Yes, we’re back again with another quiz to get those competitive juices flowing! Whether you’re enjoying Christmas with family or planning a get-together with friends, nothing beats a little bit of friendly competition.

This year, we decided to turn things up a notch with our Christmas Movie Quiz (and answers!).

A total of 50 questions, Jolly Festive’s Christmas Movie Quiz is the perfect way to spend a morning, afternoon or evening! With 5 separate rounds including Guess The Line, Dingbats and Movie Trivia, there is something for everyone.

And don’t you worry, this Christmas Movie Quiz comes with answers as well so your quizmaster can make sure they are prepared and in-the-know the whole time!

Check out this tiny taster to get the film rolling!

Jolly Festive's Christmas Movie Quiz (and answers) free printable

Jumbo Quiz Time!

Why Not Make A Night Of It With Our Christmas Games?!

If you’re panicking because you missed last year’s quiz –then panic no more. Why not combine this year’s Christmas Movie Quiz with last year’s Food & Drink one to create jumbo Christmas quiz, complete with 100 free questions and answers. Perfect for a cold, wet and windy December afternoon if you ask us!!

And once you finish playing, why not pick out one of your favourite Christmas movies, grab our FREE Christmas bingo, make some hot chocolate and sit back and relax. It is Christmas time after all!

Jolly Festive's Christmas Food and Drink Quiz Flyer

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Why not try our Christmas Food & Drink Quiz?! 50 FREE questions and answers –perfect for any festive foodie!

how well do you know your Christmas movies?

Free Printable Christmas Movie Quiz – 50 Questions & Answers

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Never Have I Ever had this much fun!

Looking for more ideas for festive frivolities?! Why not try our Christmas Never Have I Ever –with 48 questions and FREE printable paddles and bingo boards, there won’t be a dull moment.

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