Giving Back


Spreading Christmas Cheer is one of the best feelings in the world, isn’t it?!

Discover how you can give back this Christmas, and learn about some of the amazing community projects underway across the country.


Christmas Cheer

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Sharing Wonderful Work

Be uplifted & motivated by the fabulous ways in which others are spreading Christmas cheer.

Get Involved

Find easy ideas for fun ways to give back in your community this Christmas.

Communities Spreading Cheer

These are the kind of Christmas stories that really warm the heart!

Some are well-established country-wide projects, others are individuals just doing their bit to help out.  All are wonderful and deserve to be celebrated! 

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Six neighbours in Hull joined forces in an Act of Christmas Kindness, creating a dazzling Christmas lights display for their local community.

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Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle

Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle

The Christmas Eve Jingle looks set to spread festive spirit across the world. Join in with your local community & help Santa fly that sleigh!

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A Community Together At Christmas

A Community Together At Christmas

‘We can’t do a Community Christmas without the Community.’ Local resident Sabrina from Cwmbran, Wales leads the charge to ensure no-one is left out this Christmas.

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Tell Us About Your Project

Want to share a Christmas cheer project underway in your local area?  It’s very much a case of ‘The More The Merrier’.  We love sharing good news heartwarming stories, no matter the scope or size!

Giving Back & Paying Forward

Share a little Christmas love in your local community this year.  Check out our ideas below.