Looking for Elf on the Shelf arrival gift ideas for your little ones? We share 37 fun suggestions to celebrate your elf’s arrival.

Elf On The Shelf Arrival Gift Ideas

As Elfie returns to join the crew, it can be fun for them to bring a little something for your children to mark the beginning of advent.  What better way for your elf to make a grand entrance and sprinkle some Christmas spirit. 

Of course any advent treat will do the job perfectly.   We’ve gathered together our favourite creative ideas for how to enjoy this fun tradition, including lots of easy last minute gifts and small presents that won’t break the bank so you can choose the perfect gift for your little one.

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Elf On The Shelf Arrival Letter

Elf On The Shelf Arrival Letter

The simplest idea of all but it could be the thing that sprinkles the most magic.  A welcome letter as your elf returns to join you.  Download our free printable poem or handwrite your own message from the North Pole.  A great option for sharing news of what your elf friend has been doing the rest of the year. 

Download Your FREE “I’m Back” Poem

Stackable Pancake Co Christmas Tree Pancake Kit

Festive Treat

Why not have your elf make a special Christmas breakfast delivery? Add to a North Pole Breakfast or enjoy later in the countdown. This adorable Christmas tree pancake kit from the Stackable Pancake Co is spot on!

More Details Here

North Pole Breakfast Invitation

North Pole Breakfast Invitation

Rather than you putting on a North Pole Breakfast for your elf, they could deliver an invite as they arrive.  Something to look forward to in the first days of advent.  We’ve created a whole range of North Pole Breakfast & Elf Printables for you to use.

Download Your Printable Invite

Hot Chocolate Station with selection of sweets, toppings, mugs and hot chocolate dipping sticks

Hot Chocolate Station

Elfie could be the one in charge of setting up your Hot Chocolate Station!  What a way to fanfare the arrival of this seasonal treat.

Emma Bridgewater Christmas Jumper Personalised Half Pint Mug

Christmas Mug

The perfect addition to your North Pole Breakfast celebrations, or indeed Hot Chocolate station!  And this Christmas Jumper mug from Emma Bridgewater will be used for years to come (plus £5 of each sale goes to Save The Children as well!)

Emma Bridgewater Personalised Christmas Jumper Small Mug

Christmas Books For Children

Christmas Book

Whether it’s a novel to enjoy over the whole month or the ritual of a new book for the Book Advent Calendar each year, you can’t go wrong with a book as your Elf on the Shelf arrival gift. Check out our pick of the bunch with Christmas books for babies to tweens.

Our Christmas Book Recommendations

This Is Nessie Advent Candle

Advent Candle

Elf on the Shelf gifts don’t come much easier than an advent candle but that’s 24 evenings of candlelit dinners right there! We love these super cute designs by This Is Nessie.

This Is Nessie Advent Candle

Remember: New customers get 20% off at This Is Nessie with promo code: JOLLYFESTIVE

Heart Shaped Wall Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars

Is your elf in charge of delivering the advent calendars?  Hannah’s family elf is!  Such a fun way to add extra holiday cheer to an already exciting day if the advent calendars arrive by Elf-Mail!

Advent Calendar Inspiration

Selfie Craft Co Countdown To Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas Pyjamas

A classic and perfect elf on the shelf tradition! Enjoy those Christmas jammies for the whole month of December when they are delivered alongside the arrival of your elf. And Selfie Craft Co have taken the Christmas PJ to the next level with these countdown to Christmas colour-in pyjamas. Perfect for keeping little hands busy!

Selfie Craft Co Colour In Christmas Pyjamas

Jayne Redmond Believe Bauble

New Ornament

Your Elf could arrive with a new bauble for the Christmas tree.  What a sweet tradition this would make and a great way to slowly build a collection of baubles for your little one too.  We love the beautiful keepsake bauble designs by Jayne Remond.

Jayne Redmond Believe Bauble

Heirloom Christmas Ornament

Heirloom Ornament

If you don’t want the expense of buying a new ornament, why not choose one of your existing collection to be hand-delivered by your elf each year.  It could be one that’s been passed down through the generations, one that is homemade, or simply one that has sentimental value to your family.

Baking Time Club Christmas Pickle

Christmas Pickle

A fun variation on the bauble idea is a Christmas Pickle.  There are few more quirky of the Christmas traditions that that of the Christmas Pickle! Your Elf could deliver the pickle each year and so begins the fun of festive hide & seek!

