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It’s exactly half a year until Christmas now.  Wahoo!  Anyone embracing Junemas?  We can’t help having a dose of the festive feels today.  Scroll down to see what’s caught our eye this week…

Cheerful Snowmen Decorations
  1. Did you know that June 25 is Leon Day?! Leon = Noel backwards! And we’re now officially 6 months away from Christmas. Bring on the carols!!!
  2. We were this many days old when we learnt that Christmas in June is a song! Please tell us we aren’t the only ones!
  3. Unclear if we’ll have access in the UK but for those that do, Hallmark movies are back with the festive feels throughout July.

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  1. Visited this gem of a Christmas shop up in bonnie Scotland last month. A fabulous treasure trove! Highly recommend a mooch. The Cattle & Creel restaurant next door is a great place to examine your purchases too!
  2. Loving these tips for using Christmas lights all year round. Definitely beats pulling the ladder out!!
  3. We have no idea if The Queen of Christmas took inspiration from this earlier song but always fun to discover a new festive song. What do you think?
  4. Wow! How fabulous would this cake be as a Christmas table centerpiece?

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  1. Ooooh new modern adaptation of A Christmas Carol coming to Sky this festive season with Suranne Jones in the lead role. Can’t wait already!
  2. Great way to use the meat of the season in a different way! Wonder if these turkey kebabs would work with leftovers?!
  3. Why not celebrate Christmas in June (or July) with these watermelon Christmas Trees! Look like a great way to cool off to us!

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