11 seriously cute fingerprint Christmas cards for you to enjoy creating with your little one. Gorgeous momentos that are fun & easy to make.

A Jolly Festive Round-Up
Fingerprint Christmas Cards Ideas

Fingerprint Christmas cards are the perfect way to create a seriously cute momento for family and friends without the potential mess of foot and hand print designs!

There are so many easy fun ideas that you can use to create your own festive family masterpiece. And they make fabulous thank you cards as well as Christmas cards!

It’s the perfect rainy day activity for children too.  Enjoy preparing them throughout the autumn to avoid a last minute rush!

To help inspire you, we’ve pulled together our favourite fingerprint card ideas from across the web.  Be sure to keep one of your creations for the memory box too – you’ll love looking back on them in years to come!

And, for those who scroll to the end, we share one of our favourite Christmas independent small businesses.  Why not let someone else do the work for you?!

Please remember that all activities below require adult supervision.  Have fun & keep safe.

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Before we start… Wondering whether to use paint or ink for your little one’s fingerprint Christmas cards?  There are of course pros and cons to both and we have outlined these below.


Be sure to use a non-toxic, water-based paint that is easy to wash off.  Something like these Crayola paints works well.

+ tends to be cheaper.

+ wider selection of colours (as you can blend).

+ great for designs where you want a heavier, bolder colour. e.g. Christmas lights, white snowmen on coloured card, candy cane.

– potential to be far messier!

– often can’t see as much detail on the fingerprints themselves.


As with paint, be sure to use a non-toxic, water-based ink.  We love these ones from Versa Color which have a good selection of colours available.

+ less messy.

+ more delicate fingerprint which often looks more elegant.

+ great for designs where you want to add detail to or on top of the fingerprint. e.g. a wreath, reindeer, elves.

– tends to be more expensive.

– ink pads can dry out (so you may not be able to use them again another season).

1. Reindeer Fingerprint Cards

Reindeer Fingerprint Christmas Cards

Fill your card with these gorgeous reindeer faces and brighten up your family and friend’s postbox!  Thanks to Mum in the Madhouse for the inspiration.

2. Fingerprint Penguins

Pengiun Fingerprint Card Idea

Include the whole family on the card with these brilliant penguin fingerprints by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail.

3. Robin Fingerprint Christmas Cards

Robin Fingerprint Christmas Cards Idea

We are completely besotted with these little robin fingerprint designs from Emma Owl.  They are so simple and SO effective.  Guaranteed to raise a smile without causing you stress to create.  

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4. Snowman Cards

Snowmen Fingerprint Christmas Cards

These cheerful snowmen cards from Rhythms of Play offer plenty of opportunity for artistic creativity.  Whether you use a thumb and fingerprint to create each snowman or prints from both a parent and child is up to you.  

5. Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Fingerprints Card

Christmas Lights fingerprints look so effective.  Perfect for using up whatever odds and ends of paint or ink you have around the house.  And they are great for younger children too as the fingerprints can be joined together later so precision on print positioning is not important!

We love the little white paint accent on the lights of The Joy Of Sharing‘s card.

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We’ve created some simple fun Christmas craft activities for toddlers & young children, complete with all the free printables you’ll need!

6. Christmas Tree Card Design

Fingerprints Christmas Tree Card

Christmas trees are the perfect design for a family of fingerprints!  They can of course be created in a whole of different ways.  What about using two tones of green paint to create a fingerprint tree and then adding pom-poms or jewel stickers for baubles?

But if you’d like a hand getting started, this printable template from Things to Share and Remember is a great option too.

7. Santa & Reindeer Fingerprints

Santa & Reindeer Fingerprint Christmas Card

Why create just one Christmas icon when you can create a whole sleigh-full?!  This would make the ideal festive fingerprint project for an older child.

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8. Wreath Christmas Card

Fingerprint Wreath Christmas Card

This is such an elegant idea from Mum In The Madhouse.  We think this would be brilliant for a ‘First Christmas as a Family’ card, with parents’ larger fingerprints creating the green wreath and baby’s tiny finger adding the berry details.

9. Fingerprint Candy Cane

Candy Cane Fingerprints Card

Such a simple yet striking idea from Paige Taylor Evans!  Ideal for a quick and easy card design.  Sweet!

10. Angel Fingerprint Idea

Fingerprint Angel Christmas Cards

Crafty Morning‘s angels are just perfect for fingerprint Christmas cards, aren’t they?  We think you could try white paint on a dark blue card with some sparkly star details too.

11. Elf Fingerprint Cards

Elf Fingerprint Christmas Cards

These cheerful little elf characters are just full of festive spirit!  And there is so much scope to let your little one’s artistic creativity go wild with this design by Be A Fun Mum

Get The Professionals Involved!

Festive Fingerprints Logo

If you love the idea of creating fingerprint Christmas cards but it all seems like too much work, then we are delighted to introduce you to Casey, founder of Festive Fingerprints!  Casey’s fingerprint stationery creations are utterly gorgeous and guaranteed to create oohs and aahs from all lucky recipients.  Do please explore her collections … and remember fingerprint cards are not just for Christmas!

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Let us know which fingerprint Christmas cards you decide to create.

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