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What does Prince Charles serve for Christmas Dinner and other midweek festive details! Read on for our Midweek Musings …

Mince Pies & Shortbread

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  1. Chocolate orange snowballs you say? Oh yes please! Mini eggs are our favourites so bringing that crunchy outer shell to a festive chocolate centre is going to be high on our shopping list this year!
  2. Oh these angels of colour are just fabulous! Choose the macrame angel that speaks most to you. All wonderfully eco, all wonderfully festive, all wonderfully gorgeous!
  3. Short rib of beef is rumoured to be the only meat on offer at Prince Charles’s Christmas celebrations this year. Do you agree or are you a turkey kinda person? Use our Christmas Dinner planner to design your perfect lunch.  Then compare with family and friends…

Get Ahead With A Stress-Free Christmas Dinner

The ultimate hack for a stress-free Christmas morning.  And you can get started right now!  No more kitchen chaos… 

  1. Totally in love with Paperchase’s new Cosmic Wonder range. The travel flask is perfect for those long winter nights or quite frankly August weekdays!
  2. Oooh … where it all started … the Liberty Advent Calendar! Do be sure to sign up for a first glimpse of this year’s beauty delight. We can’t wait!
  3. Oh wow! This raffia stocking stunner is a little bit gorgeous!!! Quite the investment piece but we can all dream of that Caribbean Christmas in the sun!
  4. Speaking of keeping that holiday vibe, these are just our favourite travel towels ever. A must gift for any jetsetter friends!

Design Your Perfect Christmas Dinner

Design Your Perfect Christmas Dinner Quiz IG

So what’s it going to be…?  Click here to find out what are our favourite festive feasts!

  1. How amazing would this tray from Asta Barrington at Daisy Park look as the base or backdrop to a Hot Chocolate Station?!
  2. Loving the launch of Barbie’s latest addition to the Fashionistas range. Jo was a big Barbie fan (she spent her £10 winnings on the first ever National Lottery draw on a doll!) and we just wish they’d had dolls as inclusive as these when we were little! Sure to be high up the wishlist this Christmas especially with the imminent Barbie movie release!
  3. Die Hard director John McTiernan has weighed in on the now legendary debate: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Well apparently it’s for us, the audience, to decide. So what do you think?

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