Keepsake Christmas Pickle

Real Christmas Trees For Sale in the Snow

Christmas Tree

Forget the decorations … why doesn’t your Scout Elf arrive with the tree!  Signalling the start of the holiday season loud and clear, this would make a fun elf arrival idea for the whole family.  Whether the tree arrives ready to be dressed, or magically decorates itself overnight is up to you of course!

Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro

Irresistible Photogenic Snowman at Windsor Illuminated

Tickets For Activities

Planning a surprise festive outing?  Why not have a big reveal from your elf as they arrive?  Perfect for trips to see Santa, visit light trails, ice rinks, or going on a Christmas train ride!

Click Here For More Festive Outing Ideas.

Jellycat Little Reindeer

Cuddly Christmas Soft Toy

Make up for the no-touch rule for Elfie with a new cuddly toy friend.  We love the fabulous Jellycat range for serious points on the cute scale!

Jellycat Little Reindeer

Crayon Box Father Christmas Crayons

Christmas Crayons

What better Elf on the Shelf arrival gift than something to help write and decorate a letter to Santa?! We can’t resist these fabulous Christmas crayons by Crayon Box.

Crayon Box Father Christmas Crayons

Heart Advent Calendar

Christmas Escape Game Puzzle

Ideal for any treasure hunt / puzzle loving children!  Help Head Elf Bernard send a special Christmas message in this festive escape room style challenge from Puzzle Post. Aimed at 6-9 year olds, it’s a fabulous elf delivery … especially as you write or record the message to be uncovered!

Puzzle Post Elf HQ Escape Room Game

Orchard Toys Countdown To Christmas Activity Book

Christmas Activity Book

An activity book to keep your little one busy over the festive countdown.  We love Orchard Toys’ Countdown To Christmas with activities for every day of December.

Orchard Toys Countdown To Christmas Activity Book

Little Hands Learning Mini Kit

Hands-On Imaginative Play Craft Kit

Perhaps your little one would prefer some imaginative play?  What about a playdough creative kit to enjoy.  We adore these mini kits from Little Hands Learning.

Little Hands Learning Mini Kit

Cheatwell Games Christmas Express Game

Christmas Game

We love the idea of Elfie arriving with a new Christmas game in tow! There’s any number of fabulous festive games available. We love The Christmas Express Game, for a festive twist on Snakes & Ladders – perfect for a selection of ages.

Cheatwell Games The Christmas Express Game

Totally Elf Candy Cane Outfit

New Outfit

What about if your elf arrives sporting a fresh look with a new adorable elf outfit?!  We love the creations by Totally Elf – the perfect fit for your elf friend!

Totally Elf Outfit

Cookie Jar Sprinkle Cookies with Jar

Baking Project

Time for some festive baking?  Your Elf could deliver the ingredients for a fun festive bake.  We’ve got all sorts of ideas from the Jolly Festive kitchen.  Or you could gift our cookie jar sprinkle cookie mix, ready to be whipped up into tasty treats!

Cookie Jar Sprinkle Cookies

Soul and Soap Festive Bath and Body Pamper Set

Pamper Time

What could be more indulgent than a special festive bath complete with goodies from your Elf on the Shelf.  Check out Soul and Soap for beautiful Christmassy bath bombs and shower foams that are sure to be a hit.

Soul and Soap Festive Bath And Body Pamper Set

Candy Cane Treasure Hunt

Candy Cane Treasure Hunt

Your Elf on the Shelf could share a message that they’ve laid out a Candy Cane Treasure Hunt for your little ones around the home.

Candy Cane Seeds

Grow Your Own Candy Cane Garden

Sticking with the candy cane theme … how about your scout elf arrives with peppermint swirl (or equivalent) seeds to plant.  Then, overnight the seeds could start to grow into candy canes.  Obviously not the best botanical lesson 😉 but a fun way to share a little Christmas magic!

Children's Christmas Craft Set

Christmas Craft Kit

Perfect for keeping excited little ones busy, your elf could deliver a small Christmas craft kit to enjoy.  We love the range available at Baker Ross.

Baker Ross Christmas Craft Kits

Elf Pet Noorah

Elf Pet

Welcome members of the extended Elf on the Shelf family with an Elf Pet.  We love Noorah, Santa’s magical arctic fox.

