Ready to refresh your festive décor? Discover the must-have Christmas Trends 2024 capturing our hearts this season!

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Christmas Trends 2024 as showcased with multicoloured disco balls, a fiesta of red, pink and other colour decorations with retro designs of analogue radios and sparkly colourful platform boot ornament on a Christmas tree.

With the constant stream of doom and gloom in the press, it’s no surprise we’re all eager to ditch the daily grind and add a sprinkle of North Pole magic to our lives for Christmas 2024.

This year’s hottest Christmas trends are as diverse as they come—from natural and nostalgic to glitzy fiesta. Upcycling, home crafting, and repurposing are still key as we aim to keep costs and our environmental footprint low, prioritising memories over perfection.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t add a dash of new to our winter wonderland! If you want to make your Christmas décor shine for 2024, read on.

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We’ve spent hours (okay, weeks!) visiting trade shows across the UK and beyond, attending trend talks galore, chatting with experts, and scouring every corner of the internet. All to bring you the latest Christmas décor trends.

From disco balls to retro folk art, paper decorations to iridescent illuminations, we’ve got everything you need to know. Plus, we reveal the 2024 Christmas colour trends to watch!

Here’s our Jolly Festive forecast for the 20 biggest Christmas Trends 2024!

Heavy Metal Festivities

Christmas tree covered in silver and gold decorations, oversized baubles, large floral picks and disco balls with more disco balls and disco stars hanging from the ceiling and a silver and gold wreath just visible to side.

Silver and gold trees with sparkle, shine and disco balls at APAC Harrogate Christmas Fair 2024.

Go metallic or go home – metal maximalists, this is your year! For Christmas 2024, it’s all about the sparkle. This trend invites you to lean into the lustre, whether you prefer pared-back elegance or full-on disco balls and sequin walls. Embrace classic gold for a timeless glow or set a wintry scene with silver. Or, as Burl Ives’ song says, do them both: ‘Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, everyone wishes for Silver and Gold.’

Trees decked out from top to bottom in shimmering décor will steal the show, with some even opting for metallic trees themselves. Iridescent decorations are making a splash, retro lametta is having a surprising comeback, and there’s glitter, tinsel, and sparkle everywhere. Plus, all that sheen pairs perfectly with the rising trend for all things disco (more on that below!).

From sophisticated shimmer to an all-out festive extravaganza, your holiday décor will dazzle like never before!

Whimsical Woodland

Christmas tree covered in decorations in olive greens, browns, orange and rust with paper flowers and woodland animals such as foxes and birds.

Woodland Themed Christmas Tree in earthy tones at Inges, ChristmasWorld 2024

The woodland continues to take centre stage.  Earthy tones of brown, rust, terracotta, and green create a rich backdrop for an abundance of forest creatures, both mythical and real.

Deer, hedgehogs, owls, squirrels, and foxes all find their way Snow White-like into our living rooms.  You’ll find them hanging from the tree, nestled at its base, and on the sideboard too.  Eco-friendly materials echo the woodland theme with designs in felt, wood, and bottlebrush particularly popular, alongside ornate painted glass. 

The gonk fans among us will be delighted to hear that these Nordic gnomes are going nowhere.  Not a fan of the gonk?  Sprinkle a little fairy dust instead.  Or tuck a few forest elves amongst the branches of a copper & green tree.  Be sure to prepare some mushroom homes for your mystical visitors.  There is magic in these woods!

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Retro Disco

Huge Christmas tree covered in colourful disco balls, pink analogue radios, electric guitars and sparkly platform boots for a truly retro disco 2024 Christmas trend inspired tree.

A riot of colour and fun with this retro disco Christmas trend as seen at Edelman, ChristmasWorld 2024.

It’s time to get your groove on, 70s-disco style!  Set to be one of the biggest and most playful Christmas trends 2024, we’re talking disco balls like you’ve never seen them before.  On the tree, from the ceiling, atop the sideboard, even as wreaths.  Silver, gold, black, green, pink -expect to see disco balls in every colour brightening up our living spaces.

