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Hopefully by now it’s pretty clear that Hannah and I are big fans of games and quizzes. And if they’re Christmas themed, then that’s the holly on top of a perfect Christmas cake for us!!

And given the love that was expressed for our Christmas Songs Emoji Quiz, we thought it about time that we put together a FREE printable Christmas Movie Emoji Quiz as well.

It’s the perfect game to play with family and friends, but works equally as well as a little brain teaser for one!

Why not put out a copy for everyone at your Christmas dinner table and see who’s first to decipher all of the films in this Christmas Movie Emoji Quiz?! Or maybe it’s the perfect activity to do while you’re sitting at the back of your niece/nephew’s nativity performance?! (I never did that Hannah –I promise!)

Christmas Movie Advent Calendar

Want to set yourself a Christmas movie challenges this year? Why not check out our FREE printable Christmas Movie Advent Calendar with 24 movie suggestions for each night of advent!

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Free Printable Christmas Movie Emoji Quiz – Questions & Answers

Now don’t fear, we’ve made sure to include the answers with our FREE printable Christmas Movie Emoji Quiz so just incase your film knowledge is failing you one day, you won’t be left in the dark!

To get access to the full list of questions and answers in our Christmas Movie Emoji Quiz, just sign up to our newsletter using the form below. We’ll also keep you up to date with all the festive inspiration, information and news to help make this Christmas, THE Christmas!

And if you need more of a Christmas Movie fix even after this Emoji Quiz then why not check out our Christmas at the Movies playlist (perfect for a North Pole Breakfast) or even try downloading our Christmas Movie Bingo game and our Christmas Movie Advent Calendar?!

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