Elf On The Shelf Elf Pet Noorah

Elf On The Shelf Friend

Elf Friend

If you’re feeling brave, welcoming a new addition to your family, or simply want to mix up the festive fun, why not have your elf arrive with a friend from the North Pole!  Double the trouble, double the fun?!

Another (!) Elf On The Shelf

Joyoldelf 5 Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

Cookie Cutters

Have your elf arrive with some festive cookie cutters to get busy making cookies for family and friends.  Don’t forget you can also put your cookie cutters to good use decorating wrapping paper!

Joyoldelf 5 Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

Kindness Advent Calendar

Kindness Advent Calendar

Encourage an advent of kind acts for others with the delivery of a kindness advent calendar by your Scout Elf.

Download Your Free Kindness Calendar

Little Empire Homeware Snow Globe

Snow Globe

Both of us have heirloom Snow Globes that come out year after year and take pride of place on the sideboard.  Lean into The Santa Clause movie and have your elf deliver a Snow Globe from the North Pole each year for your little one, full of magic and wonder.  We love this beauty from Little Empire Homeware.

Little Empire Homeware Snow Globe

Magical Reindeer Food

Reindeer Food

Magical reindeer food, or the ingredients to make it, would make a wonderful North Pole gift from your Elf on the Shelf!

Bird-Friendly Recipe & Free Printable Labels

Movie Night Hamper

Movie Night Treats

What’s the Christmas countdown without some movie night snuggles?!  Your elf could bring a gift of movie night treats to enjoy as you watch a Christmas movie together.  May we suggest …. Elf  😉

Homemade Movie Night Treat Ideas

Paper Chains

Paper Chains

We love paper chains.  So versatile, so fun and very eco friendly!  If your Elf on the Shelf arrives with a gift of paper chains, you could immediately have a paper chain making competition.  And then begins the decorating!  Perfect, easy fun for the whole family.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

A great way to get the kids outside.  Your Elf could arrive with a Scavenger Hunt to enjoy with the results being sent back to the North Pole for Santa to see.

Print Out Your Free Scavenger Hunt Sheets

Snow Spray & Stencils

Snow Spray & Stencils

Get busy decorating your windows and turning your home into a Winter Wonderland when your elf arrives armed with snow spray, direct from the North Pole!  We love the range from Snow Windows – the original Snow Spray artist.

Snow Windows Christmas Stencils

Star On Top Of Christmas Tree

Star For The Christmas Tree

This really is the cherry on the cake!  Your elf could bring with them their very own star, ready for your little one to add to the top of your Christmas Tree.  What a fabulous tradition and magical memory to create.

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What Gifts Does The Elf Bring?

Having your elf deliver a treat as they arrive is a great way to set the tone for the start of the holiday season.  Whether it’s a personal message, new Christmas toy, something tasty, advent calendar, or an invite to a special occasion, this is a fun way to get the holiday spirit going for the whole family.

It doesn’t need to be anything particularly extravagant.  Anything your Elf on the Shelf brings along is sure to bring sprinkled with Christmas magic.  For example, a handwritten note from the North Pole, free printable colouring page, or scavenger hunt activity are all fun ideas that won’t cost a penny!

When Else Could An Elf On The Shelf Bring A Gift?

Of course, we’ve been talking about gifts delivered for your elf on the shelf’s arrival on December 1st.  But there’s no rule that says it has to be then!  Some other great times for an elf gift include:

  • Tree Decorating Day – great for an annual bauble tradition!
  • First day of the school holidays – delivering some holiday fun to keep the kids entertained
  • Tickets for an event during the Christmas countdown – how magical to have these arrive ‘By Elf’, especially if it’s for a visit to see Santa himself!
  • As they leave on Christmas Eve – maybe your Elf delivers the Christmas Eve Box, or a goodbye message and a gift to keep your little one from feeling too sad at their departure the next day.
  • On Christmas Day – perhaps your Elf leaves a gift alongside the stocking treats from Santa Claus (just set one of the smaller gifts aside and mark it from Elfie.

There are so many cute ways to set up new traditions with presents from your elf.

We do hope you’ve found these Elf on the Shelf Arrival Gift Ideas useful.  What other ideas have you got in mind for Elfie? Do let us know in the comments below!

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