The dancefloor icon will be joined by a host of other quirky mirrored designs.  Disco mushrooms, disco lips, disco wine coolers, disco everything in fact.  And it doesn’t stop there, with plenty more 70s emblems at the party too: platform boots, funky ‘shrooms, analogue radios, fringes and tassels galore!  Plus, ornaments with retro folk-art motifs in an array of colourful 70s inspired shades.  You’re sure to boogie on down this Christmas!

Festive Folksy

Christmas tree and traditional cart behind covered in folk art inspired decorations, ribbons and paper snowflakes all in bright colours of orange, red, purple, pink with touches of teal and green.

Colourful folk art decorations and ribbons from Gisela Graham at Harrogate Christmas Show 2024.

Embracing our renewed appreciation for slow living and traditional workmanship, we’ll be adorning our trees with beautifully ornate hand-crafted pieces for Christmas 2024. This festive trend celebrates our diverse cultural backgrounds, showcasing heritage art from around the globe and across the eras (if Taylor Swift can revisit hers, so can we!).

Expect bold colours, intricate patterns, and free-spirited expression, with influences from Aztec to African, Carnival to Classic Folk. Traditional, sustainable materials are key to this theme, so you’ll find plenty of wood, felt, straw, papier-mâché, and clay ornament designs.

These decorations are created to last a lifetime and be passed along to the next generation, creating a festive atmosphere that’s both timeless and heartfelt.

Candyland Christmas

A pastel candyland Christmas scene - popular Christmas Trend for 2024 - with flocked Christmas tree covered in pastel decorations with lollipops, ice cream cones and other sweet treats, and a white and wood cart to the side covered in bonbon and sweet treat decorations plus boxes overflowing with pastel Christmas treats and felt mice dotted on the floor.

Our love of Candyland sweet treat Christmas decorations grows each year as seen at CB Imports, Spring Fair 2024.

Continuing strong yet again, those Candyland decorations get bigger and bolder with each passing year.  Gingerbread, cupcakes, candy canes, macarons, you name it…!  All that sugary ‘goodness’ is headed to our trees once again for Christmas 2024. 

Amongst its many appeals is this theme’s versatility.  Traditionalists enjoy abundant use of the red and white candy cane stripe whilst baking enthusiasts lean into gingham and gingerbread with felt mice helpers.  Pinkmas lovers serve up all-pink afternoon tea designs and fans of festive brights wave their colour wands, adding rainbow-filled celebrations with childhood icons and toys dotted amongst the sweet treats.

Modern Nostalgia

Christmas tree decorated in traditional style decorations in white, red, green and natural tones with an illuminated star at top and gifts wrapped in blue, red and white paper below with candles and illuminated stars at its base, in front of a white fireplace with candles, stay and woven basket inside and natural wreath and garland above.

Beautifully decorated Christmas living room from Lights4Fun in shades of blue and green, and natural tones, with pops of cherry red ©Lights4fun Ltd.

Think the cosy, homespun charm of yesteryear, reimagined with modern elegance. This is our childhood Christmas, as seen through rose-tinted spectacles, blending the warmth of a Christmas tree farmhouse with the clean simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Heirloom-filled yet contemporary, plentiful yet pared back—Modern Nostalgia looks to merge both old and new. Combining Nordic understated elegance with the timeless appeal of New England Coastal style, this look is inviting, warm, and full of personal touches. Picture the quintessential Christmas (à la Nancy Meyers’ set creations in The Holiday).

Muted greens and blues with cherry red and teal accents set a cheerful tone against a serene backdrop of pale green, soft brown, white, and light wood.  Handcrafted ornaments, knitted stockings, and rustic wreaths emphasise authenticity over perfection. Forget stuffy, frilly, or overly fluffed—this is lived-in homestead comfort with a modern, airy twist.


