Well we haven’t done this before!  Who’s ready for a football Christmas World Cup double celebration?

Christmas World Cup Football 2022

Talk about all the excitement coming at once.  After what’s felt like an eternity of debate and hype, the first ever winter World Cup is almost here.  If you have a footie fan in your house, you may be wondering how to juggle the annual festivities with football fever. 

Read on for five ways to strike the balance on this football Christmas countdown.

(Pun intended of course!)

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First things first … do the World Cup and Christmas really coincide?

Yes!  The final match will be played on Sunday 18 December, exactly one week before Christmas Day.

Both England and Wales are due to play their first game on Monday 21 November.  And of course there’s that all important Wales vs England Group B match on Tuesday 29 November.  

By the time we start the round of 16, we’ll already be on the third door of our advent calendars.  So whilst interest will inevitably depend on which teams are doing well, there is little doubt that we’re looking at a very football focussed Christmas countdown this year.  So why not embrace this once-in-a-lifetime double whammy?!

Christmas Decorations With Football Photo

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5 Ways To Celebrate The Christmas World Cup

1. Show Off Your Team Support

Make sure everyone knows which team you’re supporting with tailored festive décor!

Fortunately most world flags have 2-3 contrasting colours, lending themselves perfectly to a colour palette for your Christmas décor!  And for those supporting the British teams, England and Wales could hardly have more Christmassy colours if they tried.  Buddy the elf would be so proud of our two national candy-cane-toned teams!

Check out our decorating tips for English and Welsh team supporters below.

2. Embrace The Ball!

Rather than supporting a particular country, why not pay homage to the game itself with a black and white décor theme?

As well as black and white baubles, you could even put a couple of footballs and some old (clean!) boots in the tree for show-stopping oversized centrepieces! 

(Make sure they are nestled well towards the trunk and either fix in place with transparent thread, or manoeuvre nearby branches to hold them in place.)

Football Themed Christmas Tree

3. Family Match Time!

As we all know from TV show Friends, football and Thanksgiving go together like Santa and reindeer.

So why not extend the tradition and work off some of that Christmas dinner with a family five-a-side game in your local park?

You could even get team shirts (like these) made for the occasion to truly bring that festive spirit to the pitch!

Christmas World Cup Football with Santa Hat

4.  Foodie Footie!

Merge game and Christmas parties and enjoy watching the match whilst catching up with family and friends.

What about a snow-ball theme for your festive table?  Or simply festive-up your usual football favourites … turkey pizza anyone?

Check out our favourite ideas for World Cup party food here.  We’ve got a whole host of match friendly festive snack ideas for you!

Christmas Football Party Ideas

15 of our favourite food and activity ideas for a Christmas football party!

5.  Football Fan Gift Inspiration!

With football fever gripping the country, sport-related gifts will no doubt be in high demand this Christmas.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Gift Guide for the Football Fanatic – we’ve got everything from stocking fillers and secret Santa ideas to larger thoughtful gifts.

Gifts For The Football Fanatic

We share the best gifts to give football fans this year!

World Cup Football Christmas Decorations For England & Wales Supporters

Is 2022 going to be the year for the British National Teams?  Can England do a double and follow the women’s Euro success with a World Cup win too?  Or will it be Wales who bring it home in their first World Cup finals in over 60 years?  It feels like we’re tempting fate just talking about it right now, doesn’t it?!

Red and White Christmas Tree

Whilst being a British national team supporter isn’t always the easiest thing, when it comes to festive football décor, it’s a match made in heaven!

With the red and white of the England flag, and additional festive green for Wales, candy canes and traditional Christmas colour décor double up perfectly as patriotic support!

So get rummaging through your ornament collection and pull out all the red, white (and green) you have ready to go World Cup Christmas decorating crazy!

7 Christmas World Cup Decorating Tips for England and Wales Fans

Here’s our decorating tips for how to show your national support!

  1. Go to town with red, white (& green) baubles on your tree, in garlands and wreaths. We recommend popping a bit of silver in there too for extra festive sparkle!
  2. Or use a flocked (snow-tipped) tree and add whatever classic red (& green) decorations you have at home. Spray or paint old decorations, foraged pine cones, etc. to save buying new.
  3. Use a flag as a unique tree topper.
  4. Add a homemade pom pom Christmas wreath to your door.
  5. Fill bowls and vases with candy canes and peppermint swirls.
  6. Create paper stars from striped candy bags – red and white for England supporters and a mixture of red & white and green & white for Wales of course. 
  7. Create a table top pom pom Christmas tree from red, white (& green) yarn.

Candy Cane Pom Pom Wreath

Get our tutorial and learn how to make your very own national colours pom pom wreath!

One Last Find!

For the England supporters … we happened to spot that John Lewis has this fantastic red and white bauble range new for 2022.  Coincidence?!  We’re not sure. 

This wonderfully cheery bauble wreath would look stunning on a front door or wall.  A brilliant way to show your support and celebrate the festive feels all in one go!  (There’s a matching bauble tabletop tree and garland if you fancy really going to town too!)  

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Tell us how you’re planning to add some football to your festivities as we all enjoy this rather unique Christmas World Cup!  Now excuse us as we warm up our vocal chords …

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