Looking to update your festive décor? Here’s 23 of the hottest Christmas trends 2023 you won’t want to miss!

A Jolly Festive Exclusive
Mushroom ornaments, lots of texture, peach and gold tones and natural world icons - just some of the Christmas Trends for 2023.

With seemingly relentless doom and gloom in the press, it’s no surprise that we’re all eager to cast aside the daily grind and add a little North Pole magic to our lives for Christmas 2023.

Continuing concerns about cost of living and an eagerness not to be wasteful means Christmas is looking a little trimmer this year.  More decorations from Christmas past, more repurposing our general party décor, and more thoughtful buys for the long term.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t sprinkle a little new on our winter wonderland home scene.

So if you’re looking to ensure your Christmas décor for 2023 hits the mark, read on.

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We’ve spent hours (read days and weeks!) visiting trade shows in the UK and beyond, attending trend talks galore, talking with experts, and researching everywhere.  All to bring you the latest Christmas décor trends.

From mushrooms to fluffy stars, paper decorations to luxe crystals, you’ll find everything you need to know.

Plus we reveal the 2023 Christmas colour trends to watch!

Here’s our Jolly Festive forecast for the 23 biggest Christmas Trends 2023!

1. Earthy Tones

Ornaments in rust, terracotta and brown demonstrate a key Christmas colour palette for 2023

Ornaments in rust, terracotta and brown – earthy tones are a key trend for 2023.

Woodland vibes remain one of the hottest Christmas trends for 2023.  So it’s no wonder that earthy tones will be key again this year. 

In addition to the more natural pared down brown and green palettes, expect to see warm rich rust, terracotta, and copper designs.  Perfect for showing off those mushrooms (see below!) and mythical woodland creatures.

2. Burgundy

A traditional Santa figurine in burgundy rides a white horse on a Christmas tree

Burgundy lends itself to traditional Christmas ornaments and designs with plenty of velvet, florals, and berries.

Burgundy is back!  Whilst recent years have seen lighter brighter reds at the fore, the deeper wine tone of Christmases past is making a strong comeback and bringing a whole host of nostalgia with it. 

Use abundantly with berry picks and poinsettia sprays, velvet ribbons and traditional icons such as Nutcrackers, classic instruments, and children’s toys to create a festive scene worthy of Dickens himself. 

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3. Festive Brights

Flocked tree covered in fun, rainbow-coloured decorations

From hot air balloons to rainbow hearts, anything goes with the festive brights theme.

It’s been growing in popularity, particularly since covid, and shows no sign of slowing.  Fun, jolly and unashamedly youthful, why not go all out with those festive brights?!

Teal, orange, lime green, bright pink and purple – a lighter variation to the traditional rainbow palette and positively full to the brim with celebratory vibes. 

You’re guaranteed to get the party started and bring a smile to the faces of all the young, and young-at-heart(!), with this ever-cheerful colour trend.

4. All The Pinks

Shades of Pink On A Tree at ChristmasWorld in Frankfurt

Shades of Pink On A Tree at ChristmasWorld in Frankfurt

Embrace your inner Barbie with this year’s Pinkmas trend! 

We’re crossing the tonal range – no longer is it just the lights or the darks.  Celebrating the full spectrum of the pink-purple colour palette, you’ll find trees adorned with ornaments from pale pink & coral through to deep raspberry & aubergine.

Not a fan of the pinks? Try mixing soft blues, teal and navy instead, or go all in on green.  It’s the breadth of tones that gives this aesthetic its depth and impact.

5. Icy Blues

Icy Blues Christmas Colour Trend for 2023

Icy Blue Christmas Colour Palette As Displayed By Kaemingk At Spring Fair 2023

It’s not hard to see why this snowy variation on the traditional Scandi colour palette is gaining in popularity.

Pale ice blue and navy tones are mixed with white, silver, pale gold, and cream to set the winter wonderland scene.  The perfect backdrop for cuddly polar friends, paper snowflakes and icicle crystals.

We particularly love the addition of highlights in clay, soft peach and mustard creating a wonderful balance of warmth for extra cosy appeal.  

Watch this space – we predict this’ll be one of the biggest Christmas Trends 2023…

6. Luxe Gold

Room decorated in gold, black and white elegant decorations.

