Get ready for the ultimate holiday fun with our ’12 Days of Christmas’ scavenger hunt! Find all 78 festive items! Are you up for the challenge?

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Flatlay of the 12 Days of Christmas printable game check list on surface with baubles, fir, and sequins around it.

From “One Santa Claus” to “Two Sleighs A-Gleaming,” and “Three Penguins Waddling,” this holiday scavenger hunt is the perfect way to add some extra sparkle to your festive walks. Bring the family together for some fresh air and Christmas cheer.  And if the weather outside is frightful, our indoor version is just delightful (sorry, sorry, we know!).  Ideal for school classes, community groups, and even offices too!

For an extra dash of (cheesy) Christmas joy, we’ve created a special version of the classic carol to sing along as you search. Plus, all the printables you need are ready to download for free. Enjoy 🙂

12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Download our free printable checklist, grab a pen, and step outside to start your festive adventure. Who’ll be the first to complete their 12 Days of Christmas treasure hunt?

We suggest simply crossing the items off on the printable checklist tree but you could ask for photo evidence too.

It’s a great way to appreciate the festive decorations in your local area and enjoy your neighbour’s Christmas flair!

Indoor Version

Don’t let the seasonal weather stop you! Our indoor version brings the same ’12 Days of Christmas’ excitement right into your home, classroom, or office.

We’ve prepared cards for each of the 78 items for you to print, cut out, and hide. Let the indoor treasure hunt begin!

12 Days of Christmas’ Holiday Scavenger Hunt List

What’s on the festive lookout list? Here’s what you’ll be hunting for:

12 Wreaths

11 Sets of Fairy Lights

10 Christmas Trees

9 Reindeer

8 Stars

7 Snowmen

6 Presents

5 Baubles

4 Polar Bears

3 Penguins

2 Sleighs

1 Santa Claus

We’ve chosen items commonly found in outdoor holiday decorations.  But if you have other popular items near you, why not create your own holiday scavenger hunt extravaganza?

Alternative ’12 Days of Christmas’ Song

Let’s up the festive spirit …!  Add some musical fun to your holiday scavenger hunt with our bespoke version of the ’12 Days of Christmas’.  Sing along as you search – we know it’s a bit cheesy, but what’s Christmas without a bit of silliness!  You could always capture the fun with a recorded rendition for a special holiday keepsake!!

We suggest starting with ‘A Santa Claus saying, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”’.  Continue upwards so that the last verse goes like this:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me:

Twelve wreaths a-hanging,

Eleven light strings twinkling,

Ten trees a-sparkling,

Nine reindeer prancing,

Eight stars a-shining,

Seven snowmen smiling,

Six presents stacking,

Five shiny baubles,

Four polar bears,

Three penguins waddling,

Two sleighs a-gleaming,

And a Santa Claus saying “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

What do you think?  Ready to sing and play?

Looking for more inspiration?

And be sure to check out our Indoor Winter Scavenger Hunts for some weatherproof seasonal fun – scavenger hunts are not just for Christmas 😉

Whether you’re bundling up for an outdoor adventure or turning your home into a festive treasure hunt zone, these activities are sure to spread some Christmas cheer!

We’d love to see how you get on! Share your scavenger hunt stories and sing-along videos with us – let’s spread the festive joy far and wide.


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