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When are the best Christmas sales? Which is the Christmas advert winner 2022? And other festive questions answered.

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  1. So the early bird really does catch the worm! It’s official – the Black Friday sales are the best of the discounts. Have you got your shopping list ready?
  2. And speaking of money-saving ideas, have you checked our 101 ideas for Christmas on a Budget?
  3. Loving this handy list of all those supermarket Christmas delivery booking slot dates.

101 Cost-Saving Christmas Ideas

101 ways to spend less this Christmas and still have a magical time! Here’s our top tips for how to do Christmas on a budget.

  1. Have you seen This Is Nessie’s for 2023? Oh we are in love! We’ve been This Is Nessie fans for years and years – they had us their welly boot chopping boards over a decade ago! And did you know that new This Is Nessie customers get a whooping 20% off their first order with our special discount code: JOLLYFESTIVE.
  2. Gahhhh we can’t decide which Christmas advert we love best! Which is your favourite? Are you eager for upbeat or do you love the sentimental ones?  Catch up on all the biggies here.
  3. Oh wow, these elf outfits are seriously cute. Perfect for something a little different for Elfie this year. Loving the football one for a World Cup countdown too!
  4. Eeek how excited are we for the Christmas light trails and train rides starting up for the season. Hannah had a magical evening on the Watercress Line earlier this week aboard one of the UK’s 12 Christmas Lights trains. Have you heard of them? Find out more here and click to see where your nearest lights train is located.

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For more about the amazing Christmas Lights Train adventure at Watercress Line’s Steam Illuminations, click here.

  1. In love with the eco festive dishcloth designs from Jangneus this year. They make a fantastic alternative to Christmas cards too … check out #11 on this list for more.
  2. 8 kilos of panettone! That’s about the same weight as your microwave or hand luggage case! Could your family get through the largest panettone in Britain?!
  3. Never fear, Mary’s here! Mary Berry returns to our screens this festive season with her Ultimate Christmas and Rylan by her side. We’re drooling already!

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