Gold décor designs, such as this pared with black and white, always look elegant and classic,

A bit of glitz and glam for the festive season seldom goes astray!  And whilst there’s signs that silver is making a comeback, it’s still gold for the metallic win! 

Pair it with black for a truly luxurious design (perfect with crystals), white and cream for a softer feel, or shades of green for something just as elegant but with a more natural aesthetic.    

7. Peachy Pastels

Peach, gold and light green decorations suspended from ceiling wreath at Spring Fair 2023.

Peach and pale pink pastel decorations are popular colour choices for Christmas 2023.

Our love of a gentler pastel Christmas hasn’t gone away.  But we’re getting a bit more sophisticated with the design. 

This year it’s the peachy pinks and coral tones that will dominate, complemented by champagne golds, lilac, or mint green tones. 

This colour combination works fabulously with flocked trees and makes a beautiful fresh festive display.

8. Candy Cane Stripes

Red and white candy cane stripe decorations on tree, with elf legs and swirls of green.

Mischievous elves are the ideal partner for this red, white and green classic colour combination.

Not going away any time soon, the red and white candy cane stripe is back in full force for Christmas 2023.  

So whether it’s a Grinch & elvish Christmas of red, white and green, or a Scandi scene with red, white and gingerbread brown, this classic Christmas colour combination will be high on this year’s wish list.

Christmas Trends 2023: Styles

9. Texture

Feathered bird, glass ornaments, satin ribbon, fir, fabric, beads and glitter - more is more with the texture Christmas trend for 2023

More is more when it comes to texture this year as tactile trees are a key Christmas trend for 2023.

For Christmas 2023, it’s all about texture!

At every trade fair we visited and display we saw, trees were decorated top to bottom with a multitude of different materials.

Glass baubles of course, but also wood, paper, metal, felt, jute, faux fur, floral, frosted, feathered, tassels, velvet and glitter.  You name it, we saw it!

Anything goes and more is most certainly more.

We needn’t limit ourselves to just traditional decorations either.  Expect to see an increase in ‘non-ornament ornaments’.

Why not add a few soft toys to the tree, for example?  A great way to repurpose other items as festive décor and add more intrigue and size variation to our display.

It’s all about creating a tree that draws people in, that’s almost irresistible to touch, and with gawp-worthy detail. 

10. Paper Decorations

Green & White Paper Fan Decoration Display By Paper Fantasies seen by Hannah in Frankfurt February 2023

Paper Decoration Display By Paper Fantasies

Endlessly versatile and at the top of the sustainability list, it’s hardly surprising that the march of the paper decoration continues apace. 

Increasingly sophisticated in design now, you’ll find a huge range of multi-coloured baubles, hanging fans, garlands and even whole trees made from paper and card! 

And of course, paper decorations are the ultimate home crafters dream.

Ideal activity projects for hands large and small, everyone can get involved.  Remember those paper snowflakes and paper chains of our youth…?!  And have you got a quilling set gathering dust in the loft?  Now’s the time to get it out as we see ornate quilled designs seeing a resurgence too.

In addition to the classic paper designs, we noticed increasing numbers of straw and paper mâché decorations replacing mainstream plastic offerings.  No doubt these ranges will expand in coming years so watch this space.

11. Picks

Enormous tree trunk created from different natural Christmas picks

Dried flowers and grasses make fabulous natural picks to add colour and depth to décor designs.

There’s no such thing as too many picks this year and we’re loving it!  In our quest for texture on the tree, we’re looking beyond the baubles.  And anything goes – natural, vibrant, fluffy, sprayed, frosted, you name it!  More is more is the motto!

From florals and pampas grasses to pinecones and berries, there’s a pick for every palette and theme!  They are a great way to bulk out a tree that’s past its prime adding depth, texture, and colour to the creation.  And why not replace your angel / star tree topper with a spray of picks for an impactful modern finish too?

You could even forget the tree altogether and simply add a handful of beautiful picks to a jug or vase for a stunning display.  Great on a sideboard or as a table centrepiece!

12. Natural Christmas

Fir garland decorates Christmas table with fruit, pinecones and spices

Fir garland decorates the Christmas table together with fruit, pinecones and spices

Greenery will be everywhere for Christmas 2023! 

With a renewed appreciation of our green spaces since the pandemic, it’s no wonder that an abundance of natural, fragrant foliage is high on our Christmas wish list this year.  What’s more, it’s free and the ultimate eco-friendly décor!

