Wondering what to do with your empty mason jars or jam jars?  Don’t throw them away.  Here’s 43 cute mason jar Christmas gift ideas and crafts.

Mason Jar With Fake Snow At Base and small Bottlebrush Christmas Tree inside and ribbon detail around the lid on white surface with angel decoration hanging on wall behind.

Mason and jam jars have got to be some of the most versatile items we have in our home!  They’re perfect for creating unique gifts, cute decorations and adding special extra touches at Christmas time and beyond.

From DIY mason jar gift ideas that your friends and family will adore to simple décor tricks to brighten up your home, there’s no shortage of creative ideas for putting these old jars to good use.  Check out our 43 best mason jar gift ideas, décor tricks, everyday uses and more.

Looking for more eco Christmas inspiration?  We’ve got all sorts of ideas to help create a sustainable celebration for your festivities.

1. Cookie Jar Gifts

Cookie Jar Sprinkle Cookies with Jar

Recipes in jars make fabulous gifts.  Ideal for kids, or foodies, or anyone really!  Layer the dry ingredients required in the jar and add a gift tag with the recipe and other ingredients required. 

It’s not just cookie jars that work well.  You can do the same for cupcakes, brownies, tray bakes, … any tasty treats really!  Try our Cookie Jar Sprinkle Cookies with free printable gift tag.

2. Sweetie Jar

Fill the jar with a friend’s favourite sweets or chocolates.  Add a cute bow and gift tag for a super simple gift you know will be appreciated (it’s got to be one of the easiest last-minute gifts!).

3. Hidden Money Candy Jar

Creative Ways To Gift Money & Gift Cards - jar filled with sweets and some banknotes with star lights

For an extra edge and bigger gift, why not put some rolled bank notes, a gift card, or tower of coins in the middle of the jar before filling it.  A fun way to present a cash gift.  The question is … do you tell them what’s inside?!

4. Chocolate ‘Bouquet of Roses’

A charming small chocolate bouquet made with Cadbury Roses, featuring an array of shiny colourful wrappers nestled in pink tissue paper, with a backdrop of twinkling lights from a Christmas tree and with scattered Roses chocolates to fore.

Upping the ante on the sweetie jar, why not create a cute bouquet of their favourite chocolate mini treats?  We love doing this with Roses chocolates – you can’t go wrong with Cadbury and we love the play on words with a Bouquet of Roses.  Use cocktail sticks, paper tape and something to secure the chocolate sticks in place – check out our tutorial for easy steps to make yours

5. Jar of Reindeer Noses

A cute variation on the sweet treat jar is to create a jar full of ‘reindeer noses’.  A fabulous party favour or gift for kids.  Or indeed a handmade gift from the kids.

Fill the jar predominantly with Maltesers (or equivalent).  Add just a few red (or red foil wrapped) chocolate balls of a similar size to the jar for Rudolph – readily available on Amazon and often in shops during the Christmas countdown.  Add a label to the jar to explain what’s inside, or even decorate with reindeer antlers, eyes, and a red pom pom nose for the cutest mason jars! 

6. Candle

Turn your empty jam jar into a candle.  Perfect for using up old wax odds and ends, melted down and poured to set into the jar.  Add a few drops of seasonal essential oils.  Or their favourite scents for cute Christmas gifts.

7. Tealight Holder

Rather than filling the jar with wax, why not decorate the outside and add a tealight inside.  Use mod podge glue and Epsom salts for a simple snowy effect on the outside of the jar.  Make it more intricate by cutting out shapes to cover bits of the jar whilst ‘snowing’, leaving peekaboo sections in the glass. 

8. Floating Candle Decoration

An alternative to the tealight ‘hurricane’ would be creating floating candle decorations.  Add a few seasonal items such as evergreen sprigs, cranberries, orange slices, etc.  Fill the jar with water and place a tealight or small floating candle on the very top.

9. Matchstick Holder

For smaller jam jars (or even spice jars), turning them into a matchstick holder is a great option.  Fill the jar with matchsticks of your choice and add a strike pad to the base of the jar.  Great for your own sideboard or a great idea to add a personal touch to a candle gift.

10. Fairy Night Light

Mason jar filled with star shaped lights on a surface with a wooden Christmas tree garland to side.

Super simple but very cute!  Add a small chain of fairy lights on clear or thin wire to a jar for a sweet little night light.  You can always hide the battery pack in some Epsom salts at the bottom.  Or decorate the jar to give a softer light and hide the contents.  Perfect on the bedside table, sideboard, as part of a table centrepiece, even hung in the Christmas tree.  They make easy handmade gifts to share too.

11. Table Centrepiece

Gather a few mason jars to create a simple but eye-catching table centrepiece.  Use a series of identical mason jars, or mix and match all kinds of jars for a more rustic look.  Fill the jars with decorations of your choosing to match your overall décor theme:

  • Foraged foliage such as evergreen sprigs and holly
  • Seasonal fruits like cranberries and oranges
  • Candles secured in Epsom salts or faux snow
  • Small Christmas decorations and fairy lights

12. Snow Globe

Make your old jam jar into a snow globe.  Turn it upside down and create a small wintry scene on the underside of the lid.  Add a small bottle brush tree, small snowman ornament, or even little ceramic house. 

