If you’re looking for easy fun Christmas breakfast ideas, these super simple and seriously cute Christmas toast recipes are perfect. 

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Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Toast - snowman, reindeer and Christmas tree toast recipes

Whether it’s North Pole Breakfast ideas you’re looking for or just easy Christmas breakfast ideas for your children, be sure to read on!  These breakfast toast toppings are so much fun and actually pretty healthy too.  Perfect for elevating a December morning to new levels!

We share three simple ideas sure to raise a smile – Rudolph the reindeer toast, snowman toast and even a Christmas tree toast complete with textured greenery!  What’s more, they are all delicious!

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These Christmas breakfast ideas are a great way to get your children involved in the kitchen too.  Little ones will have lots of fun cutting out the toast shapes and adding the details to each design. 

Plus all our Christmas toast recipes are 100% vegetarian (and could be made vegan too with a couple of simple tweaks) and a perfect way to encourage your children to eat more fruit.  You can easily make simple ingredient swaps too to tailor to your children’s preferences or to avoid another trip to the supermarket!

If you want to include this as part of a North Pole Breakfast, you could have your elf leave the prepped toast shapes on the table ready (maybe even with the base layer added) and a little bowl of toppings ready for your kids to finish the creations.

So grab your cookie cutters, a few simple ingredients and let the magic begin!

Christmas Toast Recipe Ideas

Our Three Christmas Toast Recipes

  1. Jolly Snowman Toast
  2. Rudolph the Reindeer Toast
  3. Jewelled Christmas Tree Toast

Each of the designs requires cookie cutters and we can highly recommend this bumper pack of cookie cutters, perfect for a whole host of cooking and crafting projects throughout the year!

Check out our video tutorial for each of the Christmas toast recipes or scroll down for the details.

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North Pole Breakfast

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How To Make These Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Jolly Snowman Toast

Snowman Toast Idea

Oh this snowman toast is super cute and utterly delicious!  With its Philadelphia cream cheese base this is not just a healthy breakfast idea but a perfect after-school snack or even Christmas afternoon tea idea as well.  Why not put the fruit pieces in a bowl and let your little one create their own snowman design? 

We highly recommend spreading the cream cheese generously on the toast here.  Firstly to give that snowy white fluffy look.  But also for a super creamy flavour full of protein that your kids will love.  My boys cannot get enough of these and ask for them all year around!


  • 2 Slices of toast
  • Cream cheese
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Segment of clementine (a small piece of carrot works well too)

Rudolph The Reindeer Toast

Rudolph Reindeer Toast Idea

Reindeer toast is such a fun Christmas breakfast idea and so easy to create.  Kids will love the cute reindeer features.  And the salty pretzel antlers are a great contrast to the sweet Nutella base. 

Whilst we’re not about to pretend that toast thickly coated in Nutella is a completely healthy option, it does offer a way to add a little fruit to the breakfast table.  Pop any leftover banana slices and raspberries on the side for extra nutrition too! 

There are so many easy ingredient switches to make too.  Don’t like Nutella? Use peanut butter or regular chocolate spread instead.  Little one not a fan of banana? Cut some round slices of apple or even slice a marshmallow in half for an elf-friendly treat!


  • Toast slice

  • Nutella

  • Banana slices

  • Chocolate drops

  • Raspberries

  • Pretzels

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Christmas Tree Toast

Christmas Breakfast Idea Christmas Tree Toast

This fabulously jewelled Christmas tree toast recipe comes complete with textured green foliage to boot!

These tasty toast trees looks really striking on the table and the slightly sharp sweet flavour of the pomegranate arils cuts the richness of the cream cheese / Nutella base beautifully. 

If your little one isn’t a fan of pomegranate this could easily be swapped out for a whole host of other “ornaments” –small pieces of strawberry or golden sultanas would work well.  Or even dust with icing sugar and sprinkle some sugar strands over the tree for an on-trend flocked tree pastel look!!

We have suggested both a Philadelphia cream cheese base and a Nutella alternative.  Both taste equally as good; it’s entirely down to personal preference.


  • Toast slice
  • Cream cheese or Nutella
  • Sliced grapes
  • Pomegranate arils

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Serving Suggestions For Christmas Toast

Any one of these Christmas toast recipes would work well simply served on a Christmas plate for breakfast.

Alternatively make up a batch of different toast designs and present them on a board dotted with fruit pieces or perhaps a few Santa hat strawberries.  Great for a crowd or indeed a Christmas afternoon tea.

And, as mentioned above, we think these would also make a fabulous addition to a North Pole Breakfast.  Either lay out the completed toasts or have your elves provide the base pieces with finishing touches ready for your little ones to decorate and enjoy eating.

Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Toast - snowman, reindeer and Christmas tree toast recipes

Do let us know if you make any of these Christmas toast recipes – we’d love to hear what you think. 

And be sure to check out our other Christmas breakfast ideas – you’ll run out of days to enjoy them all!

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