Identical Advent Parcels - Advent Calendar Fillers

You’ve decided to treat your loved one to a fabulous Homemade Advent Calendar.  Yey, we’re so happy for you both!  But the pressure to come up with 24 thoughtful unique Advent Calendar Fillers (without breaking the bank) can be overwhelming.  Do not dismay … we are here to help!

We’ll get those creative juices flowing with more than 250 Advent Calendar Fillers to select between. From Santa rubber ducks to festive plant baubles and turkey basters – we really do have something for everyone! And don’t miss our fabulous “Let’s … Get Festive” recommendations either: 30 fun festive activities for the whole family to enjoy, together with filler pairing suggestions for each. They’re guaranteed to help your Christmas Countdown really take shape. 

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Creating your Calendar Vision Board

Before we dive in, do you have a clear vision of the Homemade Advent Calendar that you would like to create?  If not, be sure to check out our 10-Step Calendar Vision Board.  It’ll take you through all the key considerations when creating a calendar so that you can be sure to give your loved one an Advent to remember! 

Now that the foundations of your calendar are in place, we can start thinking about Advent Calendar Fillers.  If you would like to go for a more unusual, quirky fully-themed advent calendar, do check out some of our favourite themed advent calendars here.  If you have more of a broad-range of treats in mind, then read on as our suggestions below should have you sorted in no time!

Golden Rules

There are two Golden Rules to remember with Advent Calendar Fillers:

  1. Don’t bankrupt yourself!  Always set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it.  Don’t be afraid to fill most days with little chocolate coins or handwritten jokes & notes, and just select a handful of days for larger treats.  It’s your design, and it will be an indulgent and thoughtful treat for your loved one no matter what form it takes. 
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Those intricately handcrafted wooden advent calendars in the shops may look gorgeous but all too often cause unnecessary stress when trying to find fillers that actually fit inside.  We would always recommend buying a calendar with larger daily containers, or making one with more space – click here for more information.  Then you can focus your attention firmly on finding fabulous thoughtful treats to include, without needing to take a ruler to the shops!  (If you have fallen in love with, or inherited, a calendar with small pockets/drawers, consider a treasure-hunt approach – insert folded handwritten notes into the calendar which provide clues to the location of larger treats.)

What sorts of things work as Advent Calendar Fillers?

Of course Advent Calendar Fillers can be anything you want; nothing is off limits. However, we tend to find it easiest to think of them as small Stocking Stuffers. That being said, there are a couple of key differences that are worth bearing in mind:

Two Pairs Of Christmas Socks by the Tree

Stocking contents are typically focused on refilling drawers & cupboards for the New Year, together with a few indulgent treats to enjoy over the Christmas holiday. Advent Calendar Fillers, on the other hand, offer the perfect opportunity to gift your loved one those Christmas Socks, that Festive Scrubbing Brush or Brussel Sprout Woolly Hat. By 25th December, it often feels a bit late to be starting a Christmas novel or painting on your sparkly red nail polish.  Through the advent calendar, we can share some light-hearted festive merriment earlier in the month.

Child Baking Gingerbread Men

There is far more scope within an Advent Calendar to include homemade trinkets and facilitate festive activities.  These shared experiences & personal mementos really help to set the tone of the festivities and build the magic of the season over a series of weeks rather than just a few hectic days. They are a wonderful way to let someone special know just how much we care. In our opinion, that’s what really sets Homemade Advent Calendars apart and makes them so fabulous.

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Ideas for Advent Calendar Fillers

The ideas below really are just the tip of the iceberg – we had to stop somewhere or we’d be sharing this in January! 

However, we hope that these ideas will give you a great start-point from which to gather your twenty-four treats.  We’ve shared links to some of our particular favourites so you can put them straight in your basket and get ahead on your Advent planning.  And you’ll see we have included a whole section on homemade filler suggestions for some super-personal wallet-friendly ideas too. 

