We’ve gone mushroom mad and share heaps of ideas for how to add mushroom décor into your designs this Christmas.
A Jolly Festive Round-Up
Mushroom Decor Inspiration
In recent years, mushrooms have moved from our plates to our living spaces, and they show no signs of fading away. The Mushroom Decor trend offers a delightful departure from traditional holiday ornaments, allowing you to create an aesthetic room that’s both charming and on-trend. Bring a little bit of the forest indoors this Christmas.  Let the magic of these tiny toadstools inspire your holiday season.

Whether you choose a homemade mushroom design, retro funky fungi, disco mushrooms, or a natural woodland vibe, you’ll be right in step with this enchanting trend that’s taken social media by storm.

Mythical Toadstool Ornaments On Tree

Mythical Toadstool Ornaments Are The Perfect Addition To Any Tree!

Why Are Mushrooms Christmas Décor?

An icon of the autumn season, you might wonder why mushrooms, of all things, have sprouted up in our Christmas decor.

Surprisingly it makes more sense than you’d think!  Festive woodland themes have surged in popularity in recent years, with earthy colour palettes, natural materials, and forest-inspired elements taking centre stage in Christmas decor.

The humble mushroom bridges the realms of eco-importance and folklore, making it the perfect candidate to blend the whimsical wonderland of Christmas with our growing desire for sustainable living.

What’s more, the fungi kingdom is as diverse as our Christmas decor styles, ensuring there’s a mushroom to suit everyone, whether you lean towards the mythical or the natural.


Mushroom Ornaments On Christmas Tree at ChristmasWorld

Mushrooms Mushrooms Everywhere!

Mushroom Décor Ideas

While you can certainly add a few of your favourite mushroom details to any home décor style, we’ve curated a selection of mushroom-inspired ideas tailored to your preferred Christmas theme.  Click here for our suggestions of the best decorations to create your mystical mushroom scene.
Red & White Mushrooms With Candy Canes

Red & White Mushrooms Go Perfectly With Candy Cane Decorations

Natural Mushroom Décor Tips

If you’re leaning towards a natural woodland Christmas theme, mushrooms can blend seamlessly into your aesthetic. Opt for earthy-toned decorations crafted from natural materials like wood and felt. Here’s how to incorporate them:

Garlands and Wreaths: Infuse your garlands and wreaths with a little mushroom charm. Add mushroom ornaments or craft your own mushroom decorations to weave into the greenery.

Tree Ornaments: Hang mushroom ornaments on your Christmas tree. Their playful shapes and earthy colours bring a woodland charm to your holiday look.

Mushroom Centrepiece: Create a cosy holiday ambiance by grouping a small collection of mushroom ornaments on a tray. Pair them with candles, tealights, or fairy lights for a warm and inviting centrepiece.

Mushroom Cushions: For a touch of comfort and style, consider adding a mushroom-shaped cushion to your sofa or chair. Its cuddly shape is perfect for snuggling during the festive season.

Mushroom Vases: Incorporate mushroom-shaped vases into your decor to hold seasonal flowers or small sprigs of greenery.

Natural Mushroom Décor For Christmas

Natural Mushroom Décor For Christmas

Fairy Garden Mushroom Ideas

Embrace the magic of the enchanted forest by infusing your decor with mushroom-inspired elements. Here’s how to bring this whimsical theme to life:

Mushroom Fairy Lights: Swap out your regular fairy lights for mushroom string lights. The soft, warm glow will add a touch of magic to any room.

Fairy Garden Scene: Create a captivating fairy garden scene by incorporating mushroom ornaments alongside fairies, gnomes, and other mythical characters. It’s a delightful way to transport your space to a world of enchantment.

Mushroom Illumination: Place an LED candle inside a mushroom-shaped basket to create the illusion of a cosy, mushroom-themed dwelling. It’s a charming addition to your fairy garden decor.

Tiny Mushrooms: Scatter tiny mushroom figurines throughout your decor, hiding them in unexpected places for a whimsical surprise.

Cuddly Mushrooms:  Add a fun-guy friend to your décor with mushroom plush toys – we love the Jellycat Amuseable range.

Paper Mushroom Decorations:  Make some DIY paper mushrooms in pretty pastel shades to hang from bare branches for a serene gentle vibe.

Mushroom Wrapping Paper:  Wrap gifts in homemade mushroom wrapping paper with metallic stencil shapes on a soft pastel background.

Fairy Garden Mushroom Display

Try A Cute Fairy Garden Mushroom Design

Red and White Mushroom Décor Ideas

Perfect for adding a touch of the mushroom trend to your traditional Scandi or candy cane design.  Sprinkle some of the iconic red and white fly agaric mushrooms amongst your regular Christmas décor.

Mushroom Ornaments:  Add a handful of the red-capped toadstools to your Christmas tree design.  Enjoy playing with texture from felt to wood, glass to ceramic. 

Table Décor Details:  Scatter a few little mushrooms throughout your tablescape to enchant your dining area and create a magical atmosphere.

Mushroom People:  There are some gorgeous friendly faced mushroom ornaments around that’ll infuse extra Christmas cheer and play perfectly into the fungi folklore vibe!

Mushroom Garland:  String together red and white mushroom ornaments to create a garland. Hang it along your fireplace mantle, stair railing, or around picture frames to spread the theme throughout your home.

Mushroom Kitchen Accessories:  Fan of the gingerbread-sweet treats theme?  Consider adding cute red-capped mushroom details to your kitchen accessories. It’s a delightful fit that continues the holiday spirit into your cooking space.

Toadstool Details In Christmas Kitchen Décor

Add A Few Toadstool Details To Kitchen & Table Displays

Funky Fungi Décor

For those who love vibrant and unconventional decor, consider psychedelic-style mushroom decorations. These pieces feature bold, unnatural colours, eye-catching metallics, and a touch of glitter, creating a Christmas fun(gi) scene that’s truly out of this world:

Mushroom Disco Ball:  Embrace the Tiktok trend and add a funky twist to your decor with a mushroom disco ball. Its reflective surface and dazzling lights will turn any room into a festive dance floor.

Metallic Glass Mushrooms: Look for metallic or brightly coloured glass mushrooms to incorporate into your psychedelic décor.

Groovy Mushroom Motifs:  Transform your walls with fantasy mushroom art, perhaps featuring a mischievous Christmas elf hiding in the design.

Neon Mushroom Lights: Place a bright neon mushroom light on your wall, shelves, or even Christmas tree for a pop of colour.

Mushroom Lamp:  Colour changing mushroom-shaped lamps look great at any time of year and they’ll certainly radiate festive cheer throughout your living room space come Christmas.

Mushroom Wrapping Paper: Wrap gifts in homemade mushroom wrapping paper with neon stencil shapes set against a black kraft paper backdrop.

Psychedelic Coloured Mushroom Ornaments

Psychedelic Vibrantly Coloured Mushroom Ornaments

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 With mushroom Christmas decorations to suit every theme and style, consider sprinkling a little mushroom magic on your décor this year.  Whether it’s glitzy disco mushrooms or the rustic allure of wooden ornaments, it’s sure to be a fun(gi)-tastic season ahead!  Explore our other Christmas decor ideas or make your own mushroom decorations.