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Did you know After Eights are 60 years old?! We’re hankering after some Christmas chocs right now!  Scroll down to see what’s caught our eye this week…

Christmas Market with Big Wheel
  1. Is Christmas even complete without a box of After Eights?!  We’re all over this extra indulgent gift box new for the choc’s 60 year birthday celebrations! Which would you go for first?
  2. Oh this has us written all over it! Christmas crafting on stage with Dragon’s Den’s very own Sara Davies!!! BRB, just getting booked.
  3. This looks like a great fun activity for the littlies – festive magic in flowerpot form!

Christmas Chocolate S'mores

Bring the great outdoors into the warmth of your own home with these Christmas Chocolate S’mores.  Yum!

  1. Pine Needle fresh laundry all year long sounds fabulous to us! Love this!
  2. Oh no, not again! Turkey farmers are warning of potential shortages again this year. Eeek!
  3. Oh we are completely in love with this stunning hanging votive .. it’s making our hearts sing! So simple yet so sweet!
  4. Have you got your Polar Express train ride booked yet? Fantastic festive activity for the whole family but tickets sell out fast!  Check out our complete guide – everything you need to know.

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To find out more about Britain’s first year round Christmas holiday rental, click here.

  1. Wow, we’d love to go to this mid-winter month long festival in Greytown, New Zealand. This year’s theme is Gingerbread!!!
  2. LEGOLAND at Christmas tickets now on sale. One of Hannah’s boys’ favourite festive experiences, be sure to book early if you fancy some Brickmas fun!
  3. Love these ideas of slowing down the holidays –feel like we could all use them!

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