11 Footprint Christmas cards that you can make easily with your baby, toddler or child. Simple fun ideas for fabulous festive keepsakes.

A Jolly Festive Round-Up
Footprint Christmas Cards Ideas

Want to create footprint Christmas cards from your baby, toddler or child this year and need inspiration?  Look no further!  We’ve rounded up 11 of the best footprint card ideas. 

These footprint creations are so much fun, simple to make and a brilliant keepsake for family and friends to enjoy.

From Christmas trees and reindeer to the Grinch, Elf-on-the-Shelf and even a mouse, we’ve got all sorts of footprint card ideas for you to try.  

Please remember that all activities below require adult supervision.  Have fun & keep safe.

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Before we start looking at the footprint Christmas cards themselves, here’s a few tips on how best to get a footprint:

What Paint Should I Use

Use a non-toxic water-based paint such as these from Crayola.  Not only is this kinder to your little one’s skin and easier to wash off afterwards, it is also a thinner paint and will therefore show more of the cute foot details in the print.

Most of the paints on the market say they are safe to use from 36 months.  Do be careful using on younger children and ensure you supervise constantly to avoid paint going where it shouldn’t!

If you prefer, you could use an inkpad instead.  Baker Ross make giant pads specifically for prints.  Find them here.  They are very easy to use and less messy.  However they are also a little more expensive (and the pads can dry out more quickly).

The last option to consider is an inkless wipe such as these.  They are suitable for babies and by far the least messy.   However the colour selection is very limited and you need to use the specific paper provided.

How To Apply The Paint

It’s very tempting to squeeze paint onto a plate and put your little one’s foot down into this.  That’s certainly a fun sensory activity. 

However to get the best quality print, it is better to apply the paint directly to the foot with a paint brush. 

Alternatively, you could put the paint on a large sponge and press your little one’s foot onto the sponge.

How To Get The Print

Obviously it will be luck of the draw to a large extent.  However, in an ideal world(!), place the heel of the foot on the card first and then gradually rock the rest of the foot down into place.  Apply gentle pressure to each toe to ensure they have all reached the card.  Then lift the foot straight back up to leave a neat print.

From my own experience, if you are working with really little ones, it is worth having a second adult on hand to distract baby whilst you try to grab the prints!  And don’t set your sights too high in terms of number of prints in any one go!

1. Christmas Tree Footprint

Christmas Tree Footprint Christmas Card

A classic footprint Christmas card design!  We love the versatility of the Christmas tree.  Add a string of painted fairy lights or baubles with pom poms or fingerprints.  Little ones can have fun choosing the colours and positions.

2. Reindeer Footprint card

Reindeer Footprint Card

How utterly gorgeous is this reindeer footprint from Glued To My Crafts Blog.  We particularly love the red button nose detail.  But this could easily be replaced with a red pom pom or painted on with a fingerprint if you don’t have any buttons to hand.

3. Snowman Footprint

Snowman Footprint Card

This simple snowman footprint card is really effective and ever so cheery. 

We love the simple string scarf tied around the snowman’s neck with two punched holes in the card.  But leftover washi tape, parcel ribbon or a small material strip are great alternatives.

Use the rubber tip of a pencil eraser to make the snowdrops or a little fingerprint will work nicely too! 

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4. Penguin Christmas Cards

Footprint Penguin Christmas Cards

Your little one can really go to town with this cute penguin footprint card design from The Best Ideas For Kids.  Adding the cotton wool snow is sure to be a hit!  And the little earmuffs are such a fab colourful detail too!

5. Mistletoe Footprint Cards

Footprint Mistletoes Card Idea

We love this mistletoes cards idea.  Wouldn’t it be the perfect the card to send for a baby’s first Christmas?!  We’re not sure who to credit with the original design but thanks to Maria for sharing her creation.

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6. Santa Footprint Design

Santa Footprint Christmas Cards

This is a great fun design from Detail-Oriented Diva, with the googly eye and smile details.  And of course what better than a footprint Santa to mark the big day?!

7. Grinch Footprint Christmas Cards

Grinch Footprint Christmas Card Idea

If you’re looking for something a little different, then why not try this Grinch footprint design.  

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8. Elf-On-the-Shelf  Footprint

Elf Footprint Christmas Card

Another more unusual design is this brilliant elf-on-the-shelf.  Whilst at first glance it may look like a design only for the more artistic, The Pinterested Parent breaks down how to create the elf’s face, making it possible for us all to try!

9. Angel Card Design

Angel Footprint Card Idea

This angel footprint card has clearly been created by Crafty Morning with Mother’s Day in mind.  However we think it would make a brilliant Christmas card design too.  Just adjust the tagline to something more seasonal, such as ‘Happy Christmas from your Little Angel’.

10. ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas The Night Before Christmas Mouse Footprint Card

What a clever take on the classic Christmas poem!  Messy Little Monster have created a free template to use for the design as well.

11. Gingerbread Man Footprint Christmas Cards

Gingerbread Man Footprint Christmas Cards

Last but not least is this cheerful Gingerbread Man Footprint Card design from Emma Owl.  

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Let us know which footprint Christmas cards you decide to create.

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