Rain or shine, our indoor scavenger hunt games are perfect for winter family fun at home! Explore our free printables for cosy seasonal play.
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Magnifying Glass Looking At Snowglobe with candles to side and fake snow sprinkled on surface below.
Three winter-themed indoor scavenger hunt games to enjoy from the comfort of your home. No need to brave the cold to join in the fun! Perfect for those cosy days indoors when venturing out just isn’t on the cards – whether it’s due to the weather, someone feeling under the weather, or simply having to wait in for a delivery.

As always, we’ve created free printables for you to download and use, making game play super easy.  Which game would you like to play with your family?

1. ‘Find Me Something’ Game

In our ‘Find Me Something’ indoor scavenger hunt, there are 18 winter-themed items to discover. Some will be a quick find, while others might require a little more creativity and lateral thinking.  For example, what’s in your home that makes a sound like the winter weather?

This game easily adapts to various ages. Print out a copy of the free checklist for each player or read out the items for a group search. Bring the item back or snap a photo – your choice. The final item on the list is something ‘tasty for a winter treat,’ setting the scene for a delightful finish with a seasonal snack of your seeker’s choice!  Maybe hot chocolate or a sweet orange.

Ideas For ‘Find Me Something’ Winter-Edition

Want to create your own winter ‘Find Me Something’ game? Here are some starting points. What unique items will you add to your list?

Find me something:

  • That keeps your toes warm
  • That smells like winter
  • As white as snow
  • To cuddle on a cold winter’s night
  • With a polar animal on it
  • Wintry to read
  • That sounds like the winter weather
  • To protect your hands from the cold
  • To brighten up a dark night
  • With a snowy scene
  • That begins with a ‘W’
  • Cosy to wear
  • With a snowflake pattern
  • Used only at winter time
  • As green as a fir tree
  • That sparkles like a star
  • Tasty for a winter treat

2. Hunt The Cards

Next up, we have 24 winter-themed cards for you to print and hide around your home. Players get a scorecard with six items to find – a perfect game for word recognition and sparking conversations about winter.

We’ve made scorecards for up to four players. If you’ve got a bigger group, team up or take turns being the hider and seeker.

Alternatively, print out two sets of the picture cards for a game of Winter Picture Pairs.  Another fun and easy seasonal activity to enjoy.

3. Through The Winter Window

Our final game is ideal for younger children. With nine items to spot from the warmth of your home, it’s a gentle adventure through the winter window. From a red robin to chimney smoke and even a bird feeder, this I-spy game not only entertains but also subtly educates about winter wildlife.

We’ve created a fun, free printable checklist to guide this observational journey. It’s a wonderful way to discuss the changing seasons and the unique sights only visible in winter.

Looking for more inspiration?

And be sure to check out our Winter Mindful Moments Printable for some pause and reset over the winter months.

We hope these wintry indoor scavenger hunt games bring a flurry of excitement to your home. Which one is your favourite?  And when you’re ready to brave the world outside, check out our selection of outdoor scavenger hunts for more wintery fun.

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