11 easy hacks for Christmas decoration storage to keep them secure and make life easier for yourself next year too!

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Clear Plastic Storage Box Of Baubles And Tinsel

We’ve been chatting with Victoria at Surrey Decluttering again for more home organisation expert tips and tricks.  This time we’ve been talking Christmas Ornament Storage.  Here’s 11 simple, clever ideas to help keep your decorations safe, neat, and tidy when they’re not on display.

Take Photos Of Your Christmas Décor

Before you start dismantling this year’s Christmas décor, take photos of the layout and any details you’ve particularly enjoyed so you can recreate these aspects next festive season.  Either save the photos in an album on your phone / computer, or ideally print out the images and stick them on the boxes of related decorations.

Clear Out Unwanted Ornaments

Now is the time to clear out any damaged decorations and pass along ones you don’t need any more.  Do think about ways you may be able to upcycle them or if there’s any decorations that you could continue to enjoy in other ways over the remaining winter months before you put them away.

Use Clear Boxes

Of course, you can store your Christmas decorations in anything you wish. There’s certainly no need to be spending unnecessarily on new storage containers.  However, if you’re just starting to store your Christmas décor collection, or the boxes need an update, Victoria recommends using clear boxes where possible so it’s easy to see what’s inside.

The other advantage of these plastic boxes is that they tend to be more robust and give more protection from water damage or animals should that be an issue during the year.

Consider Purpose Made Ornament Boxes

For fragile ornaments that are a uniform shape and standard size, we’re a big fan of purpose-made Christmas Ornament storage boxes with adjustable partitions so you can store both round and flat ornaments inside.  They come with handles for carrying and stack well too.  Just be aware that the plastic is not completely rigid, so they aren’t quite as secure as a sturdier plastic box. 


Non-fragile ornaments can be popped loose in a large box.  For particularly special, delicate, or oversized baubles:

  • Use the original packaging if you have it.
  • Otherwise wrap them in tissue paper or other protective material before putting them into the box.

Fill boxes well to avoid things moving around too much and of course any wasted space.  But don’t overfill or items could get damaged.

Wrap The Lights

To avoid next season’s classic tangle, wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard.  Cut notches into the cardboard to secure the two ends of the cord in place. 

We add our lights from the non-plug end and so start wrapping from the plug end.  Think about how you prefer to hang your lights and be sure to wrap from the other end first.  Fix a small piece of brightly coloured tape around the end so you can find it easily. 

Tinsel and Garlands

Similarly wrap your tinsel and garlands around tubes.  For smaller bead garlands, a toilet roll tube is a perfect size.  Cut a small slit at both ends to secure the ends of the garland in place.  For tinsel, use your finished wrapping paper tubes and apply the same method.

Pack Your Ornaments Thoughtfully

Think about how you decorate your home.  Do you tend to switch out colour themes, or decorate a room at a time?  Pack your decorations away in the same way.  We’re huge fans of Victoria’s recommendation to organise your décor by room.  That way everything from each room is together and you can just take out the relevant box(es) and decorate or tidy away that one area rather than having to open everything all at once. 

Treat your Christmas tree as a separate room as tree decorating is nearly always its own activity.

Label Everything!

Be sure to label all the boxes, on the side that will be easiest to see.  It’s so easy to think we’ll remember what’s inside.  But invariably over the course of the year our memory fades.  And this way you can ask others to help you get the boxes out too!

Store Securely

Whether in the attic, basement, garage, under the stairs, or even under the bed, be sure to store your Christmas decorations securely. 

Make sure they are not in direct sunlight that could fade colours, or at risk of water damage, or being investigated by animals.  Try to use boxes that stack easily so you can make use of height and consider ease of access for carrying boxes of delicate decorations in and out each year. 

We both stack our Christmas decorations on storage shelving; Jo in her basement and Hannah on her garage shelving units.  That way, items are neatly organised, and easy to see and access.  

Make A List Of Items You’ll Want To Buy

Lastly, whilst you’ve got the decorations out and everything is fresh in your mind, make a list of the items you want to replace or add to your collection.  That way you can either look out for them in the sales this year or get ahead of things next festive season.  Either store the list with a diary reminder on your phone for early November or stick the list to the top of the box so you see it straight away when you pull the decorations out.

Taking the time to get your Christmas decoration storage in place makes life so much easier next Christmas.  So, be kind to your future self, and take the time to think things through now!  With grateful thanks to Victoria at Surrey Decluttering for taking the time to share her expertise.  How do you store your Christmas ornaments?

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