So you know a bit about Christmas … what about Christmas in July?! Test your knowledge in this fun FREE Christmas in July trivia quiz!

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Christmas in July Trivia Quiz

Are you looking for a little festive fun to enjoy in the middle of the year?  This Christmas in July Trivia Quiz is just the ticket!

What’s more, it comes as a ready to use PRINTABLE and is FREE TO DOWNLOAD.

Whether you’re after a Christmas in July party game, office activity with co-workers or simply something to do with the kids over the summer break, this quiz is precisely the (un)seasonal silliness you need!  We warn you though; it’s quite the challenge…

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Download Your Christmas In July Quiz

Christmas in July Trivia FREE Printable QUIZ

Click below for the printable Christmas in July Trivia Quiz.  And scroll down on this page for the answers.


Free Christmas In July Trivia Questions & Answers

If you’d prefer to make up your own quiz, or simply want to try your hand at the questions, we’ve included them here for you to copy and paste.


Trivia Questions

  1. How Many Days Before Christmas is Christmas in July celebrated?
  2. By which other name is Christmas in July commonly known in Australia?
  3. In which US National Park is Christmas in August celebrated annually?
  4. Who joined Rudolph for the 1979 Christmas in July-themed movie?
  5. In what setting is it claimed that Christmas in July was first celebrated?
  6. In which year was the comedy movie Christmas in July starring Dick Powell & Emily Drew released?
  7. The World Santa Claus Congress is held each July in which country?
  8. Who joined forces with the US Army & Navy in 1944 to throw a Christmas in July luncheon in New York to promote an early Christmas mailing campaign for service men overseas?
  9. Which US TV Channel famously offers its viewers a whole month of Christmas in July movie watching?
  10. In which mountain range did a group of Irish visitors in 1980 allegedly start an annual Christmas in July celebration?

Scroll down for the answers…

Trivia Answers

  1. 153.
  2. Yulefest.  Source: Visit New South Wales
  3. Yellowstone.  Source: NPS Yellowstone Science
  4. Frosty The Snowman. Source: IMDB
  5. Girls’ Summer Camp.  Source: Wikipedia
  6. 1940. Source: IMDB
  7. Denmark.  Source: Facebook
  8. US Post Office.  Source: The New York Times
  9. Hallmark Channel.  Source: Hallmark Channel
  10. Blue Mountains, Australia. Source: Blue Mountains Accommodation & Tourism Association

Ideas for Playing Christmas In July Trivia Quiz

A few ideas for how to play this Christmas in July Quiz:

  • Test your own Christmas in July knowledge (no cheating!).
  • Print out a sheet for each player to complete, and see who knows the most.
  • Split your group into teams, with a compere to read out the questions and multiple choice answers.
  • If you’re playing with a larger group, assign the four multiple choice answers to the four courners of a room / hall / garden.  Then have people commit to their answer by running to the appropriate corner.

We’ve provided links to the source for the answers, or head here for more Christmas in July trivia so you can give players the lowdown behind the answers.

However you decide to use the questions, have fun!

How did you get on in our Christmas in July trivia quiz?  Are you a mid-year cheer specialist or dashing off to find out more?  What other ways will you be marking Christmas in July this year?

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