In addition to foraged greenery, we’ll see plenty of pampas grass, other dried grasses, flowers, fruits, and spices featuring in festive displays.

13. Homemade Feel

Homemade red and white wrapping paper made by Hannah on gifts below Scandi style tree.

Homemade wrapping paper and handcrafted decorations give a wholesome thoughtful feel to the Christmas season.

We’re done trying to be perfect!  About time, we say!!! 

Getting the whole family involved, taking time to make decorations, food and gifts, and celebrating the messy chaos of Christmas is what it’s all about in 2023. 

(And after our stint on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas last year, we’re even more passionate about handmade festivities than we already were!!)

Partly of course it’s a cost-saving exercise.  Doubling up Christmas decorating and gifting as activities to keep the family entertained can help manage the expense of the season. 

But it also provides lots of magic memory making opportunities.  Plus, it’s great chance to get the creativity flowing, have a go at upcycling and repurposing, and learn or test out new skills.  

14. Alternative Christmas Trees

Collection of branches in large vase adorned with baubles in red, white and teal

Gather a collection of foraged branches and fir in a vase for a fabulous alternative to the traditional Christmas tree

Whether lead by a desire to save space, avoid temptation for pets and toddlers, eliminate dropping needle mess, or reduce environmental impact, alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree are on the rise.

For those eager to keep a real tree, there are increasing numbers of organisations offering rental or potted Christmas tree services. 

And if you’re in the market for something different, there’s an ever-growing range of beautiful designs available which pack away neatly for year-round storage too.  From striking heirloom wooden tree designs to rustic wall trees and metal tree-shaped stands to proudly show off those special ornaments. 

We’re seeing an increase in suspended horizontal wreaths as well, hanging above the table with ornaments cascading down below.  They make such a dramatic display without taking up precious floor space too!

Or simply add some fairy lights and a few baubles to a year-round home plant or some foraged bare branches instead. 

15. Year-Round Décor

Brightly coloured baubles hanging from a bare branch tree, perfect for any time of year

Repurposing Christmas Decorations for Year Round Display

Buy Once, Buy Better.  That’s the mantra for the decade. 

And it doesn’t stop for Christmas.  Using décor that can be repurposed throughout the year doesn’t just make cost sense, it makes environmental and space sense too.  So it’s small wonder more of us are going for this approach.

Redecorating wreaths and bare branch trees for Valentines, Easter and beyond.  Using paper decorations, fairy lights and even reusable crackers for birthdays, date nights and summer BBQs.  And investing in heirloom statement pieces which can be tweaked throughout the year to give a nod to the season.  

Christmas Trends 2023: Decorations

16. Mushrooms

Rows Of Glass Mushroom Ornaments at the Christborn Stand at ChristmasWorld - key Christmas Trend for 2023

Rows Of Glass Mushroom Ornaments – A Key Trend for Christmas 2023

If we were to pick one key trend for Christmas 2023, the mushroom would be it!

You heard it here first … this autumn icon has jumped season and will be EVERYWHERE this Christmas. 

Waving a festive wand over this fall staple means it’s no longer limited to just classic red & white toadstool or brown-capped form. 

We’ll see psychedelic colours, glittered, pinks, and every material too, from wood to felt, glass to ceramic. 

So whatever your Christmas theme this year, there’s mush-room for these fungi decorations (sorry, it had to be done!).

17. Woodland Creatures

Bottle brush deer pokes out from Christmas tree amongst berries, acorns and cones, as spotted by Hannah at Spring Fair 2023.

Bottle brush deer and other woodland creatures will be a popular Christmas décor addition this year.

The mushroom is just one of the many woodland icons that will be adorning our homes this winter.  Expect to see an abundance of forest creatures too, mythical and real.

Deer, hedgehogs, owls, squirrels, and foxes will all find their way Snow White-like into our living rooms.  You’ll find them hanging from the tree, nestled at its base, and on the sideboard too.  Eco-friendly bottle brush designs are particularly popular but, as with everything for 2023, any material is game!

And the gonk fans among us will be delighted to hear that these Nordic gnomes are not going anywhere.  With each passing year more and more gonk characters hit the market, so you’ll be sure to find a few to add to your collection. 