Wrapped Advent Gifts on a Starry Frame

We can’t resist highlighting a few of our favourite ideas before we share the full details:

  1. Why not start the calendar off with an Advent Candle so that your loved one can double-up on the countdown fun!
  2. Surely the 2020 Christmas must-haves will include a festive facemask and seasonal sanitiser?! Use the calendar to make sure your loved one is all kitted out and raring to go!
  3. We love including a Gift Card in the Advent Calendar. It doesn’t have to be for a large amount – a lovely unexpected free coffee or doughnut can be a real pick-me-up! (If you’re visiting your calendar recipient over the festive season, adding a supermarket gift card into the calendar can be a really thoughtful way of contributing towards the food cost, and hard for them to refuse!)
  4. We’re huge fans of some Christmas Eve fun – Hair Baubles or Beard Lights add that little bit of seasonal silliness and sparkle. Or what about a Christmas-themed game to get the festivities off to a flying start?

Fillers for Children

Magic snow
Toy cars
Christmas Mad Libs
LEGO Minifigure Sets
Festive Wind-Up Toys
Trading Cards
Bouncy Balls
Pack of Cards
Nerf Gun Bullets
Dolls Clothes & Accessories
Temporary Festive Tattoos
Mini Christmas Craft Sets
Festive Puzzle Book
Festive Colouring Book
Light Up Flashing Christmas Spinner
Snap Glow-Sticks
Nativity Figurines
Bike Spoke Lights
Festive Magic Flannel
Whoopie Cushion
Spy Pen
Christmas Badges
Nanoblock Christmas Sets
Any Party-Bag-style Toys
Advent Toys

Especially For the Very Littlies

Finger puppets
Small musical instruments
Bath toy (e.g. Santa Rubber Duck)
Festive cuddly toy
Christmas Advent Filler Accessories Montage

Clothing Fillers

Christmas Socks
Slipper Socks
Festive Underpants
Woolly Hat – Funny or Comfy
For 2020: Festive Facemask

Accessories Fillers

Christmas Earrings
Christmas Lights Necklace
Beard Lights
Hair Baubles
Pocket Tote Bag
Emergency Glasses Repair Kit
Festive Cufflinks
Festive Make-Up

Toiletries Fillers

Lip Balm
Bath Bomb
Festive Pocket Tissue Pack
Nail File
Small Cosmetics Bag
Sparkly Make-Up
Roll-On Aromatherapy Oils
For 2020: Hand Sanitiser
Hand Cream
Shower Gel Ornament
Compact Mirror
Rollerball Perfume
Festive Soap
Festive Nail Polish
Make-Up Brush
Travel-size Favourite Toiletries

Festive Decor Fillers

Advent Calendar for 1st Dec
Christmas Tree Ornament
Packet of Paper Chains
Christmas Tree Scent Sticks
Festive Tealights
Small Christmas Candle Holder
Garland / Wreath Accessories 
Stocking Hanger
Other Small Christmas Decorations
Festive Craft Set
Festive Cross Stitch Set
Christmas Cake Topper
Mini Indoor Sparklers
Christmas Mug - Kitchen Advent Calendar Fillers

Festive Kitchen & Dining Fillers

(Think “Christmas” in front of every item on this list!)

Paper Napkins
Napkin Rings
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Kitchen Timer
Egg Cup
Spatula or Wooden Spoon
Pizza Cutter
Takeaway Dice
Meat Thermometer
Turkey Baster
Wine Bottle Cover
Drinks Koozie
Drinks Coaster
Cocktail Stirrers
Bottle Opener
Bottle Stopper
Wine Glass Charms
Ice Cube Tray
Reuseable Straws
Whiskey Stones
USB Bottlestop Light
Technology on a Typewriter

Home & Car Fillers

Festive Plant Baubles
Christmas Toilet Roll
Christmas Pudding Bin Bags
Snowflake Multi-Tool
Grow Your Own Christmas Carrots
Festive Magnets
Tape Measure
Festive Car Fragrance
Car Reindeer Antlers & Nose
Ice Scraper
Multi-purpose Pen

Tech Gadgets

Festive Phone Cover
Flash Drive
Car Charger
Phone Charger
Cable Tidies
Screen Wipes
USB Boogie Light
Mini Emergency Tech Kit
Portable Charger
Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Sports Fillers

