For all the Wordle fans out there, why not add a daily Christmas Wordle Challenge to your December tea breaks?

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Christmas Wordle Game

Have you done today’s Wordle yet?  Then why not get a little extra word game fix with our Christmas wordle challenge!

The perfect Christmas game for the school classroom or office party, or a different festive activity to enjoy with the family at home!

We’ve created a list of 27 five-letter Christmas words, ideal for making your own Wordle Daily Challenge.  We explain how below.

And with over 25 words in the list this is just calling out to be made into a homemade advent calendar!  Give your friends and family a new Christmas wordle challenge each day in December, right up to Christmas Day itself!

What’s more, we’ve designed a free printable Wordle board that you can use to play a pen-and-paper version of the game too if you’d prefer.

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We have two ideas for how to play Christmas Wordle:

1. Firstly we have converted Wordle into a traditional pen-and-paper game.  This would be a brilliant end-of-term Christmas activity in school or as an icebreaker at a work Christmas event.

2. Alternatively we share a link to a FREE simple website where you can create your own custom Wordle to share with friends and family online.

One point to note:  In both versions of the game, the end word is a Christmasy 5-letter word.  However players do not need to be limited to festive words only when starting / guessing.  That would definitely be the ‘killer level’ equivalent!!

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Pen & Paper Wordle Game

This is a great two-person game.  Print out our FREE Wordle game sheet below.  And grab two coloured pens (we suggest red and green for extra festive flair!).

Person 1 is the Wordle Master.  They choose a 5-letter festive word.  Use our list of 5-letter Christmas words below to help you.

Person 2 is the Player.  They start things off by writing any 5-letter word of their choice into the top row of the game sheet.  Note: This word does not have to be festive!

The Wordle Master then ‘marks’ the word:

  • Any correct letters in the right place are circled in green.
  • Any correct letters in the wrong place are circled in red.
  • Remaining letters are left untouched but the same letters can be struck through in the keyboard at the bottom of the board as they are no longer possible answers.

Using this information, the Player tries a second word in row 2.  And again the Wordle Master marks the guess.

And so it continues until either:

  • The Player gets the word correct – all letters are circled green!  Player wins!
  • The Player runs out of rows.  Wordle Master wins!

FREE Printable Wordle Game Sheet

Create Your Own Wordle

If you’d prefer to set your friends and family an online Christmas Wordle challenge, then we highly recommend using this website by Strive Math to create a link to your very own free custom Wordle.

This would be a perfect game to share over Social Media!  Or you could send a custom Christmas wordle game as an alternative to Christmas cards this year!

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Christmas Wordle Advent Calendar

Christmas Wordle would make a fabulously fun homemade advent calendar for a puzzle loving friend or family member!

Simply use a different Christmas word from the list below each day.  Either send them your custom-made electronic wordle link, or take five minutes to sit down and play the pen-and-pencil game.  

This would make a wonderful Christmas tutor time activity at school, or a brilliant advent calendar for a loved one further afield.  

Or you could even set up the daily wordle challenge as an alternative to Christmas cards for this year.

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27 Five-Letter Christmas Words

We’ve pulled together a list of 27 Christmas words, ready for you to use.  Some are quite straightforward and others are really going to test your opponent’s Wordle powers (myrrh anyone…?!)

  1. Angel
  2. Bells
  3. Bough
  4. Candy
  5. Carol
  6. Cheer
  7. Claus
  8. Comet
  9. Crown
  10. Cupid
  11. Elves
  12. Fairy
  13. Frost
  14. Gifts
  15. Glove
  16. Gnome
  17. Green
  18. Holly
  19. Jolly
  20. Merry
  21. Movie
  22. Myrrh
  23. Santa
  24. Scarf
  25. Snowy
  26. Vixen
  27. White
5-letter Christmas Words

One Last Thought

If you know a Wordle fan who would love to extend the fun year round, we would highly recommend the following gifts too:

1.  The perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift!  This Wordle book would be great for keeping fans occupied on trips or just for an extra daily Wordle fix!

2. Wordle has many similarities with classic code breaking game Mastermind.  So this would make a super gift for a puzzle-loving fan (and just happens to be my favourite game of all time!)

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Hope you enjoy our Christmas wordle challenge.  Let us know which word was the trickiest for your friends and family!


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