Christmas tree in mirrored corner covered in Grinch soft toys and coloured lights and a Grinch head topper.

The trend of Grinch themed Christmas décor is more popular than ever this year.

He’s fun, he’s bold, he’s fabulously naughty, the Grinch’s heart may be two sizes too small but our love for all things Grinch continues to grow! 

This Christmas trend is as cheerfully festive as they come.  With its classic pairing of red and green, Grinchmas gives a playful flair to the season’s traditional colours.  Lime green and white brighten the palette and elfish friends join the festive fun.  Decorations are big and bold: elf boots, Santa’s belt, candy cane swirls, cheeky Christmas slogans.  Whilst festive characters peak between tree branches and hang onto poinsettias, holly, and sprays of bright red berries.

Tropical Tidings

Green palm tree shaped metal structure has a host of different green shade baubles and ornaments hanging on green ribbons from its hollow leaves.

This playful tropical Christmas vibe is set to be popular for Christmas 2024.

Who says Christmas trees have to be fir? Shedding the conventional tree, we’ve seen a delightful surge in alternative festive centrepieces in recent years. And with houseplants making a welcome return to our homes, jazzing up your spider plants or broad-leafed greenery for the holidays is a trend that’s growing like wild…well, plants!

As this more tropical festive décor takes root, a rich, luscious green palette showcase shades from deep forest green to light green tea. Go all-in on green or add a splash of colour with pink, purple, and gold. It’s all about creating a vibrant look that feels like a holiday in paradise.

And why stop there? Bring on the whimsy with butterflies, hummingbirds, and (of course!) mushrooms adorning your scenes. Exotic animals such as flamingos and leopards make their festive debut, replacing the usual robins and polar bears. And don’t forget those cocktails and paper fiesta details.  This playful, upbeat trend transforms your home into a tropical Christmas wonderland, proving that the holidays can be anything but traditional.

Ice Enchantment

White Christmas tree covered in blue, pink, white and crystal decorations with lots of ice inspired ornaments such as icicles, etc.

Ice White Christmas decorations will be a big trend for 2024 as seen at Kaemingk, Harrogate Christmas Fair.

Not a fan of the tropics at Christmas?  No problem.  Try a snow-white winter wonderland instead.

White sparkle might have taken a backseat in recent years, but for Christmas 2024, it’s back and glistening brighter than ever.  Capture the enchantment of a crisp, snowy winter’s day with every corner of your home shimmering in frosty delight. 

Spaces adorned with polar pals and delicate paper snowflakes, and trees dripping in icicles, crystals, and glass.  Iridescent decorations catch every glimmer of the fairy lights, twinkling like freshly fallen snow.  Flocked or even all-white Christmas trees provide the perfect backdrop for this serene snowscape.  Whilst ornaments in silver, blue, and even lilac enhance the wintry palette, adding depth and charm to the mesmerising polar scene.

Vintage Fusion

Christmas tree covered in traditional baubles with traditional patterns in red, white and other classic colours with two Christmas trains at its base and multicoloured Christmas lights.

A classically decorated tree from Neltuospazio at ChristmasWorld 2024 reminds us of the trend to thrift and rediscover vintage nostalgic ornaments from our youth.

Whilst we can hardly claim traditional Christmas as a new trend, the desire to rediscover those vintage decorations hidden in the family loft or hunt for preloved ornaments is making a strong comeback. This year, it’s not about a perfectly matched design; it’s about intrigue, variety, and stories to share.

Trees brimming with memories, adorned with decorations from across the decades or upcycled for a new lease on life. Out come the retro ceramic Christmas trees and iconic Santa designs, and back come the mid-century inverted glass baubles and Pickwick fairy lights. Embrace kitsch or classic, or a bit of both, and nestle these vintage finds among homemade creations and modern purchases for a truly personal display.