Golf Balls / Tees
Bike Cleaning Cloth
Bike Seat Rain Cover
Sweat Bands
Small Gym Towel
Energy Bars / Gels / Drinks
Favourite Football Club Keyring

Travel Fillers

Luggage Tag
Luggage Handle Wrap
Luggage Strap
Luggage Scales
Passport Cover
Railcard Cover
Travel Adapter
Selection of Festive Hobbies

Hobbies Fillers

Knitting / Crochet Needles
Mini sewing kit
Jar Label & Toppers
Icing Nozzles
Bird Seed
Plant Seed Packet
Christmas Novel
Clip-on Reading Light
Guitar Picks
Light Up Drumsticks

Stationery Fillers

Personalised Christmas Stamp & Ink Pad
Festive Pens
Fun Paper Clips 
Sticky Memo Pad
Festive Rubbers
Metallic Pens
Gift-Tags /  Bows /  Sellotape
Festive Stickers

Gift Cards ETC.

Lottery Ticket
Scratch Card
Voucher For Favourite Coffee Shop
iTunes Voucher
Gift Card (Low £) For Favourite Shop
Supermarket Gift Card
Coin Of Your Choice
Rolled Up Note (if you’re feeling generous!)
Family Play Christmas Games

Game & Puzzle Fillers

Brainteaser Puzzles
Mini Festive Game Tins
Mini Crossword or Sudoku Books
Festive Joke Book
Festive Quiz Book
Christmas Bingo
Santa Cubebot Puzzle
Ginger Fox Cracker Games
Inflatable Reindeer Ring Toss
Mince Spies
Other Christmas Themed Games

Edible Advent Calendar Fillers

Hot Chocolate Sachet
Mini Favourite Jam
Mini Favourite Condiment
Mini Wine Bottle
Mini Spirit Bottle
Favourite Chocolate Bar
Favourite Sweet Packet
Candy Cane
Coffee Capsules
Cookie Cutter & Sprinkles
Festive Mint Pack
Mulling Spices
Prosecco Dust
Cookie / Brownie Mug Mix
Chocolate Coins
Festive Teabags
Mince Pie Fudge
Mini Prosecco Bottle
Marshmallows & Skewers
Homemade Advent Calendar Fillers

HomeMade Advent Calendar Fillers

Homemade Cookies
Christmas Playlist Suggestions
Handwritten Jokes / Riddles
Homemade Ornament
Promises (for activities or help with chores)
Stovetop Pot Pourri
Small Framed Photo
Handwritten Festive Poem
Homemade Charade Clues
Festive Homemade Photo Booth Props
Love Token (for hugs & kisses)
Printed Photos With Twine & Mini Pegs
Homemade Hot Chocolate Gift Jar
Printed Festive Short Stories
Handwritten Inspirational Quotes
Christmas Salt Shaker or Snowglobe
Handmade Festive Memory / Snap Game
Homemade Mulling Spice Sachets

Ideas for Advent Calendar Activities

As you know, one of our favourite things about Homemade Advent Calendars is that they are so uniquely personal, and really give you the opportunity to show your loved one how much you care. 

The simple incorporation of a particularly important or poignant dates can mean so much (e.g. a candle and party popper on a birthday, or tealight on the anniversary of the passing of a loved one). 

And the inclusion of seasonal activities can really shape a wonderfully memorable and fun-filled Advent for the whole family. Some metallic pens and Christmas stickers with a handwritten note proclaiming “Let’s make Christmas Cards” can turn an already-lovely festive activity into something just that little bit more magical and exciting.  

And of course you can put absolutely anything into a calendar!  Why not reveal your family panto trip by rolling up the tickets with some snap glow-sticks, and slotting them into the calendar on the appropriate date?

Here are 30 “Let’s …. Get Festive” activities that we think would be superb to include, together with suggested Advent Calendar Fillers for each.

Let's Get Festive Activities - Advent Calendar Fillers

Hopefully you’re now brimming with ideas for how to fill your Homemade Advent Calendar.  Enjoy browsing and do let us know what you decide to include.  We’re always on the look out for new and unusual treats!

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