A chocolate bouquet make a fabulous gift – simple to make, not particularly expensive, looks great and is easy to personalise.

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A richly filled chocolate bouquet, showcasing the dense arrangement of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Wispa, Crunchie and Twirl bars, ready for gifting or celebration.

Chocolate bouquets are perfect for any occasion, from Christmas to Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day to Just Because Day!  They really pack a punch in the visuals department and would make a super, thoughtful teacher appreciation gift (heck, this is large enough for the whole staffroom!) and the ideal host(ess) gift or presentation of party favours too.

We’ve seen some amazing creations with Ferrero Rocher or Lindt Truffle ‘roses’ and they look incredible.  But even just a simple selection of chocolate bars can create a really striking gift when made into a sweet bouquet.  And we’re all about keeping things easy.  Plus, we’re Cadbury girls through and through!  So read on for the details on how to make this cute gift.

(Oh, and if a full-sized chocolate bouquet seems a bit too much, check out our DIY Bouquet of ‘Roses’ for a mini chocolate gift idea.)

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Bouquet Box

Bouquet boxes are readily available at your local florist or online, such as these ones at Amazon.  We repurposed one from a previous flower bouquet Hannah had received.

Alternatively, you could use a large mason jar or vase as a base.  Add some tissue paper or cover in wrapping paper to conceal the floristry foam and skewers.

Floral Foam

Dry oasis (or floral foam) works really well as a base into which to insert the chocolate bar sticks.  Look for a piece that will snugly fit in the base of the bouquet box.

Chocolate Bars

One of the best things about making a homemade chocolate bouquet is the chance to tailor the contents precisely to your lucky recipient.  So enjoy spoiling them with a bespoke bouquet of their favourite chocolate bars.

For this DIY project design, traditionally-shaped rectangular chocolate bars work best so it’s super easy to attach them to the end of the skewers.

Here’s a few ideas for theming though if you really want to up the visual wow factor:

  • Keep to bars of just one colour, say all Cadbury purple (obvs!) for impact.
  • Use the same product in different sizes.  For example a Dairy Milk bouquet with layered bars from snack size to 200g bars would look stunning.
  • Theme the bars to the occasion.  For example, leaning into the special Christmas chocolate bars in season.

How Many Chocolates Will I Need?

The answer to this depends of course on the size of your bouquet box, size of chocolate bars, and how opulent you want your candy bouquet to be.  In our bouquet here, we’ve got 28 bars in total: four types, with between 5-12 bars of each.  The mouth of our bouquet box wasn’t particularly large so this is probably a lower bound for a good-sized bouquet.  

Wooden Skewers

Long wooden skewers are perfect for attaching the chocolate bars in place.  Wooden BBQ skewers are the ideal length and easy to purchase in bulk.  You’ll need the same number of skewers as chocolate bars.

Paper Tape

Paper tape is perfect for attaching the chocolate bars to the skewers.  Not only is it sticky enough to secure the bars in place well, it’s eco friendly and can be removed without damaging the chocolate bar.

We love the paper tape range from Scottish family business, Cascayde.  Get 10% off purchases with our unique discount code: JOLLY10.

Tissue Paper & Ribbon

Final embellishments for the finished design: tissue paper to cover the skewers as they disappear into the bouquet box and ribbon to decorate the bouquet. You won’t need much so it’s a great way to use up any odds and ends you have at home. 

A large selection of Cadbury chocolate bars randomly piled on a light surface.

Cadbury chocolate everywhere!

How To Make A Chocolate Bouquet

Step by step instructions to create a beautiful chocolate bouquet.

Prepare The Bouquet Box

Make up the bouquet box.  Cut the floral foam / dry oasis to size and put it at the bottom of your bouquet box.  It should be a snug fit to ensure that it provides a sturdy base from which to build the bouquet.

Prepare the Chocolate Sticks

Attach each chocolate bar lengthways to a wooden skewer, starting from the flat end of the skewer.  Fix in place with a piece of paper tape and press to stick securely.  For a professional finish, ensure that the logos of each chocolate bar face the same direction. 

Build The Bouquet

Starting with the smallest chocolate bars at the front, add the skewers to the bouquet, pushing the sharp end down well into the foam to secure in place.  

Build up further rows of chocolate bars to create a staggered bouquet, a bit like the seats of a theatre.  You can do this either by leaving each row slightly higher up in the foam and/or by using increasingly larger chocolate bars for each row.