Sprinkle some Epsom salts or fake snow over the scene to fill the remainder of the underside of the lid and give a snowy finish to the scene.  Screw the jar back on top of the lid to complete the snow globe and add other final touches such as ribbon or twine.

13. Candy Cane Decoration

Candy Cane Seeds

Line a jam jar with candy canes for a cute, easy decoration.  Face each candy cane outwards so that all the curved tops hang over the edge of the jar.  You could even fill the centre of the jar with other sweets.  So simple yet brilliantly festive and pretty.

14. Mini Christmas Tree

Paint a larger mason jar and fill it with some foraged evergreen branches.  Add a few fairy lights and ornaments and you’ll create a mini Christmas tree effect.  Perfect for the sideboard. 

15. Small Flower Vase

Jam jars are perfect alternatives to vases for smaller floral displays.  Either add a few sprigs to each of several jars or fill one jar with water and lots of flower heads for beautiful fragrant design.

Or get the kids to decorate the jar with glass pens and add some flowers for a gorgeous grandparent gift or thank you gift for their teacher.

16. Christmas Potpourri

Fill a mason jar with dried seasonal items for a homemade Christmas potpourri jar.  Think dried orange slices, star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, dried pine sprigs or rosemary.  Great for your own hallway or bathroom, or as a thoughtful host(ess) gift when visiting friends and family over the holidays.

17. Popcorn Treats

Fill your mason or jam jar with popcorn kernels.  Add to a bigger movie night hamper gift.  Or ‘pop’ a small mason jar or sachet alongside with popcorn flavourings or toppings for a really cute holiday gift.  Why not try the Christmas dinner popcorn seasoning we shared with Kirstie Allsopp on UK Channel 4’s Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas?

18. Dip Mix Gift

Continuing with the seasoning theme, rather than flavouring for popcorn, reuse a small jam jar for a dip seasoning mix.  This would make a great homemade advent calendar treat.  Or host(ess) gift when joining friends for an evening. 

19. Salad Dressing Shaker

We both use a jam jar in which to make salad dressing.  Do you too?  Not particularly exciting, we understand, but it’s a great way to put an old jar to good use.  And whilst we’re on the subject, may we recommend our winter butternut squash salad.  The dressing is lip-smackingly good!

20. Herb Homes

Three mason jars filled with soil and herbs, basil and rosemary against a white brick wall backdrop.

Old mason jars are perfect containers in which to grow herbs, ready for all the Christmas feasting and beyond.  Set each jar up with one of your favourites and create your very own bespoke herb garden!

21. Extra Glasses For The Holidays

Jam jars work brilliantly as spare drinking glasses over the holiday season when you’ve got extra guests.  Save money and avoid single-use products by keeping your finished mason jars on the run up to the holidays.

They will look fabulous lined up by the water jug or cocktail ingredients.  You could even decorate them for extra festive flair and special occasions.  For example, Santa belts on jars for a North Pole Breakfast.

Provided you keep the lids you can simply reuse the glasses once again in a different way come the end of the holidays.

22. Turkey Stock Storage

Speaking of after Christmas, old mason jars are the perfect container in which to store homemade turkey stock after the big day. 

23. Homemade Jam

Christmas Jam on Bread

The most obvious use for an old jam jar – storing homemade jam!!  And homemade jam makes a fabulous edible gift.  Or just add some to the breakfast table over the festive season and make your guests feel especially well looked after.

24. Homemade Chutney

Chutney on a plate with jars

More of a savoury tooth?  What about homemade chutney instead?  Old jam jars are the perfect container of course once again.

25. Homemade Granola

Cranberry & Chocolate Granola in gift bag

A larger mason jar makes the perfect container for homemade granola.  Add a label and some finishing touches to the jar to make cute food gifts.  Check out our free printable Christmas gift tag with ingredients for a Blue Peter style ‘one we prepared earlier’. 

26. Baking Kit Mason Jar Gift

Rather than adding the finished product to the jar, what about gifting a jar full of cute baking equipment?  Wooden spoon, spatula, cookie cutters, rolled up tea towel – whatever you fancy.  You could decorate and personalise the jar too so that it becomes a utensil jar and part of the gift too.

27. Craft Hobby Gift Jar Idea

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be food related goodies in a jar gift!  Mason jar Christmas gifts work brilliantly for all sorts of hobbies.  For needlework enthusiasts, why not add needles, thread, buttons, etc.  For more general crafters, scissors, beads, fabric, and other crafting equipment could be great additions.  Tailor the contents to match your lucky recipient’s preferences and have fun finding items that will fit comfortably in the jar. 

28. Bird Feeder

Fill an old jam jar with bird seed and hang it on one of your garden trees.  Great for looking after feathered friends in the winter months and fun for bird watching from your window too.  A lovely project to enjoy with little ones as well and great opportunity to teach them about the wildlife in your neighbourhood.

