Our Best Gifts for Travel Lovers 2023 are sure to please any globetrotter eager to spread their wings in the year ahead!

Jolly Festive 2023 Gift Guide For Travel Lovers

Globetrotters, delight!  We’ve got a treasure trove of fabulous inspiration for travel loving pals.  Let’s give our jetsetting friends and family something guaranteed to get those passports itching in pockets.   As a family that loves to be on the road, we can assure you these gifts for travel lovers are going to hit the mark!

Scroll down for all the details and links.  Happy Shopping!

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Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Travel Beach Towel

We both adore Dock & Bay’s fabulous beach towels. Large, fabulously patterned, and perfect for travelling with. They are absorbent enough to work well as a towel but pack down brilliantly in the case, wash well, and don’t gather sand in the way normal towels do.

Dock & Bay Travel Beach Towel

Stackers Cable Tidy

Cable Tidy Bag

We already loved their travel jewellery boxes but now Stackers have added a cable tidy to the range. Available in a wide selection of colours, this is perfect for ensuring those cables and plugs don’t go walkabout so we can!

Stackers Cable Tidy Bag

Apple AirTag


Jo LOVES an Air Tag – it’s a wonder she hasn’t put one on Hannah! Keep track of luggage and key possessions with Apple’s AirTag Bluetooth item finder which instantly connects to an iPhone or iPad.

Apple AirTag

Philips Handheld Steamer 3000 Series

Travel Handheld Garment Steamer

Compact and foldable, this handheld garment steamer will ensure your jetsetting pal looks top of their game wherever they are! (Just watch the changing voltages across countries as steamers are notorious for struggling.)

Philips Travel Handheld Garment Steamer

SUCK UK Cork Globe

Cork Globe

Keep track of travels with this fun cork globe. It’ll make for an eye-catching display on a desk or sideboard and have your jetsetter dreaming of their next trip in no time!

SUCK UK Cork Globe

Martha Brook Personalised Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Know someone with a special trip (or two!) coming up? This gorgeous travel journal from Martha Brook will walk them through the planning and packing as well as helping record special moments from the trip to enjoy looking back upon later.

Martha Brook Travel Journal

FREETOO Portable Luggage Scale

Luggage Scale

We’ve both got one of these.  No need to worry about overweight luggage again –this portable luggage scale from FREETOO is a few grams worth investing!

FREETOO Luggage Scale

FERYES Travel Makeup Brush Holder

Travel Makeup Brush Holder

Isn’t this such a neat way to keep brushes clean and tidy as you travel? Available in a whole range of colours, each with a magnetic fastening to keep brushes safe.

Feryes Travel Makeup Brush Holder

Kitsch Travel Bottle Set

Travel Bottle Set

This 11 piece travel bottle set is TSA approved to go in carry-on bags. The larger bottles compact down once they’ve been emptied and the items can even be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

Kitsch Travel Bottle Set

Twelve South AirFly Duo

Airfly Headphone Converter

Airfly is a wireless transmitter converting a classic headphone jack into a portal for your regular headphones. No more using aeroplane headsets or dealing with corded headphones at the gym. Plus the Airfly duo enables two devices to pair with it so you can share the audio with your travelling companion.

Twelve South Airfly Headphone Converter

ST&G Marvellous Map Great British Bucket List

Great British Bucket List Map

You may well know that we’re huge fans of these Marvellous Maps from ST&G. And this newest golden Bucket List Map is no exception. The level of detail provided is second to none. And with such thoughtful presentation, it’s a pleasure to pour over with guaranteed inspiration waiting within!

ST&G Marvellous Maps Great British Bucket List Map

BeeVines 3D Sleep Mask

3D Sleep Mask

Super comfy sleep mask, this padded design ensures there’s no pressure directly on the eyes which makes for a better fit and less “leakage” of light too. A winner for Jo & her hubby on her travels this year.

BeeVines 3D Sleep Mask

Somebody Feed Phil The Book

Somebody Feed Phil: The Book

Have you been watching Somebody Feed Phil? We’re obsessed! Now it’s time to reminisce about his salivating travel adventures and try the recipes too!

Somebody Feed Phil: The Book

Cove Lola Cashmere Travel Wrap

Cashmere Travel Wrap

Never fear aggressive air conditioning again with this gorgeous versatile cashmere travel wrap from Cove.  Works as a scarf, wrap, blanket, you name it!

Cove Lola Cashmere Travel Wrap

BEIS The Weekender Bag

The Weekender Bag

It’s the bag of the hour, and for good reason. Considerately designed, with a separate lower section for toiletries, tech and bulkier items, leaving the upper section clear for your clothes. It comes in a range of colours and partners well with other products in the BEIS range.

Beis The Weekender Bag

Priority Pass Membership

Priority Pass Membership

When you’re travelling frequently through airports, it’s reassuring to know you can kick back in a comfy chair and enjoy a drink away from the main airport hustle and bustle. Give your travel lover a treat they may not be able to justify themselves but will thank you for all year long!

Priority Pass Membership

What other gift ideas for travel lovers have you got up your sleeve?  Do let us know in the comments below!  What else would you like to see on our guide?

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