Not a fan of the gonk?  Sprinkle a little fairy dust instead.  Or tuck a few forest elves amongst the branches of a copper & green tree.  There is magic in these woods..!

18. Luxe Decor

Chanel-style shiny black handbag ornament hanging from stand

Chanel-style handbags are just one of the luxe ornament designs on offer this year

Whilst we may not be able to treat ourselves to all life’s luxuries in the real world that doesn’t stop us having them on the tree come Christmas! 

Think sparkle, crystal, and feathers for this Christmas 2023 trend in shades of gold, ivory, cream, and even shiny black.

Chandelier ornaments, perfect for reflecting that fairy light glow, with pearl and beaded details.  Harps, swans, grand pianos, ornate birdcages, and dancing figurines– icons of the wealthy upper class of bygone eras. 

For a touch of modern luxury try lipstick, stiletto, champagne, and cocktail decorations.  We even spotted an increasing number of Chanel handbags ornaments coming to market, ideal for any Coco lovers!

19. Snow Cosy

Wooden skis with faux fur detail from Festive hung from Christmas tree in icy blue and natural tones. Photographed by Hannah at Harrogate Christmas Trade Fair.

Wooden skis with faux fur detail create a rustic ski lodge scene set against icy blues and warm natural tones.

Who can resist a winter wonderland theme?!  And we’re loving this new cosy rustic take on the snowscape – one of the rising Christmas Trends 2023.

A matted Scandi vibe brings warmth and softness to the scene, with (seriously adorable) furry snow boot ornaments alongside pairs of skis, ice-skates, and light wood sledges.

Frosted blueberry picks and icicles are tucked between snow-capped decorations and create the perfect backdrop for some polar pals to join the festivities (think snowy owls, snow foxes and polar bears).

20. Flocked Trees

Flocked Christmas Trees

Ever Popular Flocked Christmas Trees Help Create A Winter Wonderland

Paring perfectly with the snowy and softer pastel colour palettes, our love of flocked trees is still going strong in 2023. 

These snow-dusted trees are perfect for living out our winter wonderland desires no matter the weather outside. 

They are also a wonderful way to breathe new life into an older tree and create a great canvas for showing off our favourite baubles.

21. Fluffy Stars

Fluffy Star Set Against An Ice-Blue Tree

Fluffy Stars Were Everywhere On The Christmas Trade Show Circuit For 2023!

As we continue to enjoy looking to the stars, the celestial trend shows no sign of abating. 

But in addition to the staple star at the top of the tree and a multitude of illuminated and metallic star-shaped decorations, the fluffy star will be making an appearance in our designs for 2023. 

Popping up in a host of light colours and sizes, this soft feel version pairs perfectly with our quest for texture and helps make cool coloured décor styles feel cosy and more tactile.

22. Sweet Treats

Scandi-style felt mice intermixed with baking ornaments to create a sweet treat Christmas tree design.

Scandi-style felt mice work perfectly with baking ornaments to create a tree full of festive fun and activity.

Whilst we mightn’t all be whizzes in the kitchen, it seems we cannot get enough candy canes, gingerbread, and cakes on our trees.  And this sweet treat theme continues to be a big décor trend for Christmas 2023!

One of its many appeals is its versatility. 

Traditionalist will enjoy abundant use of the classic red and white candy cane stripe and swirl, perhaps with pops of Grinchy green.

Baking enthusiasts will love creating cheerful scenes of red and white gingham, felt mice and gingerbread houses dotted with baking and sweet treat ornaments in metal, glass, and felt. 

And fans of festive brights can wave their colour wands to design a rainbow-filled sweet celebration with hot air balloons, circus icons, and toys aplenty added to the treats on display.  

23. Eclectic Vintage Designs

Box of vintage inverted Christmas baubles

Inverted Christmas baubles are making a strong comeback as we embrace generations of decorations.

Whilst we can hardly claim traditional Christmas as a new trend, the desire to rediscover those vintage decorations hidden in the family loft or sniff out preloved ornaments is rising in popularity. 

No longer is it all about the perfectly matched design.  We want intrigue and variety, and stories to share.  Trees full of memories, with decorations from across the decades or upcycled for a new lease of life. 

Back come the mid-century indented glass baubles and retro multi-coloured fairy lights, nestled amongst homemade creations and more modern purchases for a truly personal display.