Spice up your summer with our favourite Christmas in July games! Add a little mid-year festive magic into your family fun and office parties.

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Christmas in July Party Ideas

Who says the festive fun is reserved for December? Inject some midsummer Christmas spirit into your gatherings with these ingenious Christmas in July game ideas! Whether you’re looking to spice up your summer with a festive twist or seeking unique activities for a Christmas in July themed party, these games are sure to fill your day with laughter and joy.

We’ve handpicked a selection of games perfect for kids, families, and adults, including those suited for Christmas in July office parties. While some games are ideal for younger participants, many are perfect for any age group and setting, promising universal fun and no shortage of giggles.

Sandman Competition

Head to the beach or your local sandbox and challenge the kids to build a ‘summer snowman’. Equip them with carrots, buttons, scarves, Santa hats, and sunglasses to spark their creativity.

Melted Snowball Fight 

AKA a water balloon fight! The perfect way to cool down on a warm summer’s day.  Using just white balloons will make the melted snow theme even more authentic. 

Christmas Party Toss Game

These inflatable Christmas themed ring toss games are always a huge hit in our household.  We’ve played them at many a family gathering.  Perfectly portable for summer Christmas fun at the beach or campsite too!


A festive take on Duck-Duck-Goose, this game involves circling peers while chanting “Elf” and switching to “Santa” for a merry chase around the circle.

Christmas Spell-Out Scavenger Hunt

Individuals or teams race to find things to spell out the word CHRISTMAS (e.g. chair for C, hat for H, etc.).  If you want a longer version of the game, try spelling the first line of your favourite Christmas song, or title of your favourite Christmas movie.

‘12 Days Of Christmas’ Scavenger Hunt

Play a round of our ’12 Days of Christmas’ scavenger hunt.  Whilst you can’t look for the decorations out and about at this time of year, use our FREE printable cards version of the game.  Hide them around your home, garden, or local park and see how quickly the seekers can build a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ tree.

(Santa) Sack Races

The school sports day classic gets a festive makeover! Decorate some hessian (burlap) sacks for the occasion (a fun activity in its own right) and let the races commence!  Who will cross the line first?! 

Bow and Spatula Race

Move over egg-and-spoon, there’s a new race in town.  Ever tried to keep a Christmas gift bow on a spatula … without sticking it in place!  Makes a great game on its own or add to a selection of fun activities and obstacle races to build Santa’s Sports Day.

Capture The Santa Hat

Give classic game ‘Capture The Flag’ a seasonal twist by switching out the flags for two different Santa Hats.  Or have a Santa Hat team and a Stocking team. 

Don’t Drop The Snowball

Use a white beach ball, or bean bag and work as a group to keep it off the ground, throwing it between the group.  Add extra balls for more fun (or chaos!).  Really up the ante with a real ‘ice ball’ – fill a small balloon with water and leave it overnight to freeze before cutting it out of the balloon.  See if you can keep it in the air until it melts!  (Best for groups that understand the ice ball will need to be thrown carefully!)

Sandpit Treasure Hunt

Bury Christmas items (bow, orange, shatterproof bauble, figurines, leftover gold coins, etc) in the sand to be excavated.  A perfect activity for little ones.

Snowman Cornhole

Customise the classic beanbag toss game with a snowman themed cornhole board, and white bean bag ‘snowballs’. 

Holiday Movie Marathon

Get the (frozen) hot chocolate ready and settle down for a Christmas movie extravaganza. After all there’s a month of Hallmark Christmas movies to get through.  Don’t forget your FREE Christmas movie bingo game

Snowman Sundae Station

More of a delicious activity, set up an ice cream sundae station to cool down the summer Christmas celebrations. Give yours a snowman theme with edible eyes and little carrot cake decorations, as well as festive sprinkles and sparkly silver/gold edible dust.

Christmas Cookie Decorating Competition

Whilst you’ve got the festive sprinkles out, what about a Christmas cookie decorating competition?!  A great Christmas in July idea, particularly if the weather’s a bit gloomy.  And who’s going to say no to a Christmas cookie, even in July!

Christmas Charades

Embrace the season with a game of Christmas charades, featuring festive songs, movies, and characters.

Sneaky Christmas Prep

Keep the kids entertained during the school holidays with some Christmas crafts.  They’ll love the novelty factor and it’s a great way to sneakily get ahead for this coming Christmas!  Summer weather is perfect for quick drying of homemade wrapping paper, flocked Christmas trees, and painted baubles.  Making Christmas cards is an ideal rainy-day activity, just sayin’!

Santa Hat hanging on a wire fence in the sunshine with a silver bead garland and snowflake Christmas decoration, with green field behind and blue sky above.

Christmas In July games are a perfect way to embrace the novelty of a different season for the festivities.

Games for Adults and Office Christmas in July Parties

Christmas in July Quiz

How much do you know about Christmas in July?  Find out when you host a quiz event with our FREE Christmas in July trivia quiz.  Ready to download, print and use!

Christmas Taskmaster

Perfect for any fans of the hit TV show.  Have fun completing a selection of festive taskmaster challenges to be judged by your very own ‘Greg Davies’.  Check out our list of 15 fun festive taskmaster ideas.

Snow Globe Drop

Heard of the Egg Drop challenge?  Why not try a snow globe drop instead.  Teams build a protective device to save a DIY snow globe from a high drop, adding a crafty and competitive edge to the fun. Add an extra step with each group making their team snow globe first.  

Christmas Jumper Contest 

Who can create the ugliest Christmas sweater (or t-shirt if you’d prefer)?!  Set up craft stations for creation or have a competition for people to wear their homemade design to the office / party. 

Festive Beer Pong

Beer pong with a seasonal twist!  Perfect with prosecco and white ping pong ‘snowballs’.  This is a super easy after-hours Christmas in July game idea.

Christmas in July Photo Booth

Grab some Santa hats, funny Christmas glasses, tinsel, etc. and set up a Christmas selfie station. Use a homemade wreath or festive inflatable pool ring as a frame.

Christmas Never Have I Ever

Discover hilarious and unexpected holiday secrets from your friends and colleagues with this festive twist on a classic party game.  Our free printable Christmas Never Have I Ever game comes with printable paddles to use too.

The Candle Blowing Game

Perfect for a summer’s evening, The Candle Blowing Game is a family favourite!  Compete to blow out the most tealights in a single breath, and win prizes along the way.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange 

No need to go crazy. Set the spend limit low, encourage a summer theme, and ask people to get creative with their secret santa gifts. For extra fun, set it up as a white elephant exchange.

Christmas Karaoke

Is there anything more surreal than hearing Christmas songs in the middle of the year?!  Embrace the bizarre and go for a spot of Christmas in July Karaoke!  Blast out all your festive favourites.  Or use our free Christmas in July playlist for a summer Christmas vibe.

These Christmas in July games are perfect for any mid-year Christmas party, promising to bring smiles and create memories. Don’t forget to share your own game ideas or experiences in the comments below; we love hearing how you enjoy Christmas magic mid-year – because why should December have all the fun?

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