These gorgeous DIY mushroom decorations are seriously easy to make and will look cute hanging on your tree this Christmas.

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DIY Mushroom Decorations

These gorgeous DIY mushroom decorations are not just an easy craft project; they’re a delightful addition to your holiday decor that’s both on-trend and eco-friendly.

As decorative mushrooms keep winning the hearts of interior design enthusiasts, why not infuse some charm into your holiday season by adding a few super simple paper DIY mushroom decorations to your tree this year?  This fun DIY project is perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy.

With our free printable mushroom template, you’re just moments away from crafting a collection of cute new ornaments for your tree.

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Mushroom Christmas Decorations

Mushroom Christmas Decorations

These whimsical decorations check all the boxes:

  • They’re incredibly easy to create, even if your scissor skills are less than perfect. And the overall effect is very charming.
  • They’re an eco-friendly alternative to store-bought ornaments, providing a sustainable touch to your holiday decorations. You could even be made from wastepaper or sheets of old books / magazines if you wanted.
  • They catch the breeze and spin beautifully which, especially if you use a metallic paper/card, will catch the twinkling fairy lights at Christmas time.
  • The symmetrical shape of the mushroom top and stem lends itself perfectly to the folded paper 3D effect.
  • These decorations are highly customizable. Choose a single colour theme, use a variety of complementary tones or even create a rainbow mushroom!  Or you could colour in the top of the mushroom, even adding toadstool polka dots to your mushroom cap.  The creative possibilities are endless.
3D Paper Mushroom Ornament

3D Paper Mushroom Ornament

How to use your DIY Mushroom Ornaments

These mushroom ornaments are so versatile.  Obviously, you can hang them on the Christmas tree but here’s a few other ideas:

  • Add paper mushrooms to your Christmas table. They’ll look great dotted amongst the foliage, or with some other mushroom tablescape features.
  • Gather some bare branches in a vase and decorate liberally with a selection of paper mushroom decorations. Quite the table centrepiece or sideboard showstopper!
  • String some Christmas mushrooms along a velvet ribbon and create a pretty garland. Just be sure to tie each mushroom in place before moving onto the next so they don’t bunch together.
  • Hang them from gifts. They’d look brilliant against eco kraft wrapping paperor an extra flourish to our homemade mushroom wrapping paper!  Use one spare flat mushroom card as your gift card for an extra flourish!
  • Use some to create a fairy garden for your children. Perfect for imaginative play at any time of year!

And of course, mushroom decorations aren’t just for Christmas.  Get ahead with the Christmas prep and jump on the mushroom home decor trend for the fall too.  We’ve got heaps of ideas how to add mushrooms to your home!

Mushroom Decorations

Mushroom Decorations

What You’ll Need

There’s very little required for this DIY decoration make and you’ll no doubt have most of the materials at home already.  Here’s what you’ll need to get creating these cute little mushrooms!

Paper / Card

We recommend around a 160gsm weight paper.  It’s thin enough to fold easily but thick enough to hold the shape of the mushroom.

The fun part is deciding on color options.  We went for trendy pastels and warm metallics with a mixture of pink, lilac, peach, rose gold, and gold.  (For the metallic paper, we opted for a recyclable pearlescent style.)


We used PVA glue but anything with reasonable hold will work.  As long as you hold it firmly whilst drying Pritt Stick or equivalent would no doubt do the job but we felt that a slightly stronger adhesive was preferable.

Ribbon / String

We used a gold string that we had at home already.  But you could just as easily use rose gold string, twine, or even some ribbon.

Mushroom Shapes Ready To Build A Decoration

Mushroom Shapes Ready To Build A Decoration

Mushroom Template

The most important rule when creating a 3D paper decoration is to ensure that all the pieces are as similar in shape as possible.  Therefore, you’ll want to use a template. 

Obviously, you can just freehand your own mushroom shape.  Just ensure that it is symmetrical down the vertical middle so that it works in 3D form!

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a FREE printable mushroom template for you to use as well.  There’re three different sized mushroom templates on the PDF.  We had fun creating a mixture of different heights of ornaments.  But, just pick and choose what works for you.

Mushroom Decoration Template

Mushroom Decoration Template

How Many Mushroom Pieces Do You Need?

How many sections should you add to your DIY mushrooms?  As many as you’d like!  It’s a balance between creating a decoration that holds a neat mushroom shape and creating one that’s too heavy to easily hang.  It’ll also depend on the thickness of your paper/card. 

We suggest aiming for around 10-14 sections to achieve the right balance.  Most of the time we used 12, which of course works well if you want to use 2, 3, or even 4 different coloured papers in the design.

How To Make Paper DIY Mushroom Decorations

Mushroom Christmas Decorations
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Paper DIY Mushroom Decorations

These gorgeous DIY mushroom decorations are seriously easy to make and will look cute hanging on your tree this Christmas.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time25 minutes
Total Time30 minutes


  • 1 Pair of Scissors
  • 1 Mushroom template


  • 1-2 pieces Paper / cardstock see notes above
  • Glue
  • String or twine


  • Using a pre-cut mushroom template, cut out as many identical paper/card mushroom shapes as you’d like to use.  We recommend 10-14.  Fold each piece carefully in half, vertically down the middle of the mushroom.
    Mushroom Shapes With Template
  • Take one folded mushroom shape and apply glue to the top outer side, ensuring you glue right up to the edges. Now, place a length of string or twine (approximately 12-14cm) onto the card, with about 2cm fixed onto the shape and the rest directed toward the folded top corner.
    Gluing The Mushroom Shapes & String Together
  • Carefully position a second folded mushroom on top of the first, aligning the shapes as closely as possible. Hold them firmly together as the glue begins to set.
  • Keep adding glue and folded shapes on top of each other to build a small stack. When you've used half of the mushroom pieces, insert the other end of the string in between the folded shapes as you glue them together.
  • After adding the last folded shape to the stack, apply a layer of glue to the top. Unfold the folded pieces to create a 3D mushroom shape, and firmly press the last glued side to the bottom of the first folded shape to complete the spherical structure.
    Mushroom Decorations


  • Download the Mushroom Template: You can download our free mushroom template to get started quickly.
  • Customise the Number of Sections: Feel free to adjust the number of sections for your mushroom as you like. We recommend using around 12 sections for a balanced look.
  • Monitor Drying Progress: While your mushroom is drying, periodically check to ensure that the sections haven't inadvertently stuck together.
  • Storage Tip: If you prefer to store the paper mushrooms flat between uses, secure the last folded shape to the first using a paper clip rather than glue.
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So, there you have it – your own charming DIY mushroom decor to adorn your holiday season.  We’ve got plenty more ideas for Christmas mushrooms and homemade decoration inspiration for you to explore too.

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