Pastel fever is alive and kicking this Christmas season and we’ve created a gorgeous easy pom pom pastel Christmas tree to add a gentle playfulness to your décor.

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Pom Pom Pastel Christmas Tree

We love those traditional festive colours, of course we do. Check out our pom pom candy cane Christmas wreath if you don’t believe us!

But there’s something about the combination of the cute fuzziness of pom poms and those soft pastel shades which creates such a striking fresh take on the Christmas décor scene.  And this pastel pom poms Christmas tree really is a marshmallow world for the winter, adding a wonderful gentle playfulness to your festive aesthetics.

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This is a seriously easy creation which even the least crafty of fingers can complete without stress.  That’s why we absolutely adore pom pom Christmas crafts in our homes!  Relaxed, fun, easy for all, sociable – as you natter and create – and completely irresistible too!

The time here is in the pom pom preparation. But that can easily be done whilst watching a few Christmas movies (with a hot chocolate tucked to the side of course).  The tree itself can be built in a matter of minutes with the help of your hot glue gun.

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And the result is fabulous – an eye-catching modern design which will receive plenty of compliments with its on-trend pastel appeal.  My son asked if he could have the tree in his bedroom.  My god-daughter is definitely hoping it has her name on it too.

Alas, they will both be disappointed as I can’t bring myself to remove it from the lounge sideboard, where the 6hr timer on the lights has come into its own and adds extra cosy to our evenings.

No bother, they’ll just have to get creating their own!

Close Up Of The Pastel Pom Poms

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your helpful ticklist!

Equipment Needed

  • Wool. Double knit wool is best. I used Hayfield DK wool which was easy to work with, keenly priced and available in a whole host of colours.  I mixed 9 colours together using approximately ¾-1 ball of each: aran, biscuit, cream, iced pink, mint, peaches, petal pink, pink & spearmint.
  • Pom pom makers. You can of course use the traditional cardboard disc pom pom method but we think these little pom pom makers are brilliant and extremely good value for the amount of use you’ll make of them –> here.
  • Good sharp needlework scissors. I would strongly recommend these ones from Kai –> here.
  • Cardboard cone. We used a 50cm cone –> here.  It came in a pack of three (lucky son and god-daughter!)
  • Wooden skewer.  Such as this one –> here.
  • Felt for star.  We used a soft grey tone but of course choose the colour you’d prefer –> here.
  • Star cookie cutter.  Alternatively create a homemade cardboard star template.
  • Tailor’s chalk.  Or felt tip pen.
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks. Such as this one.
  • LED battery-operated light set.  I used a set of 40 lights on a very thin slivery wire from IKEA.   They were perfect, adding small globes of soft warm light around the tree –> here.
Pastel Christmas Pom Poms Yarn Cone and Other Equipment

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let’s get crafty

4 Steps To Make A Pom Pom Pastel Christmas Tree

1. Prepare lots of pom poms

Get busy winding wool and making pom poms of various shapes, patterns and colours!

(Keep aside some of the offcuts when you trim your pom poms for the star later!)

For a beginner’s pom pom tutorial, do check out our step-by-step guide –> here.  And for details of how to make multi-coloured pom poms, check out our tutorials below.

For the 50cm tree cone, I would suggest approximately:

  • 7 extra large pom poms (8.8cm maker)
  • 18 large pom poms (6.8cm maker)
  • 16 medium pom poms (4.8cm maker)
  • 7 small pom poms (3.8cm maker)
  • 3 tiny pom poms (fork, see below)
Pastel Pom Poms Galore!

2. Create The Tree

Organise the pom poms into sizes.  Grab the cone and set up the glue gun.

Starting at the bottom of the cone, create a circle of extra large pom poms around the base.

Ensure there’s a good mix of colours and styles and once happy, glue each one in position in turn.  To do this, add a large blob of glue to one side of the pom pom and holding it firmly in place for a few seconds.  Make sure the pom poms are tightly packed together.

Once this first layer is complete, repeat for the next layer up the cone.  We switched to the large pom poms for layer two but you might choose to have more of the extra large size or mix them up a bit.  Don’t forget to check for colour and pattern variation before attaching in position.

Layering the Pom Poms on the Christmas Tree cone

Continue working up the tree, reducing the pom pom size after a layer or two to keep the shape of the tree. In total we had 10 layers but of course this will vary depending on pom pom size and layout.

3. Add The Star

Use the cookie cutter or star template and draw two star shapes with your felt tip pen or tailor’s chalk.  Cut these out.

Add a few pinches of the offcuts from your pom pom trimming earlier into the middle of one of the stars and slide the blunt end of the wooden skewer into the middle of these.

How To Make The Star (2)
How To Make The Star (3)
How To Make The Star (1)

Use the hot glue gun to add glue around the edge of the star and particularly around the edge where the skewer is positioned.  Add the second star shape on top and squeeze the edges together to create a slightly puffy star. 

Once dry, poke the skewer into the top of the Christmas tree.

4. Finish With Lights

Once the tree is completely dry, take the lights and weave the wire in and out around the tree, tucking the wire underneath the pom poms against the cone and leaving the lights dotted in the gaps between the yarn.

Start at the top of the tree and work downwards so that you can then tuck the battery pack under the cone to conceal it.

Close Up Of The Star

And there you have it!

 Your pom pom pastel Christmas tree ready and raring to go!  Now grab that hot chocolate again and sit back, relax and enjoy 😊

mixing it up

3 Variations On A Pom Pom Theme

1. Speckled Pom Poms

For speckled pom poms, simply wind different colour yarns around the pom pom maker together as one.  Check out the video below for more detail.

2. Block Colour Pom Poms

For block colour pom poms, start your pom pom in one colour, winding the yarn halfway along the semi-circle and back to create a quarter sphere of one colour wool.

Cut that yarn and hold it in place as you start on the other half of the same semi-circle in a second colour. 

Once the two sections are the same height, continue the whole way across with the second colour and finish the semi-circle as normal. 

Complete the second semi-circle completely in the second colour and tie and cut the pom pom as normal.

Block Colour Pom Pom (2)
Block Colour Pom Pom (3)
Block Colour Pom Pom (4)
Block Colour Pom Pom (1)

Flex the area that you complete in the first colour to make the colour block larger or smaller. 

We love these pom poms – they remind us of those vintage baubles that are so in vogue right now and look a bit like ornaments on the Christmas tree when added to the finished article!

3. Tiny Pom Poms

For the ultra tiny pom poms at the top of the tree, you’ll want to switch from using the pom pom makers to using a fork instead. 

Wind the yarn around the fork, leaving space above and below within the spokes.  Once you have sufficient wool in place, add your central wool knot around the centre of the fork, feeding the wool in between the middle spokes.

Tie tightly and then cut the wool at the side of the fork to create the mini pom pom. 

How To Make A Miniature Pom Pom (2)
How To Make A Miniature Pom Pom (3)
How To Make A Miniature Pom Pom (1)

Are you going to create a pom pom Christmas tree this year, or some other pastel Christmas decorations?  Let us know in the comments below – we love to hear about your creativity! 

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