We share details of our four favourite fillable advent calendars, each a fabulous option for a fill your own advent calendar of festive treats.

A Jolly Festive Round-Up
Our Favourite Fillable Advent Calendars

No doubt by now you’ve realised that Jo and I are HUGE fans of the home-filled advent calendar.  It’s an annual ritual for us both, seeking out those little treats throughout the year to brighten the dark December mornings and creating a month of small treasures with which to spoil each other.  This does however beg the question of where to house the goodies!

You should also know by now that we are big believers in doing Christmas your way.  Whether you have the passion and skill to create a homemade advent heirloom that can be brought out with fanfare each December 1st or simply want to place a different treat or handwritten note or joke on the kitchen table each morning, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to advent calendars.  [We’ve shared all our thoughts on making calendars right here for you too.]

However, if you would like to invest in an fillable Advent Calendar, we have got four absolute corkers for you to peruse!

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These are four quite different options, some heirloom-worthy, some just for this year but each one has its own special something and they are made by some of our absolute favourite creators too!  

A purchase of one of the below will support a fantastic independent small business in the UK.  But we warn you now; choosing between them will be quite the challenge!  That being said, you could easily combine some of the designs with each other, or simply give different ones to different members of the family to enjoy so no need to panic just yet!  

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Happy browsing!

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If you’re looking for an heirloom calendar, look no further.  The Hide & Seek Textiles fill-your-own advent calendar is it! 

This gorgeous fabric calendar comes with its own linen storage bag and rolls up neatly to put away for the other eleven months of the year.  Its simplicity is intentional; a blank canvas to fit all homes and be used however people wanted.  An elegant calendar which looks at once luxurious and handcrafted to help create a picture perfect country Christmas home scene.

Hide & Seek Textiles Advent Calendar

The best thing about this calendar is the size of the pockets.  This is a brilliant option if you’re looking for a calendar to which you can add a whole selection of treats without the need to worry about size.  The wooden hanger is extremely strong (trust us, we’ve put it to the test) and its hanging design means that you don’t take up lots of space for the amount of treats that can be tucked inside.

Family is at the heart of all that Hide & Seek Textiles do with a clear vision to help families create memories.  Founder Heather comes from a family of skilled seamstresses and creators (her daughter runs luxury Christmas suppliers Nancy & Betty, being named for Heather’s mother and aunt) and sources sustainable and Fairtrade textiles wherever possible for her designs.

Hide & Seek Textiles Advent Calendar Close Up

Sown and embroidered at the family workshop in West Sussex, these calendars are produced in limited numbers each year (part of their own efforts to manage family life).  That said, it isn’t unusual for the team of elves at the workshop to be busy 100+ hours a week in the peak season, with anyone knocking on the door ending up with a role to help!

For more information and to purchase, click here.

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Little Elves Advent Calendar

We love this calendar.  Created by the supremely talented Katie Cust, it beautifully combines online whimsical storytelling with fun and intrigue in your own home.  It’s a simply brilliant way to embrace the magic of the season. 

Before December starts you will receive a special ‘key’ ready to present to your child.  The key contains a magical QR code, giving your little one exclusive access to Santa’s secret world in the north!

Little Elves Advent Calendar Magic Advent Key

The first encounter is with a special fairy friend who shares a kindness challenge to be completed.  That achieved, your little one will enjoy news shared from the North Pole each day, courtesy of a selection of Santa’s friends.  What a magical way to start each December morning!  We can just imagine now being curled up on the sofa, listening to the stories with our morning cuppa and cuddles.

Each little message ends with a secret location being shared as your child is sent off on a special festive treasure hunt to find a treat hidden somewhere around the house.  And with beautifully iridescent matching stickers provided with the calendar, the treats will link seamlessly with the story. 

Whether the treat is a joke (with a free printable pdf provided to download), a shiny chocolate coin or something a little more is up to you.  And for us that flexibility is one of its greatest appeals!  

Little Elves Advent Calendar Ensemble

Katie explained to us that she wanted to make the calendar as inclusive and accessible as possible to all.  So whether you want to go to town or keep things simple, there is plenty of scope for North Pole wonder right here. 

