up of a Christmas tree decorated in gold and silver baubles including a silver stag head, disco balls, glittery pear bauble, sparkly silver and gold floral picks and leaves and an out of focus cascade of silver and gold balloons in the background.

Here’s the 10 hottest colours and palettes we’ll be seeing for Christmas 2024.  From pared back greens and heritage hues to retro oranges, youthful pinks, and a silver and gold festival of shimmer, there’s a colour theme for everyone. 

You know our mantra – your Christmas, your way.  Enjoy decorating with the colours you love.  And if you do want to sprinkle a little 2024 on your Christmas décor, look no further than these cool colour schemes to get you started.

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Want to know more about this year’s biggest decorating styles?  We’ve got the lowdown on the top Christmas décor trends you won’t want to miss.

A collection of paper decorations in various shades of green - dark, emerald, light, olive, lime, and so on - snowflake designs and honeycomb shapes hanging from the ceiling with one small hummingbird ornament as well.

We saw green decorations everywhere at trade events this year.

Lean into green for Christmas 2024.  From deep forest green to pale mint tones and even energetic limes, there’s room for all the green you want this year.  Layer green upon green for a luscious rich scene, pair with earthy tones for a natural vibe, or add pink or purple to make the colours pop.

Retro Orange

Floral themed Christmas tree with floral picks in orange, peach, purple and pink, with a lilac candle display to the side, more florals and some wooden Christmas trees.

Versatile orange will be one of the most popular Christmas colours for 2024, making joyful eye-catching displays as seen at DPI, ChristmasWorld.

Not typically a colour we associate with the festive season, orange is certainly having its moment in the December sun.  In fact, it’s going to be one of the biggest Christmas colour trends for 2024!  Bright and cheery on a dark winter’s night, it makes a great addition to a whole host of colour palettes.  Add rusty orange to brown and green for an earthy, woodland vibe.  Go full 70s retro with burnt orange, mustard yellows, browns, and olive greens.  Or pair it with red, purple, and pink for a vibrant, eye-catching design.

Silver & Gold

Dining table covered in silver and gold pieces including a disco-ball style punch bowl and wine cooler, and oversized cocktail glass with a disco-ball side table just in view and a host of different sized disco balls and gold and white stars hanging from the ceiling on ribbons.

Silver and gold works well for all the holiday celebrations as seen at Gilde, ChristmasWorld.

No need to choose your metal – it’s all about the silver and gold combo for Christmas 2024.  Let’s crank that sparkle-ometer up to 100 with maximalist metals and disco ball delirium.  These metals create a luxe, fun and dazzling display, perfect for carrying us into the New Year festivities.

Red, White & Pink

Tall Christmas tree covered in decorations in red, pink, white and pops of gold and green, lots of oversized paper stars and snowflakes, glass baubles, and other smaller decorations.

Red, white and pink make a cheerful colour palette for 2024 as seen at Edelman, ChristmasWorld.

The classic candy cane red and white stripe gets a softer touch this year.  Creeping in at the end of last season, the addition of pink is so playful and vibrant, it’s no wonder this combo is back bigger and better for 2024. This youthful palette adds a joyful twist to traditional décor, bringing fresh energy to your festive celebrations.

Pink Christmas

Christmas tree covered in pink decorations, primarily florals, enhanced with some white decorations and gold picks as well as a duck egg blue swan oversized decoration, with pink base and two white fawn statues at its base and two gold metal outline hot air balloons hung to its sides.

Pink Christmas continues to be a popular Christmas colour theme for 2024 as seen at Goodwill, ChristmasWorld.

She’s still got it!  The Barbie effect continues into 2024 with plenty more Pinkmas fun to be had.  Whether it’s unapologetic pink pink pink or a colourful fiesta with pink at its core, everything’s rosy this Christmas.  So, grab those baby pink nutcrackers, that peachy garland, and those hot pink bows- it’s time to paint the town pink!

Sweet Pastels

Pink and gold footed round metal tray filled with sweet pastel glass baubles in shades of pink, purple, white, teal and mint green with some tall pastel shade scalloped wine glasses on top of a mint green furry small rug on a table with a pastel nutcracker to side and some LED Christmas trees behind.

Sweet Pastel Shades Continue To Be Popular at G Wurm, ChristmasWorld.

A variation on the pink extravaganza above, Sweet Pastels brings together soft spring-time shades for a non-traditional festive scene.  This colour trend has been growing in popularity in recent years but shows no sign of slowing.  Light pink and purple hues are complemented by pops of mint green and teal and splashes of champagne gold or silver, perfectly showcased against a snowy, flocked or white tree backdrop.

Modern Heritage Hues

Muted deep cloud blue wall with shelf and greenery around gold mirror above and asymmetrically along shelf and gifts wrapped in green and gold with green, blue and red velvet ribbon below and a Merry Christmas garland hanging from the shelf in dark blue velvet and a star, candlesticks and lantern on the shelf all in gold metal.

Modern heritage hues make an inviting nostalgic scene at Ginger Ray, Top Drawer.

Muted blues, greens, and teals are highlighted by pops of cherry red, light turquoise, and crisp white. This understated, nostalgia-led colour scheme is serene yet joyful, set against a backdrop of light wood and pale hues. It combines a modern farmhouse aesthetic with quintessential Christmas charm, creating an airy, welcoming vibe with plenty of festive cheer.

Ice White

Flocked Christmas tree decorated in all white ornaments including baubles, floral picks, glittery ferns and arctic animals with polar bears, gonks and white and grey dressed Santas at its feet.

Ice Whites are a big Colour Trend for 2024 as seen with CB Imports at Spring Fair.

Move over, warm white—2024 heralds the return of cool, ice white. This crisp, frosty hue is making a comeback.  One of this year’s top Christmas colour trends, expect to see cool white trees enhanced with touches of silver, blue, and even lilac. Iridescent and pearlescent décor adds a shimmering depth, creating an enchanting icy effect. Transform your home into a winter wonderland, reminiscent of a sparkling, snowy day.

Regal Blue

Tree covered in pale and royal blue decorations, with cream, gold and white complementary ornaments - lots of bows, floral picks, glass baubles and a white and gold nutcracker behind.

Elegant blue trees strike a dramatic, rich tone and will be popular for Christmas 2024 as seen at Festive, Harrogate Christmas Show.

Regal Blue brings a dramatic, rich hue to the festive season, exuding timeless, glamorous vibes. Think vintage China Blue Chinoiserie with ornate blue and white patterns, or celestial Midnight Blue with mystical gold sparkle. This versatile colour easily extends beyond the Christmas festivities, offering a soothing embrace all winter long. 

Festive Brights

Bright blue fireplace filled with different sized honeycomb paper balls in various bright rainbow shades, a felt stocking with JOY and snowballs, brightly wrapped gifts and some pink LED stars to the sides and two garlands above, one of Christmas trees and the other spelling out Merry Christmas.

Festive Brights add youthful cheer from Ginger Ray at Top Drawer.

Fun, jolly, and unashamedly youthful, festive brights are here to get the party started. This cheerful colour trend brings smiles to both the young and the young-at-heart. Wave your rainbow brush for a kaleidoscope of primary colours, or mix it up with teal, orange, lime green, hot pink, and purple. Either way, you’ll be brimming with celebratory vibes, ready to infuse your holiday season with joy and energy.

What do you think to the Christmas colour trends for 2024?  Are there colours you’d love to try in your home this year?  Or do you have a festive colour palette you enjoy returning to time and time again?

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