29. Date Night Jar Gift

Old jam jars are perfect for filling with date night ideas!  Gift your other half a month (or year!) of fun thoughtful date nights to pick at random from a decorated jar.  A brilliantly personal gift.

30. Mindfulness Jar

Jar containing small messages of self-care inspiration - mindful moments - with candle behind, small vase of white flowers and a soft fleecy white throw.

Date nights are great.  But what about focussing on some self-care instead?!  Fill a jar with ideas for mindful moments and carve out some time each day for you.  Our mindfulness advent calendar ideas could easily be cut up and put into a mindfulness jar.  For something that extends beyond Christmas try our winter mindful moments.

31. Advent Calendar Activities Jar

For a more family focussed option, what about filling a mason jar with fun ideas for festive activities to enjoy together during the Christmas countdown.  Print out vouchers for the activities or handwrite them on Christmas tags. Get the kids involved in decorating the jar.  Using it year on year would make for a fantastic festive tradition.

32. Christmas Movies Lucky Dip

Why not have each member of the household add their favourite Christmas movies to an old jar and select one at random each evening to enjoy together.  Use our Christmas movie advent calendar suggestions if you need some inspiration. 

33. Mason Jar Advent Calendar

If you’re up for a bigger project, why not create a complete homemade advent calendar from 24 jars?  Decorate the jars to match for wow factor and then enjoy finding treats to add to each day. Imagine how brilliant it will look on the sideboard!

34. Jarful of Messages

Similar to a happiness jar, what about collecting messages in an old mason jar from family and friends, either to gift to someone special or from which to share messages around the Christmas table.  We think this would make a fabulous annual tradition. 

It can be tailored to all sorts of occasions as well – a thoughtful gift for an older relative, a cute mother’s or father’s day treat, or even a great class group thank you teacher gift, especially if the jar was decorated to use as a pencil pot afterwards.

35. Desk Organiser

Speaking of a pencil pot, what about creating a desk tidy from an old jam jar?  Decorate and personalise it, and perhaps treat yourself or any lucky gift recipient to a couple of new pieces of stationery to go inside. 

36. Colouring Pot

For artists, young and young-at-heart, a mason jar filled with crayons or colouring pencils would make a great gift.  Add a beautiful sketchpad or colouring book alongside for a complete gift. 

37. Spa In A Jar

Treat someone to some me-time and pampering with a ‘Spa In A Jar’.  Add all sorts of spa-themed goodies to an old jam jar for a lovely gift.  Think nail file, hand cream, sample or travel sized toiletries, nail polish, etc.

38. Body Scrub

Homemade Peppermint & Lavender Foot Scrub

Make the gift even more thoughtful with a homemade body scrub.  Our DIY lavender and peppermint salt foot scrub is perfect for decanting into mason jars for gifting.  Add a little scoop to complete the gift.  Or add the scrub to larger spa gift baskets. 

39. Bath Salts

Instead of a foot or hand scrub, what about homemade bath salts?  Just as indulgent, enjoy adding pretty dried petals and their favourite scent to the salts for the ultimate personalised treat. 

40. Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Fill a mason jar with a homemade hot chocolate mix for a tasty gift.  Top with marshmallows if you’d like and consider adding a seasonal mug.  (Try to find a jar that fits into the mug for cute presentation). 

41. Hot Chocolate Station Toppings

Old jars are perfect for storing toppings on a hot chocolate station.  Use a variety of different size jars for the different items.  They are perfect for the hot chocolate powder itself, of course.  But also for mini marshmallows, crushed candy cane, chocolate chips, fudge bits, cinnamon dusting, cookies, etc.  Decanting everything into glass jars will make for a cute aesthetic for the hot chocolate station.   Add matching labels to each item for extra flair.

42. Christmas Snack Jars

Movie Night Hamper Contents

Christmas snacks look fabulous stored in clear jars.  Whether it’s decanted store-bought goodies or homemade treats, they will look lovely lined up in glass jars on the side.  Plus, they store well this way too.  And of course you can gift a jar of handmade yummies as well – add a cute air dry clay decoration as a gift tag.  Try our Easy Christmas Snack Mix or Christmas Spiced Nuts.

43. Christmas Savings Jar

A Christmas savings jar is the ideal year-round use for an old jam or mason jar.  Set it up on the side and add your loose change to the jar throughout the year to help build a pot of extra funds for the festive season.  Or purposely add a set amount each week or month so you know you have the money you’ll need come Christmas time. Seeing the jar fill during the year is a nice feeling!

Looking for more inspiration?

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We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these 43 easy Christmas mason jar gift ideas, crafts, and uses to add a personal touch to your celebrations. Whether you’ve created a homemade gift, fashioned some festive décor, or found a new favourite way to repurpose those jars, these creative ideas are sure to bring joy and a sprinkle of DIY charm to your holiday season.  What else will you save from the waste this year and repurpose into something magical?!

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