‘Your front door is the first impression you make when it comes to your Christmas décor. A beautifully dressed entrance will create the perfect warm welcome for you to enjoy as you step in on brisk winter evenings and equally to spread a sense of festive cheer to all those passing by, especially this Christmas.’ So says Harrogate-based Christmas lighting specialists, Lights4fun and we couldn’t agree more. So, let’s talk front door Christmas décor!

Nutcracker Front Door Christmas Decor - oversized baubles and nutcrackers

The front door sets the tone for the décor throughout your home – be it traditional, modern, rustic or fun. So, use our Door Decorating Golden Rule (see below) to enjoy really going all out, and ensure your visitors are full of festive excitement before they’ve even stepped foot inside.

Lights4Fun Christmas Porch

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With limited numbers of guests coming into our homes this year, the front door Christmas décor is playing an even more important role than ever.

Focus for 2020 is very much on the street-scape as we look to celebrate Christmas together with our local community and create a shared Winter Wonderland at the front of our homes for everyone to enjoy.

Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle

And don’t forget that one of the highlights of this year’s season – the Christmas Eve Jingle – will be taking place at your front door! So, make that bell ring for Santa even more magical by surrounding yourselves with a porch filled to the brim with Christmas cheer.

Front Door Christmas Décor Golden Rule - think above, in front and below

This trio of doorway areas come together to give a fully immersive festive experience. So, enjoy draping garlands and lights from above. Catch visitors’ eyes with striking Christmas icons straight in front. And, provide a warm glow and little touches at ground level.

We’ve separated our tips and ideas into these three categories to help you create a magical Christmas welcome for you and your loved ones to enjoy this festive season. Scroll on down for inspiration galore!

Framing Your Threshold

Front Door Christmas Décor – Above

This is the frame to your Christmas celebrations so think garlands, lights, baubles and mistletoe!

Front Door Christmas Décor - Ideas for Above - garlands, lights and baubles

Garlands & Lights

Whilst it is tempting to position any garlands or lights right around the edge of the door, think about pulling them up and away a little to widen the frame and give you more space to create an amazing festive welcome.

Dimples and Tangles Baubles Above Porch
Bauble Garland House Beautiful

Use natural materials collected from winter strolls to create a rustic woodland feel, or create a garland of jewel-coloured baubles for a rich modern feel.

Try adding a garland of fairy lights to highlight your doorway on those dark December nights?

Amazon Bauble Garland
Lights4Fun Christmas Porch

Extra Touches

We also love the idea of hanging oversized baubles from the porch roof and popping a wreath outside an upstairs window for a little extra festive flair.

Spread The Word!

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Let’s sprinkle Christmas cheer far and wide!

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Catch the eye

Front Door Christmas Décor – In Front

Catch the eye with a really striking Christmas icon, and give your guests a flavour of your Christmas decorating style.

Think wreaths and bows as well as festive icons positioned to the sides of the door!

Front Door Christmas Décor - Ideas for In Front - wreaths, bows and Christmas icons


When we think of front door Christmas décor, the wreath is the item that most commonly springs to mind.

Whether you opt for traditional green foliage or something a little more unusual, a beautiful wreath simply screams Christmas.

Of course, why stop at one wreath, when you could have three? Tie a trio of wreaths together with beautiful rich thick ribbon to completely adorn your door. Or, switch out the wreath for something different to really make a statement. We love these festive skates for example!

Brian Woodcock Ice Skate Wreath
Crafty Sisters Three Wreaths


If you fancy a change from the wreath, what about gift wrapping your door instead?

Add a fabulous opulent bow on both sides of the door, and perhaps a little sign, positioned like a gift tag to welcome guests.

Ohoh Deco give us a tutorial on how to gift wrap our door!

Christmas Icon Extra Touches

Now it’s time to think about what to put to the side of your door. A simple illuminated potted Christmas tree works brilliantly and really catches the eye on those long nights.

Mike Garten Sleigh & Tree
Lowes Baubles Galore Entrance Way

Alternatively, you could lean a traditional sleigh against the wall, or embrace a strong 2020 trend and position two Nutcrackers on guard either side of the doorway.

Or, what about making or buying a Christmas sign to welcome visitors?

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MacKenzie-Childs Nutcracker Doorway
Cottage In The Oaks Christmas Sign

Complete the scene

Front Door Christmas Décor – Below

Last, but by no means least, it’s time to think about those little touches at ground level. Think door mat, candles and small details!

These flourishes really elevate the design, and make it feel as though guests are stepping over the threshold into Narnia (although, in this Narnia, it is always Christmas!).

Front Door Christmas Décor - Ideas for Below - candles, mats and little touches


Candles work perfectly to cast that warm glow across the entrance path.

Pop them in hurricane lamps, with a couple of ornaments tucked in the corner, or tie some baubles, bells and ribbon to the handle.

LED battery candles are a great option here because they need far less maintenance and should remain on regardless of the wind levels!

Finding Home Farms Joy Lights
Candles on Doorsteps

Extra Touches

We love other festive touches here as well. Stack some firewood in a small heap, add a poinsettia or two (if the weather is mild enough), or put pinecones and other natural objects into a galvanised bucket.

Another option is to gather together a little group of oversized baubles, or a few pretend gifts and drape some battery-operated fairy lights around them (just make sure the baubles / gifts are heavy enough to stay in position!).

Or showcase your collection of gonks!

The possibilities really are endless – have fun with it!

Cottage In The Oaks Sno Balls
Home Stories AtoZ Pinecones

Switch Your Mat!

Finally, we are also big fans of swapping out the normal doormat for a festive alternative.

Whether you go for a simple Christmas pattern or add a little tongue-in-cheek message for visitors, it’s a really nice way to welcome your visitors to your home.

On Sutton Place DoorMat

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