Add The Finishing Touches

Fold a piece of tissue paper into a scarf-like shape and wrap this around the skewers at the point they disappear into the top of the bouquet box to conceal the sticks below the chocolate bars.

Add a piece of ribbon tied in a bow at the top of the bouquet box, and any other embellishments you’d like.  For example, you might also like to add a gift tag.

A completed chocolate bouquet with an abundance of Cadbury chocolate bars arranged to resemble a bouquet of flowers, tied with a striped red and white ribbon around the kraft paper-wrapped bouquet box.

DIY Chocolate Bouquet, with layers of Cadbury chocolate bars.

Eco-Friendly Chocolate Bouquet Design

We’ve intentionally tried to keep this homemade chocolate bouquet as eco-friendly as possible.  

Whilst the bouquets wrapped in cellophane look stunning, in our opinion the extra cellophane packaging isn’t necessary.  There’s easier access to the chocolate good stuff without it as well! wink  

Many of the designs we’ve seen use a hot glue gun to secure the candy bars or chocolate truffles in place.  We’ve switched this out for paper tape.  It works just as well for securing chocolate bars and means that dismantling the chocolate arrangement to eat is easier too.  

We should highlight that we have used floral foam (oasis) to secure the candy bar sticks in place.  We know that oasis isn’t typically biodegradable and so this isn’t an ideal option.  However, it is very effective at holding the bouquet in position and we haven’t found anything that works as well for these larger chocolate bouquets.

As the oasis will remain dry, hopefully it can be reused to create further bouquets and we will continue to explore other options and update if we find a good alternative.  If you have any ideas, please do share them in the comments below.   

An overflowing chocolate bouquet filled with a rich variety of Cadbury chocolate bars including Dairy Milk, Wispa, Crunchie, and Twirl adorned with a striped ribbon, poised against a violet background.

A full bouquet of chocolate bars presented in a cardboard bouquet box.

Homemade Chocolate Bouquet Tutorial

Here’s the detailed instructions with materials and step-by-step photos for how to create a chocolate bouquet.  Have fun!

A richly filled chocolate bouquet, showcasing the dense arrangement of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Wispa, Crunchie and Twirl bars, ready for gifting or celebration.
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Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate bouquets make fabulous gifts - they're simple to make, not particularly expensive, look great and easy to personalise.  


  • Bouquet box
  • Floral foam / dry oasis large enough to fill the bottom of the bouquet box
  • 30+ Chocolate bars
  • 30+ Long wooden skewers as many skewers as you have chocolate bars
  • Paper tape we love the range from Cascayde
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon optional


  • Cut a piece of floral foam / dry oasis to size and insert it at the base of the bouquet box.
    A pair of hands placing a grey floral foam block inside a brown cardboard vase, a key step in assembling a sturdy and attractive chocolate bouquet.
  • Using pieces of paper tape, stick the chocolate bars to the skewers (at the flat ends). 
    A creative DIY process of making a chocolate bouquet with various chocolate bars like Wispa, Crunchie, and Dairy Milk paper taped to sticks on a light surface with a roll of tape visible.
  • Starting with the smallest chocolate bars, add the skewers to the bouquet, pushing the sharp end down well into the foam to secure in place.  Build up rows of chocolate bars, either by rising each slightly further up in the foam for height and/or by using bigger bars in the later rows.  
    A handcrafted chocolate bouquet featuring an assortment of Cadbury bars including Dairy Milk and Wispa being artistically arranged in a brown bouquet box against a dark backdrop.
  • Wrap tissue around the inside of the top of the bouquet box to cover the sticks.
    An overflowing chocolate bouquet filled with a rich variety of Cadbury chocolate bars including Dairy Milk, Wispa, Crunchie, and Twirl adorned with a striped ribbon, poised against a violet background.
  • Add ribbon around the box and any further embellishments desired to complete the bouquet.


For the perfect chocolate bouquet finish, ensure all chocolate bars are facing the same way on the skewers.
Use a large mason jar or even a vase instead of a bouquet box if you have an appropriate one to hand.  (We used a bouquet box we had saved from a previous flower bouquet.)
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We think a chocolate bouquet is the perfect gift idea for all sorts of special occasion.  Such an easy way to elevate a chocolate present to create something personal, thoughtful, fun and tasty!  And a bit different from all the traditional gifts. What do you think?  Will you be making a bouquet of favourites for anyone?

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