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Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Christmas Perks prides itself on its quirky baubles and décor with a difference.


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Looking for something a little different to pop on your tree?  You’ve found the right place.  Christmas Perks prides itself on its quirky baubles and décor with a difference. 

The passion project of Shrewsbury local Simon Perks, Christmas Perks has been standing out from the crowd since 2018. 

Shop Displays in Shrewsbury Year Round Christmas Shop
Fried Egg Tree Decoration in Shrewsbury Christmas Shop

and those windows…!

Something A Little Different

The building sits at the gateway to the town, straight in front of visitors arriving across English Bridge and heading up towards the centre.

With its fabulously oversized windows looking like something out of a Christmas fairy tale, Christmas Perks has you captivated before you’ve even stepped through the door. 

Polar Bear Head in Inverted Christmas Tree in Christmas Perks
Smiley Snowman Baubles in Christmas Shop

And once inside things get even more intriguing.

Beside the more traditional baubles, you’ll find a polar bear peering out from an inverted Christmas tree, gonks of every kind (we loved the bee ones) and nutcrackers for Shropshire and Pride.

A growing number of the products for sale are Simon’s own creations and there’s plenty more in the planning for that. 

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how the story began


But first, let’s talk about the Mermen.  As you enter Christmas Perks, you are greeted by a wall covered in these cheerful characters.  And let me tell you there’s a merman for every occasion!

Produced in the US, Christmas Perks holds the exclusive UK rights for retail.  With 8-10 designs discontinued each year whilst new ones are added, these mermen are highly sought after and extremely collectible. 

And mermen are how the Christmas Perks story began. 

Mermen in Christmas Perks
Mermen in Christmas Perks (2)

On holiday in Florida and the Caribbean, Simon and his husband purchased a merman souvenir for their own tree as well as a US Virgin Islands bauble.

Intrigued as to why there was nothing similar on sale back home, Simon set about designing a Shrewsbury bauble and began selling it at local Christmas Fairs.

4,500 baubles later it was clear there was scope to do more in the festive domain and so Simon expanded his décor range and arranged the launch of the mermen in the UK as well.   

Bauble collection in Shrewsbury Year Round Christmas Shop
Shrewsbury & Shrewsbury Flower Show Christmas Ornaments

Top Trends For Christmas

Looking to update your Christmas décor for 2021?  We have the lowdown on all the latest festive styles & products.

‘I want to be known for quirky’

Christmas Perks Products

A self-confessed big kid at heart, Simon loves Christmas.  ‘It’s a magical time isn’t it,’ he tells me.  ‘And no matter who you are … going in a Christmas shop cheers you up.’

Taking inspiration from the American approach to Christmas décor, Simon wants to truly embrace the fun and extravagance of the season.

Christmas Perks Rainbow & Shropshire Nutcrackers
Gonk collection in Christmas Perks

He loves oversized decorations, bright fun colours and offering something truly unique.  It seems his mind is forever whirring with new ideas and ways to take traditional décor styles in a new direction.

And with a whole host of products in prototype at the moment, Simon plans to take his products beyond the Shrewsbury store in the new year.

So be sure to look out for the Christmas Perks brand offering something a bit different for your Christmas tree in a store near you from 2022!


PERFECT FOR: Quirky decorations! You’ll find them here in abundance, along with a lot of festive fun!

FIND IT HERE: 60 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UX


DATE OF VISIT: 20 September 2021

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