We are completely smitten with this calendar and urge you to check it out.  What’s more, Katie has generously shared a 10% discount with us for all our Jolly Festive Friends.  So head over right now for more.

For more information and to purchase, click here.

Be sure to use your exclusive Jolly Festive discount code to receive 10% off your purchase: JOLLYFESTIVE10  (Valid until 30 Nov 2021)

More Like This?

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This Is Nessie Advent Calendar

We’ve been huge This Is Nessie fans for years!  Ever since I stumbled across the brand and its fabulous creations at a local Christmas craft fair many moons ago, I have been completely smitten with all things Nessie, particularly her iconic welly boot designs. 

Now with a huge array of products on sale, catering for every occasion and gift imaginable, they are just as appealing as those early designs.  Each product and illustration feels like it’s been conceived just with you in mind.  They all have that fabulous combination of farmhouse charm with a touch of whimsy and plenty of fun. 

This fillable advent calendar is a perfect case in point!  A wooden rod with twenty-four gorgeously sumptuous soft pockets strung below in which to place handpicked festive treats.  Finished with a rich green velvet ribbon.  It’s striking yet simple and just perfect for little hands to investigate. 

This Is Nessie Advent Calendar

The calendar comes in two styles – either with simple red numbers on the pockets or colourful characters added too.  We love the illustrated animal designs; from penguins and foxes to polar bears and geese, there’s so much detail to enjoy and an extra level of festive cheer to be shared.  We think this fill your own calendar would make a wonderful advent treat for a little one and hang beautifully on a wardrobe door.

The pockets are designed with small treats in mind so this is a calendar in which to pop sweets or little items.  Or why not roll up messages, jokes or an occasional clue to the location of a larger treat.  But it’s a fabulous option when space is limited and if you’re looking for a calendar to be enjoyed year on year as your child grows.

For more information and to purchase, click here.

Remember: New customers get 20% off at This Is Nessie with promo code: JOLLYFESTIVE

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Little Paper Boxes Advent Calendar

Lydia Heynes’ Little Paper Boxes creations are just gorgeous; made from lovely rich card and hand folded into shape from Lydia’s home in Warwickshire. 

The fillable advent calendar comes as a set of 24 red & green boxes, each one stamped with a gold number on its lid.  They can be arranged in a checkerboard, stacked, stretched along a sideboard or even hidden around the house, making this a fabulously versatile option.

Little Paper Boxes Complete Advent Calendar

As the name suggests Lydia specialises in little boxes for small treasures.  In fact it was her Granny that first taught Lydia to turn Christmas cards into boxes as a child.  When the pandemic left Lydia feeling somewhat overwhelmed in early 2021, she reached for some card and started making little boxes again to keep her mind distracted and fingers busy. 

The boxes are beautifully made and surprisingly robust.  This is certainly a calendar that could be used for more than one year.  Or the boxes repurposed after their advent appearance; they’d be great for organising smaller items of stationery or jewellery.  And with Lydia focussed on minimising waste and plastic as much as possible, this is an environmentally thoughtful option too.

Little Paper Boxes Example Boxes With Miniature Wooden Ornaments

The advent calendar can be purchased as a set of empty boxes to fill as you choose.  We love the idea of leaving a little chocolate and joke inside.  Or perhaps even a treasure hunt clue on some days leading its recipient to some Christmas pyjamas, a festive mug or other advent treat.  Or you could add homemade coupons for activities to enjoy throughout the month.  And for anyone planning the ultimate gift, we feel compelled to point out that these boxes would be the perfect size for a ring!!

But Lydia offers another idea as well.  Inspired by her Mum’s gift of an advent calendar filled with decorations for Lydia’s first year away from home, Little Paper Boxes offers the option to purchase a selection of small wooden star or snowflake ornaments to add to the boxes.  They’d be perfect for decorating a smaller potted tree or plant.  Ideal for adding to a bedside table or a smaller tabletop tree in an apartment. 

For more information and to purchase, click here.

What’s your favourite fill-your-own advent calendar?  We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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