Ever thought you should give yourself a Christmas gift too? We have a wonderful idea to share with you, one that will see you and your family coming together to make a Christmas treat for the whole family to enjoy, including you! And it comes courtesy of a family tradition from Monmouthshire. Introducing The Family Christmas Hamper!

Hamper of Baubles

When we first heard about Kerry (from Caldicot, Monmouthshire) and her family’s annual festive project, we just knew other families would love to join in. Kerry kindly agreed to give us the full lowdown to pass along.

The Family Christmas Hamper is a beautifully simple concept but it’s filled to the brim with Christmas Cheer. It encapsulates everything we love about this season:

Why We Love The Family Christmas Hamper

Tick, tick and TICK!

So, What is The Family Christmas Hamper?

It starts as an empty box, and finishes as a treasure trove of favourite treats and festive delectables!

Over the course of the Christmas countdown (or as long as you would like – Kerry and her family start theirs in November), you gather all sorts of goodies to enjoy, both for Christmas and into the New Year.

It’s essentially a fun way of stocking the cupboards, with an extra bonus element of surprise. It helps spread the responsibility and cost of gathering everything for the festivities, and ensures everyone gets to add their own sparkle and preferred treats to the occasion.

Christmas Hamper Selection

How to Make A Family Christmas Hamper

  1. Grab a spare packaging box.
  2. Decorate it with as much festive flair as you wish.
  3. Fill the box with festive treats and favourite foods.

Yes, it is that simple! And, whilst we agree that there is nothing ground-breaking about the Family Christmas Hamper, there are a few golden rules which take the box from being ‘just a box’ to a real Christmas delight.

Kerry’s four Golden Rules!

Hamper in Spotlight

  1. No peeking! Kerry recommends leaving the top flaps accessible on the box so that you can keep it closed at all times. Also, try to put the box in a less busy part of the house, out of eyeline, and hence temptation (and of course away from the radiator too!)!
  2. No, seriously no peeking! Kerry suggests keeping the items in their bags or wrapping them in some way before placing them in the hamper so that others adding their items don’t get an unexpected sneak peak at what’s already inside.
  3. Anything goes (in)! When it comes to filling the box, any non-perishable items can be included. Buy your own favourite foods, or something you know will make a loved one smile. As Kerry points out, it doesn’t matter if you double up because, as a favourite treat, you know that it’ll be used and enjoyed regardless! And, it’s surprising how few duplicates you get when you leave the options wide open.
  4. Celebrate the Big Reveal! Make a special occasion of the grand opening of the hamper. Kerry and her family like to open theirs on Christmas Eve, so they can enjoy favourite breakfast cereals on Christmas morning, and treats throughout the day. Of course, you can open yours whenever suits your family!

What to include in your Hamper

As we said above, there are no rules about what goes inside! It’s your hamper and you can fill it exactly as you please.

However, if you’d like some inspiration, Kerry sent us a list of the things traditionally included in her Family Christmas Hamper. We particularly love the treat for Teddy the dog!

Family Christmas Hamper Shopping List

Ways To Make Your Hamper Even More Special

It doesn’t just have to be food in the hamper either; you could easily add crackers and Christmas napkins, and perhaps a new ornament or a game as well! Make it into a wonderful festive toolkit, ready to help you make super family memories.

Use the list below and our Christmas activity ideas to inspire your wish-list of memory-making fun for this year. Then gather the necessary equipment together ready in the hamper – the list below suggests filler pairings. You could add tags to items explaining your ideas. From gingerbread house kits to snow-spray stencils, there’s no end of options.

Let's Get Festive Family Christmas Hamper Ideas

If you are worried about getting four boxes of crackers but no cranberry sauce, then why not leave a tick list on top of the box? When people have added an item, they can simply tick to say it’s included, leaving the full details to be revealed at a later date.

You could even add some secret santa gifts to the hamper as well. Maybe set yourselves the challenge to make a homemade gift for each other, or enjoy picking a small treat out for an allocated member of the household.

And, if you’re able to, and really feeling that wonderful Christmas spirit, why not put out two boxes – one for your family, and one as a Reverse Advent Calendar to gather donations for a local food bank or food share?

So you can see that the Family Christmas Hamper really is a perfect Christmas project. Full of Christmas cheer, thoughtfulness and fun. At the same time, however, it’s fundamentally a great way to spread cost and workload, with a low-key easy activity to enjoy sharing with loved ones.

What would be on your Family Christmas Hamper shopping list? If you decide to make one with your family, we’ve love to hear about your Big Reveal!