Creative Ways to Give Money or Gift Cards

Whether it’s because it’s what they’ve asked for, because it’s what they will appreciate most, because you’re isolating and can’t get to the shops, or because, despite trawling through every gift guide known to mankind, you still can’t find the perfect gift, sometimes cash or gift cards are just the way to go! But, when it comes to presenting your generous gift, it can be a struggle to make it look enticing under the tree. So, we’ve gathered together a selection of our favourite creative ways to give money and gift cards. Now, you can ensure your gift is truly eye-catching and full of personal thought too!

Here’s our top ten ideas for creative ways to give money and vouchers.

Sweet Jar with a Hidden Surprise

My Home Based Life Hidden Gift Mason Jar DIY
Image Credit: My Home Based Life

We love the idea of concealing money inside a mason jar filled with sweets.

Use the inner tube from a toilet roll or wrapping paper, cut to size. We suggest covering this with tin foil, for hygiene reasons (as you’ll have unwrapped sweets right against the tube) but also to make it harder to spot the concealed gift! If adding a gift card rather than cash or a voucher, you can squeeze the tube into an oval shape which should give space to slot the card inside. Once you have positioned the tube in the middle of the jar, fill around it with your loved one’s favourite sweets.

If you’re concerned that your lucky recipient may miss the hidden gift altogether, add a little note or poem on a label with a ribbon to ensure they double check the contents!

A set of baubles

Laser Craft Shapes Christmas Bauble £1 Holder
Image Credit: Laser Craft Shapes

If you would like to give coins rather than notes or gift cards, why not create a set of particularly special Christmas icons! The coin holder above is a fabulously quirky reusable ‘gift card’ which comes in a host of different festive shapes and can be purchased with a stand as well.

However, we also think you could create a lovely DIY version of your own. Print out or draw a set of baubles on a piece of card. Colour them in and then decorate with metallic spots courtesy of a selection of shiny coins!

Inside a bauble

Family Mementos Christmas Money Ornaments
Image Credit: Family Mementos

Up the ante from 2D to 3D by filling a bauble ornament for your loved one’s tree!

You can buy empty baubles very easily both online and in the shops. Why not fill one with a mixture of sweets, festive confetti and money to make a gorgeous gift for your loved one? You could add their name to the outside of the bauble too.

Then either wrap the bauble, hang it on the tree or leave on their place setting for Christmas dinner instead of (or even in addition to!) having crackers.

Not Just A Box Of Chocolates

Life as Mom Better Than A Box of Chocolates
Image Credit: Life as Mom

What’s better than a box of chocolates? What about a box of cash?

You can either use a chocolate box you’ve already enjoyed or buy an empty one specifically for this purpose. We would suggest a mixture of real and chocolate coins – it is Christmas after all! And perhaps you could add a few chocolates in the box as well (just in case your recipient really was looking forward to diving in after dinner!).

Christmas Money Tree

Then She Made The Money Tree
Image Credit: Then She Made

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, except perhaps at Christmas!

Get the tutorial for this brilliant money tree here.

Maze Card

There are various maze puzzles available on the market which are a great option for gift cards in particular. Whilst these are a bit of an investment, they can be used repeatedly and so may be worth the initial outlay. We particularly like the one pictured here by DZine but there are others on the market too.

Pizza Cash Gift

Thrifty Fun Pizza Cash Gift
Image Credit: Thrifty Fun

Do you have a pizza-loving recipient? Present your gift as ‘a little extra dough’ for a great talking point!

Gift Card Menu or Frame

If you’re planning to give a selection of gift cards to one person, or gift cards to multiple members of the same household, why not present them as a menu or on a corkboard frame?

Cash Wrapped Chocolates

She's Crafty Money Wrapped Chocolates
Image Credit: She’s Crafty

This is a Christmas Selection Box with a difference! Gather a handful of your loved one’s favourite chocolates. Secure a note around a bar or two at a time with ribbon and put them together in a clear bag or displayed in a basket.

Snowglobe Gift Card

Baked Bree Snowglobe Gift Card
Image Credit: Baked Bree

This cute snowglobe gift card is two gifts in one! Create an adorable little homemade decoration for your loved one and add an extra special treat inside as well! Get the tutorial here.

We hope you found our ten creative ways to give money and gift cards useful. Let us know other inventive ways you have treated your loved ones with these generous gifts!

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