Have fun designing your perfect Christmas Dinner with our picture chart.  Then compare with your friends!

Design Your Perfect Christmas Dinner Quiz FB

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s Christmas Dinner … right?!


The meal that seems the most traditional of all so often looks different and means different things to different people.  So we want to know what your choices would be.

And if we missed anything that plays a crucial role in your Christmas dinner be sure to let us know in the comments so we can all get in on the tasty action!

Choose Your Perfect Christmas Dinner

Mad about the garlic mushrooms or have to start Christmas Day with salmon?  Definitely turkey or perhaps you prefer a mushroom wellington?  Does it have to be Christmas pud or is it anything but?!  Time to design your perfect Christmas Dinner!

Design Your Perfect Christmas Dinner Quiz IG

In case you were wondering, Hannah is E 3 IV and Jo is D 3 VI.  Do you agree?  

Share The Cheer!

Think you know what to serve this Christmas?  It’s time to find out!

This is a great one to play with family and friends.  Share the image on your social media and see how many people’s choices you guess correctly.

And if you enjoyed drooling over this decision, be sure to check out some of other festive fun games and free printables at the links below:


Christmas Dinner Inspiration

If you’re looking for some real Christmas Dinner inspiration, we’ve got you covered!  Check out our latest ideas right here.

Here’s a few of our latest festive meals and sides too:

No Churn After Eight Ice Cream

No Churn After Eight Ice Cream

Enjoy the luscious blend of minty freshness and rich dark chocolate with this divine creamy homemade no churn After Eight ice cream recipe.

Don’t forget to share your perfect Christmas dinner with your friends!  And if you’re in the market for some Christmas dinner inspiration, we’ve got loads of ideas for you right here.

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