15 easy Christmas family game ideas: each one is a twist on a classic game, super simple & very cheap (or free!) to set up!

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Family Play Christmas Games

It can be hard to come up with new ways to entertain the troops, can’t it?

Sometimes you have the energy to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm.  Sometimes you turn the house into an art studio and give David Hockney a run for his money.

And, sometimes you just need a quick win – an easy activity that requires minimal effort, minimal (or ideally no) expense, but still gives you a few minutes of fun and entertainment for the littlies.

Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help!  Here’s 15 easy Christmas family game ideas to keep the kids (big & small) busy and happy!  

They’re all super simple to set up and cost virtually nothing but are guaranteed to keep you in the Christmas spirit and smiles on faces.  And we’ve included free printables where you need them too.  Time for some family fun!

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Christmas Charades A4 Printable

Christmas Charades

2. Christmas Memory Game

Christmas Family Game Ideas - hristmas Memory Game ornaments on a tray

A simple twist on the classic Kim’s Game makes for an easy fun Christmas memory game.

Lay out a selection of different Christmas Decorations on a tray.  Take turns to be in charge. Everyone else covers their head with a Santa hat whilst the person in charge quietly removes one decoration. (If you don’t have hats, just look away!)

Then, Santa hats lifted, the rest of the group have to guess which item has vanished.

3. Snowman Drawing Competition

LED Snowman in snow setting

You’ll need some white disposable plates or large circles of white card for this one.

Give each person a white plate or circle of card, and a pen. You each then attempt to draw a snowman face on your plate or card, whilst it is balanced on the top of your head! Decide together which one most resembles your frosty pal!

4. Christmas Songs Emoji Quiz

Quizzes are some of the most popular Christmas family game ideas.  And who doesn’t love an emoji?  So we’ve created a Christmas Songs emoji quiz just for you to enjoy with your friends and family.  Click here for more details.

Jolly Festive's Christmas Song Emoji Quiz

5. Ornament Hunt

Do you know the Legend of the Christmas Pickle? One of the most endearing and unusual festive traditions around! Read more about it here; it’s inspired our Ornament Hunt idea!

Christmas Pickle Ornaments

Select an ornament (preferably a robust one!) from your tree. Then take turns to reposition it whilst the others step out of the room. First to find it wins!

We would strongly recommend that you make this a hunt for the eyes only, as people rummaging repeatedly through the tree is a recipe for festive tears!

6. Pin The Nose On Rudolph

Use our free printable below, or create your own supersize Rudolph face for this festive twist to the all-time children’s party favourite.

Cover eyes with Santa hats or thick festive ribbon before turning three times on the spot and then trying to position Rudolph’s nose correctly with blue-tac.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph A4 Printable

Pin The Nose On Rudolph

7. Christmas Spoons

Glass Jar of Candy Canes tipped over

A variation on the traditional card game of spoons; instead of removing a spoon as sneakily as you can from the central pile, try the game with candy canes and aim to avoid spelling out C-A-N-D-Y.

For more on how to play spoons, click here.

8. Ornament Bean Bag Toss

Draw out a Christmas Tree on the largest piece of card you can find (perhaps unfold a packaging box and draw on that?).

Using either beanbags if you have them, or non-bouncy balls (or even some actual non-breakable Christmas tree decorations if you’re feeling really brave!), take turns throwing them from a start line to add the decorations to your tree.

Different points are gained for ornaments in different zones!

Positively Splendid Ornament Bean Bag Toss

If you’d like to go the full hog and make your own festive bean bags to enjoy playing this game again and again, Positively Splendid has all the details.

9. Secret Bows

Heap of Multi-Coloured Gift Bows

You’ll need a bumper bag of mixed colour gift bows for this game.

Everyone picks a colour and is given an equal number of bows of that colour. Over the course of the afternoon or evening, everyone then needs to stick as many of their bows on others, undetected. The most prolific bow colour at the end of the night wins!

If you’d prefer not to be wasteful with bows, simply play this game after Christmas day and save the bows on parcels received.

10. Christmas Rounds Game

Mum & Son Playing at Christmas

A really simple game for those times when you really need as minimal effort as possible! 

One person starts with a Christmassy word. The next then has to say a word starting with the last letter of the word before. And so on and so forth.


Your turn next…!

11. 20 Questions

Question Mark on Chalkboard

Another really easy classic Christmas family game idea!

Someone thinks of a Christmas character. The rest of the group then ask questions to guess who they are? The snag is that the person answering can only reply with ‘yes’ or ‘no’! Will you guess the answer before the twenty questions run out?!

12. Jingle Bell Toss

You’ll need some non-breakable cups and small balls. Ideally use some little sleigh bells to add a proper jingle to proceedings(!), but otherwise try scrunching up some white paper into tight balls and have a snowball toss instead!

Layout a set of ten plastic or paper cups in a triangle (10-pin) formation. Use an umbrella or string of fairy lights to create a starting line. Take turns to try and get as many sleigh bells into the cups as you can. You can allocate different points for different cups if you wish.

Young Girl Throws Small Bell Into Paper Cup

Playground Park Bench have the full lowdown on creating a gorgeous long-lasting board for repeat play of this game. We think as long as you pop something heavy into the base of each cup to keep it upright as you play, you could set up a quick version of the game pretty easily!

13. Christmas Treasure Hunt

Chocolate Coins in a Money Box

Ever popular and seriously easy to set up, a treasure hunt is always a winner for a family activity. For our festive twist, we recommend hiding candy canes or chocolate coins around the home. Just be sure not to put any coins next to the radiator!

14. What’s In The Stocking?

Pair of Christmas Stockings hanging against wooden panel

Take an empty stocking and fill it with 3-5 items. Others then have to guess what the objects are by touch alone. Strictly no peeking!

15. Christmas Songs Pictionary

Christmas Pictionary – another classic!

Take turns to draw out clues for your songs for others to guess. Either come up with your own list of songs or use our free printable suggestions below.

Christmas Songs Pictionary A4 Printable

Christmas Pictionary - Songs

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