** AS SEEN ON KIRSTIE’S HANDMADE CHRISTMAS ** Get inspiration for a Movie Night Hamper (and recreate the one we made for Kirstie!)

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Jolly Festive's Movie Night Hamper for Kirstie's Handmade Christmas

We love gifting hampers!  And what better hamper to gift at Christmas time than a Movie Night Hamper.  Perfect for encouraging snuggle time on those cold winter nights!

So when the team from Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas suggested we apply for the Christmas Hamper Competition, it was no brainer choosing the theme for our creation.

Scroll down to find out what went into our Movie Night Hamper.  And get lots more ideas and inspiration to create your own.

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Hannah with Kirstie Allsopp

Our Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas Hamper

Our Movie Night Munchies Hamper for Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas included:

Berry & Candy Cane Gin

The perfect tipple for the grown-ups.  We served ours with lemonade for a lighter sweet taste.

Candy Cane gin liqueur bottles

Get the details here!

Christmas Spiced Nuts

Seriously moreish with just a touch of heat.  Nom nom nom!

Spiced Nuts on table with glass

Get the recipe here!

Christmas Dinner Popcorn *

Our Willy Wonka-esque Christmas dinner in a bowl.

Christmas Dinner Popcorn

Find out more here!

*As our hamper was being enjoyed immediately we prepared the popcorn ready to eat.  However for gifting we would suggest preparing a small jar of the popcorn herb mix and some popcorn kernels ready for popping.

Christmas Snack Mix

So easy to make and impossible to stop chomping!

Easy Christmas Snack Mix

Get the details here!

Christmas Movie Bingo Game

Upping the anti on Christmas Movie viewing!  Our Christmas Movie Bingo Game comes with two sets of boards – one for the whole family, and one just for the older children and adults.

Christmas Movie Bingo Flyer

Download your FREE game here!

Sprinkle Cookie Counters

Tasty mini cookies, just the right size to fit with our bingo game boards. You could of course simply gift a bag of festive coloured sweets or some chocolate buttons instead.

Cookie Jar Sprinkle Cookies

Find out more here!

PLUS we added in extra cookie jar sprinkle cookie mix so more counters could be made!

The Christmas Hamper Competition Crew with Kirstie Allsopp at Kirstie Handmade Christmas

Other Movie Night Hamper Ideas

If you’re looking for some more inspiration then all of the items below would fit perfectly in a movie night hamper.

Food & Drink

Other Items:

Personalised Movie Selection:

We also love the idea of sharing your favourite movie suggestions as part of the gift.  Harness your inner critic and write a brief synopsis of each film and why you think they’d like them. 

Everyone in your family could add a few ideas.  Pop them in a labelled jar or tin, ready for random picks each movie night!

Presenting Our Christmas Hamper For Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas

For our Movie Night Munchies hamper, we wanted to play on the Lights, Camera, Action theme.

We also liked the idea of the contents having a homemade retro kind of feel. 

So we used a black, white & red colour palette, with red and white twine, air dry clay decorations and an old school label maker to decorate and label our items.

Christmas Movie Night Hamper

The wicker basket we used (black rather than traditional brown) was one our parents had kept from a previous Christmas gift.  We’re all about repurposing where possible!

We added strips of vintage film reel to the traditional shredded paper stuffing at the bottom of the hamper and used fairy lights to show off the reel to best effect. 

Finally we added a homemade clapperboard to the open lid of the basket, together with more film reel and lights, to bring the whole hamper together and give a focal point.

Recreate The Look

Whilst of course we probably went a bit overboard because we were creating a Christmas hamper for judging on national television (pinch me moment or what?!?!), it’s quite easy to recreate the various elements at home.

  • Find a similar black wicker hamper basket here 
  • Vintage film reel can be purchased quite cheaply in places such as eBay here. 2-3m should be more than enough for decorating the hamper.
  • We created a homemade clapperboard but they are reasonably inexpensive to purchase, such as this one here. You could add the family name to the board for a personalised touch.
  • If using fairy lights, do be sure to use LED ones (and position battery packs carefully) to avoid risk of overheating or fire. 
  • Our air dry clay decorations each have fun encouraging messages such as Chomp, Scoff, Cheers, etc. Learn how to make these here.
  • Buy an embossing label maker here for the retro labels  (we used Hannah’s 30 year old one which still worked a treat!).  
Christmas Dinner Popcorn Ready For Movie Night Hamper

Other Movie Night Hamper Presentation Ideas

Of course that’s just one way to present a Movie Night Hamper.  The sky really is the limit though so here’s a few other suggestions.

What To Use As The Hamper

  • Any basket or container you can find at home!
  • A personalised crate such as this one (comes flat packed).
  • Large reusable popcorn tub (great for a smaller selection of treats). 
  • Spray paint a cardboard box and use stencils (or write freehand if you can!) to personalise it.
  • These DRÖNA boxes from IKEA work really well for larger hampers and are great value for the size. Plus they are a super useful storage gift in their own right!
Me And My Shadow Movie Night Hamper Idea In Popcorn Bucket

What To Fill The Bottom With

  • Shredded paper and straw are the most common options. Rather than buying purpose made, why not find someone with a shredder and make your own!  Or just use some crumpled paper or tissue paper.
  • If you’re adding a blanket to the family hamper gift, you could use this to pad out the bottom.
  • Or use film reel, like we did, to emphasise the theme! It’s great fun, unusual and looks brilliant.  We warn you though it does have a mind of its own so will take a little bit of taming!
Kids Planet Billinge Movie Night Hamper

How To Make The Hamper Look Beautiful

Hampers look best when you can see the contents inside.  Although if your hamper does have a lid, then closing it can be easier for transporting and make it more like a traditional present.

There’s no need to individually wrap the contents which is good news!  Although we would add labels to explain any items that would benefit from a little context. 

Place larger, heavier items towards the back and position other items around these to balance the sizes and weights as evenly as possible. 

The most common way to finish a hamper is to wrap it in cellophane, bringing the corners up to the top above the hamper and gathering them together with ribbon to tie them into position.  Then add a big bow.  You can also get hamper bags (like these from Lakeland) which makes things slightly easier. 

But you can just as easily leave your hamper without a cellophane cover provided all the food products are covered.  Better for the environment and less work / expense for you!  Win win.

Movie Hamper Idea

We hope you enjoy making up your Movie Night Hamper as much as we enjoyed creating ours for Kirstie.  Share any other ideas you have in the comments below.  What other hamper gift themes do you enjoy creating?

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