Yuletide Your Way

Woven basket with trailing ivy style plant covered in cheerful handpainted baubles and glass lemons showcases a different style of decorating for Christmas 2024.

Unique decorations repurposing year round décor with atypical colour palettes and alternatives to the traditional tree is an increasingly popular Christmas trend.

Time to throw out the Christmas rule book and embrace a holiday season that truly reflects your personal style. This is about doing Christmas your way, free from societal expectations and the festive traditions of your youth.

Driven by a desire for a lower environmental footprint, a need to reduce costs, or simply a wish to celebrate differently, there’s a growing trend towards alternative holiday celebrations. Think colours more festival than festive, repurposed everyday décor instead of made-for-Christmas items, and celebrations that reflect your wishes rather than expectations, shared with your chosen family -related or not!

Expect a riot of colour, year-round decorations, a mishmash of themes and styles, upcycled creativity, thought-led homemade gifting, and a whole host of fun. It’s your holiday, so make it uniquely yours!

More 2024 Christmas Trend Inspiration

These trends have popped up time and again at trade fairs and industry talks and will be making their way into homes for Christmas 2024. Whether it’s a particular motif or material, these little gems are sure to find their spot in this year’s designs. They might not be as widespread as the main themes, but they have a dedicated fan base and will add a fun twist to festive décor.

Plus, we highlight shifts in decorating ethos that are changing the way we prep for the holiday season in 2024—it’s time for a shake-up!

Iridescent Illuminations

Crystal-esque reindeer full size LED iridescent light with various iridescent star decorations hanging above and a selection of other decorations to the sides.

Iridescent illuminated characters will brighten December nights for 2024.

Iridescent LED decorations are set to be a huge trend this Christmas, and it’s easy to see why. These lightweight, eye-catching pieces conjure up feelings of magic and snow, perfect for brightening a winter’s night.  

Available in every size, shape, and festive icon imaginable, they were unmissable at this year’s trade fairs.  Accompanied by a host of other iridescent crystal designs, from snowflakes to tree picks, they add a mesmerising touch to any décor. 

We can’t help but question the plastic they’re made from so let’s hope their popularity and durability stands the test of time for repeated use.


Light blue bow ornament with diamante centre on pine Christmas tree with other blue and gold ornaments visible.

Adding bow details to Christmas décor will be a popular trend for 2024.

Bows and Christmas have always gone hand in hand. But thanks to the Barbiecore and Coquette aesthetics of 2023, they’ve been elevated to a new level, enhancing any festive décor moment. They can be young and fun or elegant and opulent, small and delicate or big and bold, home-tied or preformed, floppy or structured—anything goes!

Whether you add a little bow accent to your design or go all out with bows everywhere, they’re sure to bring a cute finishing touch to every Christmas scene.

Enchanted Mushrooms

Silver and gold disco-ball style mushrooms with a small disco ball and gold and silver sequin wall behind.

Disco Mushrooms will be just one of the multitude of mirrored disco ball inspired decorations we will see for Christmas 2024.

Not going anywhere anytime soon, mushrooms will be a huge Christmas trend again for 2024. 

Waving a festive wand over this fall staple means it’s no longer limited to just classic red & white toadstool or brown-capped form. We’ll see psychedelic colours, disco-mirrored, glittered, pink, green… from wood to felt, glass to ceramic, you name it! Whatever your Christmas theme this year, there’s mush-room for these fungi decorations (sorry, it had to be done!).

Chinoiserie Christmas

Wreath in shades of blue, gold and cream with ornament decorated cake and owl ornaments and luxe ribbon on a pale blue wall with three tables below showcasing a selection of Chinoiserie decorations from delicately painted white and blue baubles to Chinese traditional house ornaments and ginger jars etc.

Chinoiserie decorations at Goodwill, ChristmasWorld 2024.

Chinoiserie Christmas is having a moment thanks to our Bridgerton-inspired daydreams.  Featuring delicate painted details, this trend draws upon vintage French Regal and Chinese Dynasty styles -ornate floral motifs, trees, and birds, often gilded for extra decadence. 

Expect plenty of blue and white porcelain with accents of pink, red, and green tea. Lacquered wood, silk, and velvet add a touch of elegance and regency, perfect for welcoming Penelope and Colin to your festive celebrations.

Fluttering Festivities

Baby pink velvet butterfly ornament with sequin details on a flocked Christmas tree with lace ribbon visible.

Butterflies look set to be popular additions for our Christmas décor this year.

Love is like a butterfly, and these flutterbys are making their mark this Christmas, enjoying renewed popularity since their Y2K days. As life becomes more challenging, we seek out the butterfly for its symbolic hope and positivity.

Butterflies appeared at every event we attended, transcending this year’s main themes in a whole host of colours and styles. With their evergreen charm, these delicate beauties add joy to any tree and make great year-round decorations, not just at Christmas.

Paper Creations

Staircase covered in honeycomb paper ornaments down the banister in orange, purple, blues and blush pink with a chair in front and small gold side table covered in more paper decorations with two larger honeycomb trees to the side and a satin orange ruffled rug below.

Eco-friendly, versatile paper decorations are perfect for repurposing for year round celebrations.

Endlessly versatile and a sustainability winner, the popularity of paper decorations continues apace. Increasingly sophisticated designs are hitting the market, including multi-coloured honeycomb ornaments, vases (yes, that’s right!), and even whole trees made from paper and card. We’ve also spotted a resurgence in ornate quilled décor designs.

Perfect for home crafters and hands large and small, there’s myriad fun paper projects to try too – paper chains, snowflakes, stars, you name it!

Sustainable Celebrations

Christmas tree covered in decorations made from sustainable materials such as wood, paper, straw, bottlebrush, etc. with kraft paper wrapped gifts at its base and a wood burner in a fireplace to the side with foliage garland and wreath on exposed brick wall above and a sheepskin rug on the floor.

Selecting decorations made from eco friendly materials is increasingly important to many of us.

Keeping with eco considerations, our effort to reduce plastic décor has brought a variety of natural materials to the fore.

Think ornaments in papier-mâché, felt, and straw; rattan tree collars and light-up decorations; paper snowflakes in faux wood patterns; hessian ribbon and bows; and wood-beaded garlands. The creativity from manufacturers in this space is truly inspiring.

Quirky Christmas

Flocked Christmas tree covered in glass food ornaments, from slices of cake on a plate to lollipops, gumball machines, donuts, etc.

Enjoying sharing our passions and favourite items on our trees with a personalised decoration collection is a popular trend for Christmas.

The Quirky Christmas trend has been around for a while but continues to grow. Add personality to our Christmas décor with pieces that tell our story and share our passions.

From eye-catching statement ornaments and tongue-in-cheek festive (and even anti-festive) humour to a continued love of food baubles—ranging from sushi to afternoon tea, espresso to cocktails.  Unique décor that is intriguing, unorthodox, and full of festive fun.

Handmade Holidays

Christmas tree covered in felt gingerbread ornaments together with homemade air dry clay decorations, paper decorations and a selection of other red and white designs and with gifts wrapped in homemade cookie cutter red and white wrapping paper at its base.

Homemade decorations continue to be a huge focus for Christmas 2024.

We’re done trying to be perfect! About time, we say!! This year let’s embrace the messy chaos and involve the whole family in prepping for Christmas 2024.

Doubling up decorating and gifting as fun family activities helps manage seasonal expenses while providing a chance to upcycle, repurpose, and test out new skills. Let’s get back to basics and celebrate the joy of creativity and togetherness this holiday season.

So which of these Christmas trends 2024 will you be embracing?  We’d love to know your favourites.  Want to know more about this year’s trending festive colours – we’ve got the lowdown.

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